Ginger Alden: Her Fame as the Final Love of Elvis Presley 

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When you think of Elvis Presley’s love life, more often than not, you probably immediately think of Elvis and Priscilla. Even though their marriage was less than ten years long, it is one of the most famous unions in history, so we often forget that there were other relationships with women that the “In the Ghetto” singer had after. One of those women was Ginger Alden. 

Although they didn’t know each other very long, their relationship was put on the fast track with forever in mind until Elvis’ untimely death.

Who is this woman that also was one of the few to completely steal the King of Rock n Roll’s heart? Here’s everything there is to know about Ginger Alden

Who is Ginger Alden?

Ginger Alden is an actress and model best known for her roles in films such as Lady Grey and her appearance on the soap opera series Capitol. Alas, she’s probably best known as the only other woman that Elvis Presley ever proposed to besides Priscilla Presley. 

When was Ginger Alden born?

Ginger Alden’s birthdate is November 13, 1956. She will turn 67 this year. 

As a November baby, Ginger Alden’s Zodiac sign is a Scorpio. Scorpios are known to be passionate, assertive people with a lot of determination. These are all qualities we think it’s safe to say you need when dating the “Hound Dog” singer. 

Where is Ginger Alden From? 

Ginger Alden was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. 

What was the Age Difference Between Elvis and Ginger Alden? 

When Elvis and Ginger Alden began dating, the latter was barely out of her teenage years, having only been 20 years old at the time to Elvis’ 42 years. 

Was Elvis in Love with Ginger Alden? 

According to reports, when Elvis met Ginger Alden, he was “smitten,” and the two “quickly became inseparable.” 

According to an article on Ben Vaughn, “She was the one person that Elvis truly opened up to. He confided in her about his struggles with prescription drug addiction.” 

How Long Did Elvis Presley Date Ginger Alden? 

Although it is unknown exactly when Elvis Presley began dating Ginger Alden, we know it came soon after his split from Linda Thompson in November 1976. 

The pair only dated for two months before the “Viva Las Vegas” singer proposed to her on January 26, 1977. It seems Elvis couldn’t help falling in love with her. 

Unfortunately, the pair never made it to their Christmas Day wedding because of Elvis’ death on August 16, 1977, making their total time together approximately nine months of “burning love.” 

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Did Elvis Give Ginger Alden an Engagement Ring? 

When Elvis did anything, he did it big. He proposed to her with an enormous TCB 11.5-carat diamond stage ring. 

How Did Elvis Propose to Ginger Alden? 

It’s quite an interesting story for the major Elvis fan. 

When he proposed in January of 1977 at Graceland, the King reportedly went all out the way he knew how, getting down on one knee and presenting his huge diamond ring.

According to Alden’s memoir, the moment happened in one of the bathrooms of the Graceland mansion. 

While it seems odd, but Alden said, “it was his sanctuary. … He seated me in a chair and said many beautiful words to me and asked me to marry him.” 

Unfortunately, she never got to call herself his bride. Talk about “Heartbreak Hotel.” 

What Did Vernon Presley Say About Ginger Alden? 

In an interview not long after his son’s death, Presley’s father, Vernon Presley, once said that even though he never got to know Ginger well, “Elvis told me he’d fallen in love with her. ‘This is the love I’ve been searching for,’ he said. ‘I want more children, a son. And I want Ginger to be my children’s mother.’” 

Did Lisa Marie Like Ginger Alden? 

Seeing as Lisa Marie Presley was only nine years old at the time of her father’s death, it’s hard to know for sure how she felt about her intended future stepmom. We do know that Ginger Alden had warm feelings toward Lisa Marie. 

Following Lisa Marie’s sudden death in January 2023, Ginger Alden paid tribute to her almost stepdaughter, writing on Facebook: “As many of us share with extremely saddened hearts today the passing of Elvis’s daughter, I wanted to reflect. My time with Lisa Marie was unique for me and special. I grew to care deeply for her and felt the same from her.” 

What Did Others Around Elvis Think of Ginger Alden?

Lisa Marie is the only one in Elvis’s life that is known to potentially have had positive feelings toward Alden. Rumors have circulated that she and Priscilla did not get along, with both women saying they were Elvis’ one true love, even though Elvis and the latter had been divorced for years.

Many of Elvis’ friends, particularly those in his inner circle nicknamed the “Memphis Mafia,” didn’t have the most significant feelings toward her.

Even after Presley’s death, his uncle Vester told the press that “the family was not interested in her” because “she took advantage of Elvis’ name.” 

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What Happened to Ginger Alden after Elvis Died? 

Ginger Alden became the woman no one wanted to be, as she was the one to find the man she loved dead on the floor of the bathroom. She was unsurprisingly devastated at the time and found herself struggling with alcohol and depression soon after. 

Upon cleaning herself up in the 1980s, she dedicated several years to ensuring that Elvis’ memory remained alive, including writing the New York Times bestseller Elvis and Ginger: Elvis Presley’s Fiancée and Last Love Finally Tells Her Story, released on September 2, 2014. 

What Did Elvis Leave Priscilla and Ginger in His Will? 

Although they were the two most prominent loves of his life, Elvis Presley did not leave his ex-wife Priscilla Presley or Ginger Alden anything in his will, even though the latter co-signed the final version of the document. 

His daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, along with his father and grandmother, became the trustees of his estate and Elvis Presley Enterprises. 

Did Ginger Alden Attend Elvis’ Funeral? 

Yes. As his fiancée at the time, it is believed that Ginger Alden was present for Elvis’ funeral. 

Following the funeral, however, she was reportedly banned from Graceland by Presley’s family and had to receive permission to visit his grave. 

Ginger Alden’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Ginger Alden has an estimated net worth of $52 million. Seeing as Elvis didn’t leave anything to Ginger Alden in his will, we can attribute much of that to her best-selling books and her acting career. 

Ginger Alden’s movies and tv appearances have included Lady Grey, Hollywood Best, and, most recently, Canaan Land.

Perhaps her most well-known project was part of the Living Legend: The King of Rock and Roll film directed by Worth Keeter and written by Thom McIntyre.

An Elvis tribute? We’d say it’s more like the Elvis impersonator among all Elvis impersonators, as it was clearly a play on Elvis’ life. 

In 2009, she also added to that net worth when she sold her engagement ring for $30,000. 

Ginger Alden’s Children

Ginger Alden’s son is Hunter Leyser. He is her only child. 

Although we don’t know much about him, we do know that Hunter was born in Sag Harbor, is a graduate of Georgetown University, and has been known to reside in New York City. 

Who is Ginger Alden Married To? 

Ginger Alden’s husband was Ronald Leyser, a renowned director who earned his fame through their marriage. The two were married in 1991 and remained married until Leyser’s death on August 16, ironically 38 years to the day after Elvis. 

Leyser is buried at Old Brick Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Manhattan, New York. 

Ginger Alden Now

Ginger Alden came back into the spotlight in 2014, after several years away, when she released her memoir telling of her relationship with the later “Jailhouse Rock” singer. 

During an interview with the Today Show to promote the book, she explained that she chose to write it because she felt “the time was right. … I wanted to get the truth out.” 

The truth is what many wanted to hear as the book went on to become a New York Times bestseller. Even though the book describes struggles between the couple, overall, she has good memories regarding their relationship. She said: “Elvis could be difficult at times, but for me, his goodness and loving spirit outweighed any faults.” 

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