The 19 Most Beautiful Songs About Butterflies for Any Occasion

songs about butterflies
The best songs about butterflies. Image by Andra C. Taylor Jr. on Unsplash.

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Butterflies are one of the funnest things to sing about in popular music. Whether you’re talking about the insect or the feeling in your stomach when you fall in love, there are many incredible song selections about these creatures. Some are powerful, while others are sweet and quiet.

No matter what form of these flying creatures you want to hear about, we guarantee these are the best songs about butterflies. We’ve made a list of 19 songs to help you pick your next favorite melody.

1. “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle 

One of our winners of the best songs about butterflies is “Butterfly Kisses.” It’s a contemporary Christian song and a classic for the father-daughter dance at a wedding. Carlisle sings about his daughter, reflecting on the time gone by and the younger version of her. He sings about butterfly kisses from her childhood as he watches her get married.

You can’t listen to “Butterfly Kisses” without crying. It’s a butterfly masterpiece.

2. “Butterflies” by Zendaya

This song is a classic R&B from the iconic Zendaya. In this song, the butterflies are in her stomach as she sings about her attraction to somebody and how much she loves the feeling. It’s an intense, emotional number from the actress and singer, intertwining the flying insect with the powerful sensation of desire. Butterflies are only natural when developing feelings.

3. “Butterflies” by Michael Jackson

Even Michael Jackson wrote a butterfly song. It was written by singer and songwriter Marsha Ambrosius while she was still a child. After hearing it, Jackson knew he had to cover it. Again, this song is about the butterfly sensation – the glorious feeling you get in your stomach when a person you adore is near and close enough to touch.

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4. “Butterflies” by Kacey Musgraves

Just like a butterfly, “Butterflies” is the beautiful story of the love between Musgraves and her husband, Ruston Kelly. It’s a head-over-heels kind of story, referring to the extreme butterflies she felt when she met him. It’s easily one of the best butterfly songs on this list, taking home a Grammy in 2019.

5. “Butterflies” by Max & Ali Gatie

The first duet on our list is another romantic reference to butterflies. Max and Ali Gaete croon sweet lyrics about their love for each other, singing about falling for each other repeatedly. Even their voices flit lightly from one tone to the other like the insects. It’s a beautiful note that, even after many years, people who love each other can rekindle that spark.

6. “Butterflies” by Piper Rockelle

“Butterflies” by Piper Rockelle is a sweet and innocent tune worthy of the delicate nature of the insect. She sings about the good butterflies you get from feelings, talking about how much she loves the guy she is with. It’s a lovely song, familiar to anyone in a happy relationship.

Butterfly-like feelings take root at different ages. This song is about love from a younger perspective.

7. “Butterfly” by Mariah Carey

“Butterfly” is a Mariah Carey portrait of herself. It’s a sad song about letting go, released after she split from her husband, Tommy Mottolo. The lyrics make it sound like she’s letting him fly away like a butterfly, but she revealed it’s a tune she wished he would croon to her. She wanted to be free, to flit away like the beautiful insect. It’s a coping song for Carey.

8. “Bad Kind of Butterflies” by Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello flips the idea of loving butterflies with “Bad Kind of Butterflies.” She’s in one relationship but can’t stop thinking about another man that gives her butterflies. It’s a more sinister love song, balanced by the delicate wings of gentle butterfly tickles. Many assume it refers to her time with Shawn Mendes and Matthew Hussey.

Cabello reportedly hasn’t listened to this song since she released it. It also gives her awful kind of butterflies.

9. “Butterfly Fly Away” by Miley Cyrus feat. Billy Ray Cyrus

Another selection on our list of the best songs about butterflies is this appealing duet by Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus. The iconic duo worked together to bring this song to life for Hannah Montana: The Movie in 2009, creating one of the emotional centerpieces of the production. The butterfly is a metaphor here, a song about the relationship between daughter and dad.

“Butterfly Fly Away” is heart-wrenching and sweet. She’s his butterfly, and it’s time to grow up.

10. “Butterfly” by Crazy Town

Crazy Town might sound like an intense name for a band, but they somehow managed to pull off a song about a butterfly. In this case, the butterfly refers to a young woman who the lead singer, Shifty Shellshock, is in love with. The song is a slower ballad, written to gain her trust and draw her attention. It’s also called “Butterfly” because the woman was a butterfly collector.

“Butterfly” is one of the softer, romantic tunes from Crazy Town. It’s an ideal balance amid their other high-tempo successes, though it’s still pretty intense.

11. “Butterfly” by Smile

If you’ve played the game Dance Dance Revolution, you know “Butterfly” by Smile. It’s an easy-to-love pop tune and easy to move your body to. The lyrics talk about a woman hunting for her warrior man, all in the state of Japan. Smile is a Danish band, and this butterfly tune is one of the most unique on our list.

12. “The Butterfly Song” by CJ and Friends

If you’re looking for a children’s song about butterflies, look no further than “The Butterfly Song” by CJ and Friends. It’s technically a gospel-oriented tune, but people have used it in more secular conditions today, like as a campfire song. It talks of the individual gifts kids all have, making it a bright and cheery addition like a butterfly.

13. “The Butterfly Waltz” by Brian Crain

“The Butterfly Waltz” is the oldest song on this list, dating back to 1884. It’s about butterflies, through and through. There’s something delicate here about the balance of instruments. The piano chimes in as flower movement in the wind, mixed with slow and graceful violin movements to imitate the insect. It’s gorgeous. 

14. “Poor Butterfly” by Sarah Vaughan

Oh, poor butterfly. This jazz classic from 1916 was created by Raymond Hubbell and takes inspiration from the famous Madame Butterfly opera. There were a ton of covers, but Sarah Vaughn’s rich, warm voice is easily the best.

15. “Love is Like a Butterfly” by Dolly Parton

You can’t talk about butterfly songs without mentioning this tune by the iconic Dolly Parton. This song is pure and sweet, inspired by Parton’s memories of chasing butterflies as a little kid. There are mentions of the stomach butterflies, of being nervous and falling in love. It’s a beautiful picture of childhood and growing up.

“Love is Like a Butterfly” was one of the best singles for Parton at her career best, peaking at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s an excellent butterfly song.

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16. “Butterflies” by Queen Naija

Queen Naija was a participant in Season 13 of American Idol, and she’s produced many quality works. One of her best is a tune about butterflies, speaking of the time she met her love, Clarence White. The butterflies here refer to her excitement meeting White, washing over all the bad relationships she had in the past.

17. “Butterfly” by Willie Nelson

This song is an interesting metaphor. It could be interpreted as a literal song about a butterfly, but a better thought is that Willie Nelson compares a love interest to the butterfly. She’s always running away from him and changing how she lives, making it impossible for him to catch up like a butterfly. He wants to catch her but can’t figure her out.

18. “La Papillon et La Fleur” by Véronique Gens

“Le Papillon et La Fleur” is an old song, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable a butterfly tune than the other options on this list. It’s sung in French and inspired by a poem by the incomparable Victor Hugo of Les Mis fame. The jaunty and rippling piano lines lyrics about a butterfly, focusing on how fleeting all the good things in life are.

19. “Butterfly Effect” by Travis Scott

Our final choice of the best songs about butterflies is “Butterfly Effect” by Travis Scott. This butterfly refers to the famous Butterfly Effect theory – one small thing, such as killing a butterfly, will have a massive impact on the future. Scott sings about the tiniest things in his life that have led to success and put him on the path to where he is now.

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