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The 10 Best French Rappers of All Time

the best french rappers of all time
The best French rappers of all time. Image by Rafael Garcin on Unsplash.

Last updated on March 19th, 2023 at 10:02 pm

Most people assume that rap is a genre that is only prevalent in the United States. But the truth is, many of the best rappers come from other countries, like France. While their rap may not sound the same (the french language is very smooth in comparison to English), there are likely some French rappers you will enjoy listening to.

Read on to learn more about the best French rappers of all time and the impact they have made on the rap genre around the world.

The Best French Rappers of All Time


10. Gringe

Gringe isn’t really known as a solo rap artist, but he is well known as part of the rap duo La Casseurs Flowters which is made up of him and Orelsan.

The duo is most well known for their songs “Qui Dit Mieux,” and “Si Facile.” They also frequently do collaborations with other famous artists.

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9. PNL

Ninth on our list of best French rappers of all time is another rap duo made up of two brothers by the name Ademo and N.O.S.

They are most famous for their songs “J’Comprends Pas” and “Deux Freres.”


8. Lomepal

Lomepal is perhaps one of the most famous French rappers and is known for his songs about love.

His most famous are the songs “Paradise” and “Decrescendo.”

Be prepared if you listen to his music, though, because, like most French love stories, his don’t usually have a happy ending.


7. Jul

Next up on our list of the best French rappers of all time, we have Jul, who is a French rapper from the city of Marseille.

Most of his songs are about friendship rather than romance.

He is also a bit controversial as his music is more electronic than other rap songs, and some argue he shouldn’t be on this list at all.


6. Vlad

As far as top streams go, Vlad should perhaps be higher on our list of the best French rappers of all time, but the truth is, his songs are in a unique genre called troll rap.

He’s been popular since the 2010s and is most well-known for his song “Desaccorde.”

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5. Kekra

Kekra is a French rapper from Paris who is known for hiding his identity behind a mask, similar to Orville Peck in the United States.

His songs contain many common themes, usually discussing shame, triumph, and other emotions that come with living a life you weren’t quite prepared for.

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4. Niska

Niska is a French rapper from Paris who is most well-known for a dance he invented called the Charo.

This Charo dance is frequently performed by footballers when they kick a goal.

While we think his songs head a bit towards hip-hop, there are several rap interludes that keep him in in the rap genre.


3. Nusky

Nusky is another artist among the best French rappers of all time who could also have his music listed under hip-hop. In France, the lines between hip-hop and rap are often blurred.

Nusky isn’t just a rapper, however, which is what makes him so unique. He is also an artist and used to play guitar in a rock band.


2. Ninho

Narrowing down between the first- and second-best French rappers of all time was quite the feat, as Ninho and our top pick share many of the same skills.

Ninho is Parisian but born of Congolese parents. As of 2020, he is one of the most streamed rappers of all time, which is incredibly impressive considering he was only 24 at the time since he was born in 1996.


1. SCH

SCH is widely considered one of the best French rappers of all time.

Hailing from Marseille, his mother is French while his dad was German, giving him unique insight into both cultures. His most famous song, “Otto,” is a tribute to his father, who died a few years ago.

He has numerous gold records, some of which he attained when he was rapping at just 13 years old. Like Ninho, he is young, born in 1993.

He has released more albums than almost any other rapper on this list, with at least one released per year since 2015.

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