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27 Singers You Didn’t Know Had Kids

singers you didn't know had kids beyonce in concert
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Celebrities are a fickle and varied bunch when it comes to revealing their personal lives. For every Taylor Swift, who you can’t go a day without hearing about their latest exploits, there’s a Post Malone, who prefers to keep things more private. Amazingly, some singers take that to a new level – you don’t even know they have kids.

If you’re interested in learning about some of the most famous singers you didn’t know had kids, you’re in the right place. Get comfortable as we dive into 25 shocking famous people with children.

1. Louis Tomlinson

singer louis tomlinson performing on stage
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Former One Direction member and current solo artist Louis Tomlinson is first on our list of singers you didn’t know had kids. Tomlinson welcomed his first child, a son, with his ex-girlfriend Briana Jungwirth in 2016. Freddie Tomlinson occasionally appears in pictures on the internet, often posted by his mother.

2. Celine Dion 

singers who are catholic celine dion in a green top
Celine Dion. Image from Shutterstock.

Celine Dion has been a music landmark for decades. Surprisingly, considering that she mostly keeps out of the public eye, Dion is the happy mother of boys Nelson, Eddy, and Rene-Charles with her late husband, Rene Angelil, making her one of the many singers you didn’t know had kids.

Celine Dion notably retired from her residency show in Las Vegas in order to spend time with her sons after the death of their father in 2016.

3. Meek Mill

rapper meek mill on stage performing
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Rapper Meek Mill has three children – two sons from his ex Fahimah Raheem and one from his ex-girlfriend Milan Rouge. Meek Mill is the proud father of sons Rihmeek, Murad, and Czar, whom he periodically posts about on social media. 

4. Pharrell Williams

pharrell on the red carpet wearing a baseball cap
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Not only is it a surprise that Pharell Williams is 50 years old, but it is also shocking that the man has been having children and currently has four kids. He has a son, Rocket, and triplets with his wife, Helen Lasichanh.

5. Lily Allen 

lily allen attending an event
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Singer Lily Allen has two children from a previous relationship with her ex-husband, Sam Cooper. She rarely brings them out, except to special events like the Frozen 2 premiere, wanting her offspring to grow up out of the spotlight as much as possible. 

6. Grimes

grimes on stage in 2012
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It came as a shock to the world when Grimes and Elon Musk revealed they were together, and it’s even more shocking that they have had not one but three children together. Their first child brought controversy with his strange name – X Æ A-Xii.

Their second and third children have more normal names, but only slightly – Exa Dark Sideræl and Techno Mechanicus. They were also born to surrogates.

7. Kelly Clarkson

kelly clarkson on the red capret wearing a black dress
Image from Shutterstock.

Kelly Clarkson is next on our list of singers you didn’t know had kids, giving birth to children Remington Alexander and River Rose. The pregnancies were difficult, and she decided to remove her tubes for the sake of her health and well-being. 

As far as celeb kids go, Kelly’s children are mostly kept out of the spotlight, though he has been featured with her on the red carpet a time or two. 

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8. Justin Timberlake

jessica biel and justin timberlake dressed up on the red carpet
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Singer and actor Justin Timberlake gives off the vibe that he could be forever young and childless, but the “Mirrors” singer is married and has two children with his wife, Jessica Biel, putting him on the docket of singers you didn’t know had kids. Sons Silas and Phineas came in 2015 and 2020, and honestly, we can see the resemblance already. 

9. Christina Aguilera

up close picture of christina aguilera holding a microphone
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Christina Aguilera has two children – one daughter with ex Matt Rutler and a son with ex Jordan Bratman. She welcomed them in 2008 and 2014, opening up about her busy life as a working singer and dedicated mom.

Aguilera even stopped touring to dedicate more time to parenthood.

10. Nick Jonas

nick jonas in a orange jacket on the red carpet
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Jonas Brothers sensation Nick Jonas and his actress wife Priyanka Chopra welcomed their first child in 2022. They chose to have the child via surrogate and welcomed baby girl Malti Marie Chopra Jones on January 15th.

11. Beyonce 

beyonce on stage in a gold outfit
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It’s common information that Beyonce has her eldest daughter, Blue Ivy, with her husband Jay-Z. However, many forget that Beyonce Knowles gave birth to twins back in 2017.

Twins Rumi and Sir Carter occasionally make their mark on their mother’s social media page, but they are much rarer to see than their older sibling. 

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12. Liam Payne

singer liam payne performing on stage
Image from Shutterstock.

Liam Payne, another star from One Direction, had a child with his ex Cheryl Cole in 2017. They named their baby Bear Grey Payne because it was a name that wouldn’t easily be forgotten when you leave a room.

Payne revealed there was quite the argument over naming the baby, with Payne wanting something more traditional and Cole shooting for the unusual. 

13. Beck

beck on stage performing
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Award-winning musician Beck is already a professional who seems to stay out of the spotlight, so it makes sense that his children would be a bit of a mystery, too. He’s the proud father of son Cosimo Henri Hansen and daughter Tuesday Hansen.

Beck brought his firstborn son to the Grammys in 2020, and it became apparent the stylish teen is much like his talented father. You could almost call Cosimo a “mini-me” of Beck. 

14. Pete Wentz 

pete wentz performing on stage with fall out boy
Image from Shutterstock.

Pete Wentz is next on our list of singers you didn’t know had kids, which might come as a shock to some. The bassist from Fall Out Boy has three kids with girlfriend Meagan Camper and ex Ashlee Simpson – Bronx Mowgli, Saint Lazslo, and Marvel Jane.

15. Adam Levine

adam levine singing on stage in a white shirt
Image from Shutterstock.

Adam Levine sings songs about love and heartbreak, so many might find it shocking to know that Levine has a wife and family. He married Behati Prinsloo in 2014, and the couple have since welcomed three children – daughters Dusty Rose and Gio Grace and an unnamed baby boy born recently in 2023. 

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16. Fergie

short singers Fergie singing at an event
Image from shutterstock.

Former Black-Eyed Pea Fergie had a child with her ex-husband Josh Duhamel in 2013. The duo work well together, co-parenting their son Axl Jack in a private manner away from the public eye that usually follows celebrity parenting. 

17. Billy Joel

billy joel playing piano and singing on stage
Image from Shutterstock.

Billy Joel is next on our list of singers you didn’t know had kids, welcoming his first child back in 1985 with Christie Brinkley and then daughters Della Rose and Remy Anne with Alexis Broderick, whom he married in 2020.

18. Nicki Minaj 

nicki minaj in a pink leather outfit
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Nicki Minaj has never been super personal about specific parts of her life, so it might surprise some that she is a parent to a toddler. She and her husband, Kenneth Petty, welcomed a baby boy on September 30th, 2020.

Right now, her son, Papa Bear, is an only child.

19. Machine Gun Kelly 

machine gun kelly with pink hair on the red carpet
Image from Shutterstock.

Machine Gun Kelly most recently appeared in the news for his relationship with Megan Fox, in which he was preparing himself to become the stepfather to three children. However, it’s helpful to note he already is a father – Kelly has one daughter, Casie Colson Baker, with his ex Emma Cannon.

20. Keith Urban

keith urban performing on stage
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Keith Urban and wife Nicole Kidman settled into family life after some drama in the earliest years of their relationship, eventually adopting their son Connor and daughter Isabelle. They’ve taken extra care to keep them out of the spotlight, though the duo occasionally show them in events like the virtual Golden Globes in 2021.

21. Donald Glover

rapper donald glover performing on stage
Image from Shutterstock.

Donald Glover is an exceptional actor and rapper who is nearing 40 years old, even though his vibrant personality makes him seem even younger. Glover has had three babies with girlfriend Michelle White – three sons born in 2016, 2018, and 2020.

22. Iggy Azalea 

Iggy Azalea showing the crowd what she's got while performing on stage.
Photo by: Tommy Williams

Rapper and singer Iggy Azalea has one son, Onyx, with her ex Playboi Carti, co-parenting with him. She rarely shares photos of her son, or takes him around the paparazzi, though they do appear online together for rare occasions like Onyx’s first day of preschool.

23. Kanye West

kim kardashian and kanye west on the red carpet
Image from Shutterstock.

At this point, almost everyone knows that Kanye West has kids, but what you may not know is how Kim and her then-husband, Kanye, had said kids. While Kim carried their first two children, she was told not to become pregnant again after her second child due to her health problems during pregnancy. 

As a result, Kanye and Kim used a surrogate to have their third and fourth child. The West children are some of the most famous celebrity children on the internet due to the fame of their parents and their publicized divorce. The most famous is their oldest daughter, North West, who has her own Instagram, which she posts on regularly. 

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24. Victoria Beckham

victoria beckham in a black dress arriving for an event
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The once Spice-Girl Victoria Beckham was upgraded to Mama at the birth of her first child with David Beckham in 1999. They have since added three additional children to their family, with the last one being born in 2011. 

25. Madonna

madonna on stage performing in black leather
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Even the Queen of Pop has taken a little time from her career to become a mommy. Many are shocked to find out that Madonna hasn’t just given birth once, but twice, and also adopted 4 children from the country of Malawi. While her two oldest, Rocco and Lourdes, grew up in the spotlight, the lives of Madonna’s adopted kids have been kept more private.

Although her children didn’t grow up as famous as their mother, one of her kids, Lourdes Leon, has begun her own walk in the spotlight during her adulthood as a model for Vogue. 

26. Whitney Houston

whitney houston and bobbi kristina
LOS ANGELES – FEB 12: Whitney Houston; Bobbi Kristina Brown arrives at the 2011 Pre-GRAMMY Gala And Salute To Industry Icons at Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 12, 2011 in Beverly Hills, CA. Image from Shutterstock.

Although she died in 2012, before her death, very few knew that Whitney Houston had a child–mostly because she had her father’s last name. As a result of her marriage with Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina Brown became a singer and actress just like her parents during her teenage years. 

Unfortunately, Bobbi didn’t live long enough to conceive children of her own, as she was found dead in a bathtub in 2015 when she was just 22 years old. 

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27. Solange Knowles

solange knowles on stage performing in a green jacket
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Last up on our list of singers you didn’t know had kids is Solange Knowles, the younger sister of the iconic Beyonce. Knowles has one child with Daniel Wayne Smith (son of TV personality Anna Nichole Smith), giving birth at eighteen and naming him after his father.

Solange might be younger than Beyonce, but her child is the older cousin of Beyonce’s eldest kid. 

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