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On the Radar: nobody likes you pat Releases Sincere Indie Pop Album Imago

nobody likes you pat sits on rock
nobody likes you pat

Last updated on November 16th, 2022 at 09:19 am

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Single decisions. Random events. Illnesses, breakups. Falling in love. Moving across states.

These life-changing experiences can bring a lot of emotion. Many people felt this way when the pandemic hit. Some had control over the changes, while others got smacked in the face with despair. 

Music helps us process these hurts, whether it’s the creator detailing their experiences or how the songs resonate with the listener. Content delivered well can make us feel less alone.

The album cover for Imago by nobody likes you pat

Pat Kiloran, the former frontman of indie pop band MILKK, felt something needed to change when Covid hit. He and his family decided to pack up and move to St Paul from Nashville. 

In the attic of his home, he wrote and recorded an autobiographical album. It meant something to him to put his musings, experiences, and life story into one heartfelt album. 

nobody likes you pat debuts Imago, 11 tracks of dreamy pop songs carry rich, heartfelt stories. These songs cut to the heart. They shake up feelings in a safe space of gentle melodies.

Each song of Imago unfolds a story of his life. Much of the subject matter sounds painful, but the soft gentle beats create a musical hug to the soul, softening the blow.

“I began the process for the album after I moved,” he states. “I was in the same environment I grew up in, but it was a new city ten years later. Everything felt more peaceful. Being here allowed me to find my identity. I tried to create music in a way that felt like a good reflection of who I am and what I’m trying to say.”

“I’ve seen so many situations where love, which is supposed to be beautiful and unconditional is wasted and destroyed,” he sighs. “The garden of love becomes a desert…”

The album starts with “maybe money,” a song about achieving success but feeling empty. Chasing wealth became a burden instead of a dream.

Pat sings his discord with the materialistic messages of his peers and America’s culture in general.

“one day before I die” follows with a catchy guitar riff and a bucket list tinged with regret. Pat’s vocals are pleasing to the ear and scratch the itch; satisfying both nostalgia and sweetness.

Also notable are the songs “midwest blues” and “tired of going to bed.” Upbeat sweet vocals sing of introspective findings.

nobody likes you pat

Reminiscent of the popular band Owl City with its smooth sweetness but Imago has considerable depth.

Imago leaves an impression. The songs are poetic and the lyrics weave musical stories that are easy to listen to again and again.

Friday, November 18th is the album debut show in St Paul at Trinity City Church.

Tickets and info can be found here.

Written by Renee Jones

Writer, Photographer, and Editor at Music in Minnesota


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