Skrillex’s Net Worth: How He Changed the DJ World and More

skrillex's net worth
Skrillex in 2011. Photo by Michael Nusbaum, on Wikimedia Commons.

Known for his electronic dance music abilities and the production of many well-known musicians’ albums, Skrillex has been on the music scene since 2004. Skrillex is an electronic DJ who is well known for his first two albums, “My Name is Skrillex” and “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.” But what is Skrillex’s net worth?

With several Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording, Best Remixed Recording, Best Dance/Electronic Album, and more, he is considered one of the most iconic artists in the EDM industry. 

The question that most people want to know, however, is what Skrillex’s net worth is currently. Keep reading to learn more about this artist and some interesting facts about his life.

Skrillex’s Net Worth

Between his work in the electronic dance music industry and being a record producer for some of the biggest names in music, Skrillex has amassed a large amount of money for himself. It has been reported that Skrillex’s net worth is currently at least $70 million in cash.

Much of this net worth that he has earned over the years has been from his success as an electronic music DJ, his collaboration with other EDM artists, and his record label. While the dollar amount he is worth has changed over the years, it is clear that he has been one of the top-ranked electronic music DJs in the world.

Skrillex rich
Skrillex performing in 2012. Photo by Posson on Wikimedia Commons.

How Did Skrillex Get Rich?

Skrillex became rich primarily through his electronic dance music success, with several albums under his belt. While he has released many of these albums on his own, he has, over the years, collaborated with other artists as well.

Much of Skrillex’s success has been through his various collaborations with other EDM musical artists and his album productions with stars such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Diplo, and more. 

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Skrillex’s House

While it is widely known that Skrillex does not share much about his personal life, he has been known to splurge on various items from time to time. One of his biggest purchases thus far has been the land he purchased to build his 12,000-square-foot home in 2016. 

The land he purchased in Malibu, California, had not been previously developed until he paid $6 million for it and built his first estate. The home was built with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and featured 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and even featured a gym and a movie theater.

After listing the home for sale in 2020 for $25 million, it finally sold in the summer of 2021 for $17.5 million.

How Much Does Skrillex Make Per Show?

Although through the years, the amount of income Skrillex has brought in for each of his performances has varied, many reports have shown the number to be around $200,000 per show in revenue. Since he is extremely popular, this means that he is known to be paid about a $20-$30 million salary per year.


How Much Are Skrillex’s Tickets?

While it is widely known that Skrillex has a thriving solo career, he also appears in performances with other EDM artists. Because of this, the tickets to his performances are often combined with festivals and other events with many other musicians.

He currently has several festivals and events on the schedule around the world, where he will be featured as one of the electronic DJs. Tickets to these events have a wide range of prices, starting at $319 to $2399, depending on the seat and location.

Skrillex’s Early Life

Skrillex was born Sonny John Moore in Los Angeles on January 15, 1988. His moniker, Skrillex, came from some friends later in his life, which he also used for his AOL account.

Although born in LA, he and his family moved to San Francisco when he was only 2 years old with his adoptive parents. It is reported that his adoptive parents were close friends with his biological parents, but they did not reveal this to him until later in his teen years.

During his early school years, he was often bullied, so his parents later pulled him out of school to homeschool him at age 14. While this helped the situation, he dropped out only a year later to pursue his fascination with electronic music by attending raves and clubs.

skrillex early life
Skrillex at Amnesia in 2012. Image by Amnesia Ibizia on Wikimedia Commons.

Skrillex’s Career

In 2004, he joined the band From First to Last as the lead vocalist, although he was originally supposed to be a rhythm guitarist. With this band he appeared on two of their albums before he left the band to go solo.

After releasing his songs on various social media platforms, and then later began showcasing his music in various clubs around Los Angeles. Between his albums and his various signings with bands such as mau5trap and deadmau5, he became extremely popular.

Having been on the EDM scene since he was about 16 years old, Skrillex has become an extremely popular performer. Between his solo career, his collaboration with other artists, and his record label, Skrillex is easily one of the most influential electronic artists of all time.


By now, you have a pretty good idea of how Skrillex’s net worth came to be so large. It is quite impressive that Skrillex has been able to amass such a fortune from a type of music that was once considered underground. It will be interesting to follow the future development of Skrillex’s career.

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