Missy Elliott’s Weight Loss: How Did She Lose So Much Weight?

missy elliot's net worth missy elliott fat prior to her weight loss
Missy Elliott in 2010 prior to her weight loss, image from Shutterstock.

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Missy Elliott’s weight loss? What’s her secret?

When the hip-hop star stepped out on the stage of the 65th annual Grammy Awards this past February to celebrate 50 years of hip-hop/rap with her fellow 90s and 2000 stars, fans’ jaws dropped as her appearance was met with a shocking new, thinner physique.

“Missy Elliot [sic] looks like a completely different person since she lost weight, omg,” wrote one fan on Twitter upon seeing the “The Rain” singer.

What happened to Missy Elliott’s health, and how did she lose so much weight? Find out below.

What Disease Does Missy Elliott Have?

Famed rapper Missy Elliott was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease in 2008. Elliott has said of the autoimmune disease, which affects the thyroid, “I was on medication for a short while but have been off it for quite some time now. I manage the condition through diet and exercise.”

This led to a dramatic physical transformation that sent fans into a frenzy.

Does Graves Disease Make You Lose Weight?

Yes. Despite the increased appetite it causes, weight loss is a primary symptom of Graves’ Disease. It’s no wonder that Missy Elliott has dropped nearly 70 pounds.

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How Do People with Graves’ Disease Stay Healthy?

Graves’ Disease is perfectly manageable as long as one focuses on eating lots of vegetables, fruits, lean protein, whole grains, and heart-healthy fats while limiting unhealthy foods and drinks.

That’s part of what Missy Elliott has done to manage her condition and, therefore, also contributed to her amazing transformation.

What is Missy Elliott’s Diet?

The question about Missy Elliott’s weight loss at the Grammy’s had so many wondering how she did it with even one user on Twitter posting:

“@MissyElliott Please share how you lost your weight. I have tried everything, and I can’t ever keep my weight down. All these people saying this works and none work. Spending money and time but nothing. The one thing I have always wanted is to be a normal size woman, wear clothes with confidence.”

While we’re sure no one wants to go through the same diagnosis Elliott did with her Graves disease, she does have a few pointers that may still help out users such as these.

Elliott started changing her routine three years after her diagnosis, which included a new diet and exercise plan. Five years later, her hard work paid off when she shared a picture of her new look on her Facebook page in 2018.

Regarding her diet, she said she avoided eating bread or consuming juices or sodas, as well as restricted any calorie-dense foods. Additionally, she increased her daily water intake, which helped make for a better, glowing complexion to her skin.

“See I’ve NEVER been a water drinker, but this have [sic] helped my skin…it really restore glow back & I don’t feel sluggish…NOW the other thing if I can only cut out JUNK FOOD…sh*t that’s my weakness…Facts, but if I can give up those other things, I’ll fight that to [sic]! Maybe two cupcakes a month,” she wrote on Instagram.

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What is Missy Elliott’s Workout Routine?

As far as exercising goes, Missy Elliott said she followed celebrity trainer Shaun T’s T25 workout regimen.

The routine includes several different cardio, core stability, and toning exercises that can be completed in just 25 minutes, perfect for a busy rapper constantly on the go.

Missy elliott skinny in 2005
Prior to her weight gain, Missy Elliott was skinny. This image is from 2005. Image from Shutterstock.

Public Reactions

Like any online talk, Missy Elliott’s appearance at the Grammy’s brought positive and negative responses, especially on Twitter.

One user wrote: “Huge fan of Missy Elliot [sic]. Have been since she was in the group “Sista.” But ya’ll CANNOT convince me that she didn’t have weight loss surgery. Not hatin’ – she looks great – but she for sure had WLS.”

Others came to her defense: “I’ve seen some negative comments about Missy Elliot’s weight loss, but sis looks amazing! She looks so good, idc lol.”

“@MissyElliott The fact that you’ve lost so much weight but don’t look sick or crazy is a blessing,” Tweeted another.

“You can tell it made her so much healthier, and she looks amazing,” wrote yet another.

All-in-all, we’d say the Graves’ Disease diagnosis became a blessing in disguise for Missy Elliott as she is the healthiest she’s ever been, proving that such an ordeal doesn’t always have to become something negative if you take the situation in your own hands and turn it around for the better.

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