16 Interesting Christina Aguilera Facts: Her Heritage, Childhood in Japan, and More

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Christina Aguilera is a powerhouse, rising to fame in the early 2000s and continuing in an impressive career that continues to astonish today. However, few people know more about Aguilera than her singing career.

Don’t be a genie in a bottle – sit down and get ready as we dive into 16 Christina Aguilera facts.

1. She Has Multi-Cultural Roots

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First on our list of Christina Aguilera facts is that she has multi-cultural roots, growing up in a Spanish-speaking household. Her father is Ecuadorian, and her mother has a mix of German, Irish, Welsh, and Dutch in her blood.

2. She Was in The Movie Shark Tale

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Although she wasn’t the star of the exciting animated flick, Christina Aguilera had a role in Shark Tale. Aguilera played a jellyfish singer in the whale wash station, belting out a song she and Missy Elliot collaborated on for the film.

3. She’s Roman Catholic

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Christina Aguilera was born and raised Catholic and continues to identify herself as Roman Catholic today. She also revealed she was learning more about Judaism in the mid-2000s. 

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4. She Has Four Tattoos

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Although it might not be as many as other celebrities, Aguilera has four tattoos. She has her ex-husband’s initials in Hebrew, a spiral, a tattoo of her nickname, and Spanish and Hebrew for her ex-husband.

5. She Was on The Mickey Mouse Club with Other Celebs

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Before Aguilera was a prominent singer, she starred in The Mickey Mouse Club with other celebrities before their time. She was accompanied by Justin Timberlake, Brittany Spears, Keri Russel, and Ryan Gosling.

6. She’s Shorter Than You Might Think

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Next on our list of Christina Aguilera facts is her height. Although she seems like a giant, she is on the shorter side at a mere 5’ 2” at her tallest.

7. She Can Sing Multiple Octaves

ariana grande
Ariana Grande on the Red Carpet in 2016. Image from Shutterstock.

Christina Aguilera has an incredible vocal range, able to hit four octaves. Other celebrities who can reach that high include Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and Celine Dion, meaning Aguilera joins an incredible group of people as a singing talent to behold.

8. She’s Been on Multiple Movie Soundtracks

singers who look younger than they actually are
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You can hear Christina Aguilera’s voice in dozens of movies as a singer for background songs during the main story. A few of the most popular include Get Smart, Life of the Party, Burlesque, and Spanglish, among others, on the big screen.

9. She is Afraid of the Dark

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In one interview, Christina Aguilera plainly stated she is scared of the dark. She reportedly sleeps with the TV and other light on for maximum comfort while she rests at night – even celebrities are scared of things like the dark, and Christina Aguilera is no exception to this fear. 

10. She Wears Blue Contact Lenses

christina guilera wearing a white dress on the red carpet
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Although Christina Aguilera’s eyes are already a natural blue, she wears contact lenses on top to make them stand out even more. The singer wants to make her appearance pop whenever she is in the public eye, pushing her already amazing feature.

11. She Loves Sports

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Aguilera is known to attend the occasional sports event, especially when it’s something to do with basketball, hockey, baseball, or football. She’s been seen at multiple games, rooting for her favorite teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers and Pittsburgh Steelers.

12. She Lived in Japan When She was Younger

image of mount fuji in japan
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Although she’s spent most of her life in the United States of America, Aguilera spent her younger years with her family in Japan. She lived there to further pursue her career in singing, achieving relative success during her time in the country.

13. She Has Some Iconic Idols

whitney houston
LOS ANGELES – OCT 28: Whitney Houston at the 17th Carousel of Hope Ball at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, California on October 28, 2006. Image from Shutterstock.

Next on our list of Christina Aguilera facts are the people she looks up to. Aguilera admires many singers, but her favorites include Etta James and Whitney Houston, legends of their time and wonderful women to look up to in the singing world.

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14. She Has A Star On The Walk Of Fame

christina aguilera and her family
Christina Aguilera and her family. Image from Shutterstock.

Anyone who gets a start on the Walk of Fame is a legend, and Aguilera can prove her incredible talent to the world by walking down the street on Hollywood Blvd. She was inducted in 2010 as a way to honor what she has brought to the music world.

15. She Was One Of Time’s Most Influential People

christina aguilera on the red carpet in a black dress
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In 2013, Christina Aguilera was recognized as one of Time Magazine’s most influential people. She is one of the biggest music legends in the world, and this honor further proved the legacy she has trailing behind.

16. She Wrote Kelly Clarkson’s Iconic Song

kelly clarkson in a purple and pink sequin dress
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Our final choice on our list of Christina Aguilera facts is that she is responsible for writing one of Kelly Clarkson’s most influential songs. She co-wrote “Miss Independent,” which ended up being a chart-topping success for Clarkson and a further push for her career.

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