Bad Bunny’s Net Worth: The Artist’s Cars, Houses, and More

bad bunny's net worth
Bad Bunny's Net Worth. Bad Bunny in Concert in May 2022. Photo by Kevin9625Ja on Wikimedia Commons.

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Bad Bunny is a Spanish-speaking artist who has quickly risen to fame in numerous countries around the world. But what is Bad Bunny’s Net Worth? We’ve got the answer to that and more in this article.

Bad Bunny’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Bad Bunny’s net worth is estimated to be around $40 million, which is impressive considering he was born in 1994. But at the same time, Bad Bunny’s net worth comes as no surprise when you consider that in 2020 he was the most streamed artist in the world.

bad bunny career
HOLLYWOOD, CA – OCTOBER 11: Bad Bunny arrives for the 2nd Annual PornHub Awards on October 11 2019 in Los Angeles California. (Photo by Glenn Francis/ Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

How Did Bad Bunny Get Rich?

Bad Bunny made most of his net worth from the sale of his music. In 2020 he had over 8 billion streams of his songs. He also has a YouTube channel with over 45.1 million subscribers, which brings him income from ad revenue.

Not to mention that he makes lots of money from his tours and shows. Forbes even referred to the musician as one of the most popular concerts to attend in 2022.  

Bad Bunny’s Cars

Because of Bad Bunny’s net worth, he is able to own a small fleet of cars. As of 2022, it was reported that the artist owned a BMW M4, a Mercedes G-Wagon, a Rolls Royce Dawn, and a Bugatti Chiron. If it sounds like these are too impressive to drive on a daily basis, Bad Bunny agrees with you because he also owns a Toyota Corolla.

Bad Bunny’s House

Surprisingly, the home where Bad Bunny spends most of his time in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a rented property that the artist does not own. He does own properties in other locations, however, most notably Miami and Los Angeles, although the details of these properties aren’t available to the public.

In March 2022, Bad Bunny allowed several fans to rent his Miami semi-truck home on Airbnb as a thanks to his fans for all their support. The rental only cost $91 per night, and all the proceeds from this rental were donated to charity.  


How Much Does Bad Bunny Make Per Show?

According to, Bad Bunny makes an average of $1.1 million per show when he was on tour in 2022. Prior to the 2022 tour, it was reported that the artist made $250,000 per show.

How Much Are Bad Bunny’s Tickets?

Because Bad Bunny is such an international artist, the prices of his concert tickets vary widely from location to location.

In the United States, you can expect to pay somewhere around $200 but up to $600 for a ticket to his show, especially if you plan to attend an event like Coachella, where he is frequently scheduled to perform.

In smaller, Spanish-speaking countries like El Salvador, the prices are much lower, around $150 per ticket.

bad bunny early life
A photo of Bad Bunny from his Facebook Page.

Bad Bunny’s Early Life

Bad Bunny was born Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio in 1994 in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico.

He was the oldest child of his parents, but he does have two younger brothers. The three of them spent their childhood together, choosing to play at home instead of on the streets.

His family was a devout Catholic family, and they attended church weekly until Benito was 13. He was introduced to singing when he sang in the church choir.

By age 14, Bad Bunny was already publishing his music on SoundCloud and had begun his rise to fame.

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Bad Bunny’s Career

In 2016, DJ Luian came across Bad Bunny on SoundCloud and decided to sign him to his record label.

Bad Bunny released several singles through this label until 2017, when he signed a booking deal with Cardenas Marketing Network to sell his songs across South and Latin America.

He didn’t reach widespread popularity in the United States until 2018, when he was featured in Cardi B’s song “I Like It” and Drake’s “Mia.” Following these two songs hitting the top 100, he released his album X 100pre, which was an immediate hit in the US.

Bad Bunny’s fame snowballed from there, and by 2020, his X 100pre album was listed as one of the 500 greatest albums of all time. This led to him performing at the Super Bowl LIV halftime show with Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

In 2022 he embarked on a tour around the world as well as participated in a WWE match. Famous for his charity work, activism, and gender fluidity, Bad Bunny has quickly become one of the most famous artists of the decade.

While Bad Bunny is truly just starting his career, it is impressive how quickly he has become an icon and amassed such a fortune. At his young age, Bad Bunny’s net worth is truly impressive, and we are excited to see how his music progresses in the next decade.

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