Glaive: Height, Weight, Zodiac Sign, and More

singer glaive performing shirtless on stage
Glaive performing his cover of "I will follow you into the dark" by Death Cab For Cutie live in Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, NJ in 2022. Image by Ryannwiki on Wikimedia Commons.

At the height of the pandemic, while most students dozed off to the monotonous sound of their teacher’s voice, Glaive was busy kicking off his music career. Starting off on the music streaming platform SoundCloud, Glaive grew a cult following with his fast-paced, futuristic hyperpop originals.

His immense talent and creative genius shot him to certain stardom, earning him a record deal the same year he started uploading to SoundCloud. Who is Glaive? Despite being a full-fledged musician, Glaive maintains a mysterious persona, but we’ve got all the details you’re looking for in this complete bio.

Who is Glaive?

Exactly who is Glaive? Stylized as “glaive,” his actual name is Ash Blue Gutierrez. He’s an American singer and musician.

His stage name comes from a weapon from the critically acclaimed, award-winning 2016 video game Dark Souls III.

When Was Glaive Born?

Glaive’s birthdate is January 20, 2005, which means that he’s a Capricorn. Known to be strong-willed, independent, and determined, Glaive’s zodiac sign definitely matches his personality.

Where is Glaive From?

Glaive was born in Florida and spent nine years in Sarasota before his family relocated to Hendersonville, North Carolina. 

Where Does Glaive Live?

Even since his big break, Glaive has maintained his residence in his family home in North Carolina. According to the young musician, he has no intentions of moving out anytime soon.

Glaive’s Ethnicity

There have been discussions online talking about Glaive’s ethnic background. Some speculate that, given his surname, Glaive could possibly have Mexican or Spanish heritage.

The artist himself has not addressed the topic, and published articles online simply statie that he’s American.

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How Tall is Glaive?

Glaive’s height is pretty remarkable, given his young age. According to a tweet posted to the X platform (formerly known as Twitter,) Glaive himself shared that he’s 6 feet, 3 inches.

Given the fact that he was still in his teens at the time, he did continue to grow. Two years later, he updated again, stating that he had gained an inch, placing his height at 6 feet, 4 inches.

How Much Does Glaive Weigh?

There are no reliable sources that can confirm Glaive’s weight. Some fans speculate, however, that given his lean appearance, the musician probably doesn’t weigh more than 160 lbs.

How Did Glaive Become Famous?

Gutierrez never really wanted to be a musician. As a child, his most intimate experience with music would happen in the back of his mother’s van as Taylor Swift, Ke$ha, or Justin Beiber would play on the radio.

If anything, he really wanted to be a YouTuber. The scraggly teen would often record himself talking on camera vlogger-style, rambling on about whatever it was that he found interesting.

Since he was reclusive by nature, the “Astrid” singer delighted in the realization that he would have to spend school days at home when the pandemic struck. But as Zoom classes carried on, he found himself constantly looking for an outlet for his short attention span.

In 2020, the teen learned sound production and started making his own music. Inspired by underground artists, he found on streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud, the would-be music sensation thought, “Why not?”

His bouncy, futuristic, hyperpop tracks captured the attention of an audience not unlike himself – a bunch of bored teens raised by the internet. Some of his first few songs include “Petrolman,” “Life is Pain,” and “Arsenic.”

To spice things up, the bedroom-bound musician would often frequent Discord servers where he would virtually meet like-minded musicians that he would collaborate with to write and record songs.

Fueled by the support of a web-based community that appreciated his distinct sound and relatable lyrics, Glaive continued creating new songs from his bedroom. It was when he posted his original track “Sick” that he captured the attention of Dan Awad, his future manager.

By the end of 2020, Glaive found himself a record deal with Interscope Records. He officially dropped out of school and dedicated himself to his now professional music career.

In November of 2020, Gutierrez released his first EP with Interscope, a compilation of songs entitled Cypress Grove, which the teen wrote and recorded within the span of one week.

By January 2021, Glaive released his first-ever music video for his solo single “Astrid.” After that, the teen sensation released a collab EP Then I’ll Be Happy, that he worked on together with Ericdoa. 

Following the success of the collaboration, the “Detest Me” singer was set for a North American tour with Ericdoa and other artists like Midwxst, Underscores, and Aldn.

Glaive would go on to release various other solo projects with EPs like All Dogs Go to Heaven and Old Dog, New Tricks. The success of the compilations poised him for the first headlining Glaive tour from February to March of 2022.

The young artist sold out mid-sized venues across the United States and captured the attention of international audiences. That same year, he went on his first European tour, opening for The Kid Laroi during his End of The World Tour before touring Europe solo from June to July.

Gutierrez went on a second North American tour to support the release of his single “Minnesota is a Place That Exists” before continuing the Australian leg of his Then I’ll Be Happy Tour with Ericdoa.

After all the touring, Glaive was ripe to release his debut solo album entitled I Care So Much That I Don’t Care At All. A North American and European tour supported the release of his first-ever record album.

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Glaive’s Parents

Although they remain unnamed, Glaive’s parents are often mentioned in the young star’s interviews. His father was a professional polo player at one point in his life, but his career in the sport never really took off.

In one interview, Gutierrez was recorded as saying that true success for him would be finally being able to meet their family’s needs so that his parents wouldn’t have to work anymore.

Glaive’s mother, in particular, has been especially supportive of the artist’s music despite not fully understanding the themes behind his lyrics all the time. 

If anything, the singer-songwriter shares a tender, loving, stable relationship with both parents and has stated that if there’s anything he loves more than music, it would be his parents.

Who is Glaive Dating?

Discussions about who Glaive’s girlfriend might be have been abundant across the web since the star rose to fame. In August of 2023, Glaive shared a tweet that further fueled speculations that he was officially seeing someone.

Internet sleuthing, however, returned with zero results about any confirmed relationships that the hyperpop musician might have had. We also know that the artist identifies as bisexual as he announced on Instagram live.

Glaive’s Tattoos

Since the start of his music career, the “Cloak and Dagger” singer has collected quite a number of tattoos. On both arms, he touts a variety of line art tattoos, including a child-like drawing of a flower with the words “Love Me” scribbled above it in a handwritten font.

On his wrist, the artist touts tally marks. Most notable is the tattoo on his chest which features two knights jousting with a Roman cross at the very center of his chest.


Ash Blue Gutierrez has always had a creative flare about him, but music was never something he was particularly interested in. However, the artist has explained that he has a tendency to develop a fixation on things that scratch his brain the right way.

At the height of the global pandemic, when he didn’t have much else to do, exploring the underbelly of SoundCloud inspired him. Artists who created music with just their computers challenged the young artist to try the same thing.

When he started, Glaive was just looking for an outlet for his pent-up energy and teen angst. But after seeing his SoundCloud music gaining traction, he thought that perhaps there was more potential in his efforts than he initially thought.

Interestingly, despite simply wanting to channel his creativity and energy, Glaive unwittingly became one of the recognized proponents of the digicore genre. An offshoot of hyperpop, digicore is characterized by a combination of rap, emo, and trap music with prominent digital sound qualities.

Since Gutierrez is still fairly young, there’s a world’s worth of growth ahead of him. However, despite the broad possibilities that face him, Glaive is fairly certain that he no longer wants to pursue formal education or a traditional career in an office.

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What Genre is Glaive?

Although the rest of the world recognizes Glaive’s music as being part of the hyperpop genre, Glaive himself claims that he makes plain old pop music. 

According to the artist, the “hyperpop” tag was attributed to his music after he started associating and collaborating with other artists in the genre.

How Old Was Glaive When He Started?

The “I’m Nothing That’s All I Am” singer started making his own music in 2020 when he was just 15 years old. That same year, he signed a record deal with a major record label.

Does Glaive Play Any Instruments?

While he does understand chords and has some rudimentary knowledge in playing both piano and guitar, Glaive states that he’s actually not very good at any instruments.

This is the reason why, when he was starting out, he would often reach out to other artists on Discord and Twitch to ask them to play guitar or piano for his songs.

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