DJ Alok’s Net Worth: The Famous Brazilian DJ’s Wild Success

dj alok's net worth
Alok performing in 2016. Image by Pablo Diego on Wikimedia Commons.

One of the most well-known figures in the Brazilian DJ scene, DJ Alok was named the fourth-best DJ in the world by DJ Mag in 2021 and 2022. He has received numerous honors and awards. In 2017, he was listed as one of Brazil’s 30 Under 30 most influential people by Forbes Brasil. This begs the question: what is DJ Alok’s net worth?

Keep reading to learn about how DJ Alok acquired all his cash.

What is DJ Alok’s Net Worth?

Forbes and Bloomberg estimate DJ Alok’s net worth to be $4 million. 

The music industry is the source of his wealth. He earns royalties from songs, TV appearances, and sponsorships. 

The Brazilian DJ is one of South America’s priciest and best DJs and is credited with spreading EDM across the region. 

He was well-known in Brazil, but his fame expanded globally due to his work on the Netflix drama XOXO and his song “Hear Me Now,” which boosted his income and net worth.

But how does DJ Alok stand on the list of highest-paid DJs? Who is the richest DJ? That’d be Paul Oakenfold, who’s net worth is over $65 million. 

While still rich in his own right, DJ Alok is down pretty far on the list of richest DJs. 

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where is dj alok from
The picture of Alan Walker and Alok’s two-person tour in Mexico in 2023. Image by Mahdi Fathi Arjmand on Wikimedia Commons.

How Old is DJ Alok?

DJ Alok was born on the 26th of August, 1991. He will turn 32 in 2023.

DJ Alok’s Real Name

Popularly known as DJ Alok, his real name is Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo. 

In Sanskrit, the first name Alok denotes “light.” After his parents’ trip to India, where they met the spiritual teacher Osho who served as the name’s inspiration, Alok was bestowed his given name.

Personal Life

DJ Alok was born in Goiania, Brazil to DJ Swarup and DJ Ekanta. 

His parents were pioneers of psytrance music, a Brazilian subgenre of trance music, and they also founded Universo Paralello, an electronic music festival in Bahia, Brazil. 

Alok’s Wife

He married his then-pregnant longtime girlfriend, Romana Novais, in 2019. Romana is a dermatologist. 

The couple is blessed with two children – Ravi and Raika, male and female, respectively. 

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How did DJ Alok Get Famous?

DJ Alok started playing music when he was a child. 

He would accompany his DJ parents to the PSYtrance performances and studio, where he and his brother learned how to mix songs from DJs Zumbi and Pedrao.

Shortly after, Dick Trevor set up Logic Pro on his dad’s computer, and Alok could begin working on mixes on his own.

He started his career making music with his twin brother Bhaskar Petrilloe when he was 12 years old. Under the alias Logica, he and his brother started a joint project to create psytrance music.

Seven years later, Alok decided to pursue his own path and explored a solo career. 

He launched his career by releasing “Superstition,” his debut single. 

He persevered despite releasing many commercially unsuccessful albums and solos on various labels.

Eventually, he became one of South America’s most well-known and expensive disc jockeys. He has been recognized for his work with numerous nominations and accolades.

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Why is DJ Alok So Popular?

Obviously, DJ Alok’s net worth is largely due to his success and popularity as a DJ.

His 2016 song “Hear Me Now,” featuring Bruno Martini and Zeeba, broke the 100 millionth stream mark on Spotify, an unprecedented achievement for a Brazilian artist. It was certified triple platinum in Brazil. 

These achievements led to his international success. 

Following this success, DJ Alok received numerous requests to work on remixes and has worked with artists. They include Mick Jagger on his solo single “Gotta Get a Grip,” Jason Derulo on “Don’t Cry for Me,” and John Legend on “In My Mind.” 

In 2017, he became the first DJ from Brazil to spend 45 days touring China. He also performed on the World Stage at Rock in Rio.

With over 27 million followers on Instagram, where he has developed an image as a brand ambassador with male model looks, he also has a significant online presence.

DJ Alok’s Car

He has a Lamborghini Huracan, which he bought for a price of $152,000. 

DJ Alok’s House

DJ Alok owns a home designed by Peter Rose Architecture, in Brazil. 

Key Stone Project Limited created the interiors. 

The architectural marvel measures 1,519 square feet and has five bedrooms and seven magnificent bathrooms, all outfitted with Lutron lighting. 

It’s a great piece of real estate to have purchased with his hard-earned money.

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DJ Alok’s Jewelry

Numerous videos and images showcasing DJ Alok’s profession and opulent lifestyle can be found by searching his Instagram account and YouTube channel. 

Still, the seemingly modest DJ prefers not to display his jewelry. He chooses to share some of the benefits of his job and revenue with people who matter to him the most.

What is Alok’s Salary?

DJ Alok is estimated to earn roughly $400k per year. He is paid up to $100k per festival. 

How Much are His Tickets? 

Fans can enjoy one of DJ Alok’s performances for about $20 a ticket.

how did dj alok get famous
Alok and Bruno Martini performing in Brazil in 2016. Image by Pablo Diego on Wikimedia Commons.

DJ Alok’s Partnership with Free Fire

In November 2019, DJ Alok partnered with the makers of Garena Free Fire, a multiplayer battle royale mobile game, to become a new playable character as part of a rollout of new content. 

Upon purchase of the character, the players of Free Fire would have the chance to play as Alok himself, listen to him perform “Vale Vale” in the waiting area before a game, and use an emote displaying his signature dance move.

Due to its simplicity of use, capacity to heal, and ability to speed up nearby teammates, Alok’s character quickly gained popularity among Free Fire players.

Achievements, Awards, and Recognitions

DJ Alok is regarded as one of the top DJs in South America and has attracted a lot of attention. 

With hits like “Hear Me Now,” “Don’t Say Goodbye,” and collaborations with other well-known musicians, he has more than 200 billion Spotify streams and about 14 million monthly listeners.

He was named Brazil’s Best DJ in 2014 and 2015 and received a top 25 world DJ ranking from DJ Magazine in 2016. 

The same magazine placed him 19th and 13th in 2017 and 2018, respectively. He was also included in Forbes’ list of the 30 Under 30 in 2020.

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DJ Alok also won the best DJ prize at the 2019 Prêmio Jovem Brasileiro music festival. His song “Piece of Your Heart” won the 2019 International Dance Music Award for the best remix. 

The famous Brazilian DJ established UP Club Records in 2016 to identify electronic music talent. His musical repertoire includes House, EDM, Deep House, and Brazilian Bass. 

He is well-known for bringing EDM to the global pop mainstream and popularizing it in South America. 

DJ Alok’s Net Worth

DJ Alok has made a reputation for himself in the music business. His net worth is currently $4 million, but it’s sure to get bigger in the coming years.

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