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Josh Groban’s Net Worth: His Amazing Career and More

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Josh Groban has one of the most prominent voices in music today and an ability that has no limit. The result has been a massive fanbase who watches every move, ready to enjoy new music and acting possibilities. It has allowed him to accrue enormous wealth over the years, which has been well-earned. 

Who is Josh Groban, and what is Josh Groban’s net worth? Find out these answers and more below. 

Josh Groban’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Josh Groban’s net worth is approximately $30 to $40 million. 

What Does Josh Groban Make Per Year? 

Josh Groban’s annual income is reportedly $1 million. His fluctuating salary depends on his yearly tours, new records, and other projects. 

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How Did Josh Groban Get Rich? 

Josh Groban earned massive wealth from his 26 years as a singer, songwriter, musician, actor, and record producer. 

The “Evermore” singer has sold more than 26.3 million records in the United States and the United Kingdom, further adding to the excessive amount of dollars in his pocket. 

Josh Groban’s Cars

Josh Groban has been known to drive a few luxury vehicles. One example is a Porsche Carrera 911, which he purchased around 2013. 

Josh Groban’s House

Josh Groban was once the proud owner of a Malibu, California estate, which he sold in 2016 for $3.75 million after six years of having it on the market. 

He ultimately sold it for less than what he originally paid in 2005, $4.1 million, after starting off asking $6.1 million in 2010.

The 3,300 square-foot mansion is Tuscan-style sitting on two acres of land with a view of the mountains. 

The home has wood-paneled living room walls, ironwork landing rails and stairs, and a two-story entry hall. The property is extraordinary, too. It’s complete with a lighted tennis court and a pool and spa.

Now, Josh Groban calls his Los Feliz Contemporary estate home, purchasing the property for $2.3 million in 2020. Like his former Malibu home, he has a great view of the Santa Monica Mountains. He must love the serene feeling it gives him; we certainly can’t blame him. 

How Much Does Josh Groban Make Per Show? 

With every concert, Josh Groban is raking in a revenue of about $200,000 per show. It’s no wonder Josh Groban’s net worth and salary are so high. 

How Much Are Josh Groban Tickets? 

Josh Groban tickets don’t come cheap. The lowest ticket cost starts at $80, while the average price is in the $150 to $250 range. 

When Was Josh Groban Born?

Josh Groban’s birthdate is Feb. 27, 1981. 

As a late February baby, Josh Groban’s Zodiac sign is Pisces, meaning he is tolerant, modest, dreamy, romantic, generous, and more. All of these seem to describe Josh Groban to a “T,” if you want our opinion. 

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How Tall is Josh Groban? 

Josh Groban’s height is approximately 5 feet, 10 inches tall. That’s a slightly above-average height. 

How Much Does Josh Groban Weigh? 

He’s not just tall. He’s thin. Josh Groban’s weight is around 176 pounds. 

Where Is Josh Groban From? 

Josh Groban was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. 

Where Does Josh Groban Live? 

Josh Groban has a residence in Santa Monica, California, though we also believe he has a current place in New York, considering his current leading role in Sweeney Todd Broadway. 

Josh Groban’s Ethnicity

Josh Groban has many different nationalities in his gene pool. His father’s side includes Polish and Ukrainian ancestry, while his mother’s includes English, German, and Norwegian. 

Josh Groban’s Parents

Josh Groban is one of two sons born to Jack Groban, a businessman, and Lindy Groban, a schoolteacher. 

His parents are Episcopalians, though his father’s family was originally Jewish. 

Josh Groban’s Siblings

Josh Groban has one brother, Chris. 

Josh Groban’s Early Life and Career

Performance was a part of Josh Groban’s life from very early on. 

He spent many of his early school years focusing on acting, but then he sang his first solo when his seventh-grade music teacher chose him to sing “S’wonderful” from Funny Face for a school cabaret night. 

From there, he started mixing both loves, playing Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof while he was in high school. 

Groban understood the importance of honing a craft; however, studying vocal lessons and musical theatre for two summers at the Interlochen Center for the Arts Camp in Michigan (1997-1998) and graduating as a theater major from the Los Angeles Country High School for the Arts in 1999. 

When formed young, you never know what will happen. He only did four months of college at Carnegie Mellon University before he was offered his first recording contract. 

How Did Josh Groban Become Famous? 

Josh Groban had his big break in 1997, having been discovered by legendary composer, Grammy-award-winning producer, and music executive David Foster. 

“I love his natural ability in the pop and rock arena, but I love his sense of classics even more,” Foster would later say of Groban. “He’s a true musical force to be reckoned with.” 

Groban worked for Foster as a rehearsal singer for several events, including the 1999 Grammy Awards, when he rehearsed “The Prayer” with Céline Dion. 

The following week, Groban appeared on the Rosie O’Donnell show and the hit television show Ally McBeal

From that season finale appearance, the world heard Groban for the first time as he sang “You’re Still You.” As a result, the show received nearly 8,000 emails, and he reprised his role as Malcolm Wyatt and performed another hit song of his, “To Where You Are.” Two weeks later, Groban dropped his self-titled debut album with Warner Bros. Records and Foster’s imprint, 143 Records. 

The album, officially released on Nov. 20, 2001, eventually went double platinum, and Groban joined Sarah Brightman for her 2000-01 La Luna World Tour, for which the pair sang their duet “There For Me” throughout. 

Groban’s career was officially off and running. 

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Josh Groban’s Career

High off the success of his debut album, Josh Groban tapped into his experience rehearsing “The Prayer” with Celine Dion on Feb. 24, 2002, when he performed the famous duet with Charlotte Church for the Winter Olympics’ opening ceremony in Salt Lake City. 

Later that year, his PBS special, Josh Groban in Concert, premiered. 

He would continue performing his hits, as well as “The Prayer,” with different duet partners worldwide before releasing his second studio album, Closer, on Nov. 11, 2003. 

“What most people know about me, they know through my music. This time, I’ve tried to open that door as wide as possible,” Groban said of the album. “These songs are a giant step closer to who I really am and what my music is all about. Hence the title.” 

Through the eventual Billboard number one albumthe world received such songs as Groban’s cover of “You Raise Me Up,” which remains one of the most famous renditions of the Secret Garden original and earned the “You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up)” singer his first Grammy nomination for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. 

Not long after releasing his second album, Groban also recorded several songs for soundtracks, including “Remember” with Tanja Tzarovska for the film Troy and “Believe” and Linkin Park’s “My December” for the animated movie The Polar Express.

The world was graced with the next Josh Groban album, Awake, on Nov. 7, 2006, just days after his Live from Abbey Road recording session at Abbey Road Studios, which the Beatles made famous.

Soon after, he went on his second headlining Josh Groban tour, the Awake Tour, for which the “Lullaby” singer performed in 71 different cities, which featured special performances with Lani Misalucha while in Australia and the Philippines.  

In 2007, Groban finished off his first holiday album, Noël. 

As his tour concluded and his Christmas album took off, Groban noted that he was excited about his future. “I am fortunate enough to have had many really big moments in my career,” Groban said, noting such high-profile duets as “All I Know of Love” with Barbra Streisand and “Over the Rainbow” with Mireille Mathieu. “I think the mistake a lot of people in my position make is to always search for the next big thing. I am looking forward to playing some small theaters. I’m looking forward to writing more. … My outlook is to expect the unexpected. And when the next step comes, I’m prepared to take it.” 

That next step came with the release of his fifth studio album, Illuminations, on Nov. 15, 2010, which featured Josh Groban songs about “specific situations that I’ve had where love has existed and ultimately failed,” the “Hidden Away” singer revealed in an interview with The New York Times. “Any other songs are about the quest, and it just not working out.” 

Groban not only continued to establish his skill as a singer with the album but also a songwriter, penning 11 of the 13 songs. A month after the release, Groban went on the Straight to You World Tour, which saw stops in 81 cities across the United States, Europe, and South Africa. 

Just over two years later, we got another Josh Groban album, All That Echoes, released on Feb. 5, 2013, which became his first album to debut at number one. 

In 2015, the “Brave” singer tapped into his love of Broadway when he released his album Stages on Apr. 28, 2015. The album featured such famous covers as the Phantom of the Opera’s “All I Ask of You” with Kelly Clarkson and Les Misérables “Bring Him Home.” 

It seemed an excellent prelude as he would make his Broadway debut as Pierre Bezukhov in Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 a year and a half later on Oct. 18, 2016. He maintained the role until Jul. 2, 2017. 

In March 2018, he embarked on his Bridges Tour alongside Wicked performer Idina Menzel in honor of his upcoming album, released on Sept. 21, 2018. 

Harmony is Josh Groban’s most recent album release. It was released amid the COVID-19 pandemic on Nov. 20, 2020. 

In December 2022, he returned to acting, appearing in the Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration television special as the Beast, alongside H.E.R. as Belle, Martin Short as Lumière, and Shania Twain as Mrs. Potts. 

Now, fans can catch Groban on Broadway as the titular character in Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

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Who is Josh Groban Dating? 

Josh Groban has yet to be married, but he’s been connected to several famous names over the years. His first high-profile relationship was with actress January Jones from 2003-2006. Eight years later, it was revealed that he had begun a relationship with Kat Dennings, but the pair called it quits in 2016 after two years of dating. 

He dated yet another actress and writer from 2017-2021, Schuyler Helford. 

He’s also been linked to “Never Worn White” singer Katy Perry. 

Currently, he calls English actress Natalie McQueen his girlfriend. The pair have been dating since 2022. 

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What religion is Josh Groban? 

Josh Groban still identifies as a Christian from his family roots. 

Is Josh Groban one of the best singers ever? 

According to Take Lessons, yes. He is listed as one of the 50 top singers from all generations and eras. 

What is Josh Groban’s vocal range? 

Josh Groban has a several-octave range in his singing voice, causing many to describe him as a tenor and a baritone. He is known to be able to sing as low as a G2 on the scale and as high as a B4. 

When did Josh Groban first appear on Oprah? 

Josh Groban made his first appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2002. He was just 21 years old. 

Josh Groban’s Awards

In all areas of his career, Josh Groban has been recognized with numerous award nominations and wins. 

In 2003, his second album, Closer, earned him the Billboard Music Award for the year’s No. 1 classical crossover album. He was also recognized as the No. 1 classical crossover artist of the year. 

In 2005, the Pollstar Concert Industry Awards named Josh Groban the Best New Touring Artist. 

Josh Groban is no stranger to the theater, either, and in 2017, he was recognized as an honoree of the Theatre World Award for his work in the Broadway production of Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812. 

His current role as Sweeney Todd in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street also earned him a Tony Award nomination for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical. Unfortunately, he lost to J. Harrison Ghee’s leading performance as Jerry/Daphne in Some Like It Hot

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