23 Facts About Taylor Swift You Should Know

Taylor Swift in 2007
American country musician Taylor Swift performing live in 2007. Photo by Minds-eye.

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Many people across the world love Taylor Swift and the phenomenal hit songs such as, “Bad Blood,” “Blank Space,” “Shake It Off,” “Love Story,” and more. Since breaking into the music industry this American singer-songwriter has taken the world by storm. 

With the many Taylor Swift songs that have hit the tops of the charts, it is no surprise why she is truly America’s sweetheart and has captivated audiences for over a decade. From her start in country music to the crossover to pop, Taylor Swift has proved that she has the chops to make it for the long haul.

Here are 23 fun facts that all Swifties, or Taylor Swift fans, will enjoy.

Taylor Swift in 2006
The American country singer/guitarist Taylor Swift, June 16, 2006 by Dwight McCann /

Taylor Swift Age

The multi-talented singer-songwriter, Taylor Alison Swift was born on December 13, 1989, in Reading, Pennsylvania. Taylor Swift’s parents, Scott Kingsley Swift and Andrea Finlay supported her dreams since she was a little girl. She also has a younger brother, Austin Swift.

Interestingly enough, Taylor was reportedly named after James Taylor.

Taylor Swift Height

In addition to her bigger-than-life reputation as a musical artist, Taylor Swift is actually really tall. She stands at a whopping 5’11” and has always felt “freakishly tall.”

Taylor First Worked in Musical Theater

At the young age of nine, Taylor Swift worked in musical theater. This allowed her to perform in the Berks Youth Theatre Academy productions four different times. It was a great experience for her that helped shape her stage presence.

This was also the time period when she had dreams of performing on Broadway. She remembers traveling to New York many times and standing in long lines to audition for various shows.

Her Inspiration was Shania Twain

Everyone had someone they look up to and admire. For Taylor Swift, it was none other than Shania Twain. When Swift heard Twain’s music, she knew she wanted to make country music. It gave her a sense of wonder and enjoyment that she had never felt before in her life.

Taylor Swift Guitar
Taylor Swift performs in Joliet, IL, the USA in February 2008. Photo by Adam Bielawski.

She was Taught How to Play Guitar by a Computer Repairman

At age twelve, Taylor took guitar lessons from a computer repairman, who also knew a thing or two about songwriting. This was the first step in her musical career.

Because of these lessons, Taylor wrote her first song, “Lucky You.”

She Once Modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch

In 2003, she was part of their “Rising Stars” campaign. This was a great foot in the door for Taylor Swift.

Taylor is Multi-Talented

Most people already know about Taylor’s musical chops and abilities to captivate an audience in a single note. But, did you know that she also plays several instruments including guitar, piano, ukelele, banjo, and electric guitar?

She has also been on several television shows and movies playing either herself like she did in the Hannah Montana Movie or playing a role as she did on the hit show CSI where she played Haley Jones.

Taylor also starred in the movie Valentine’s Day and The Giver.

Taylor Swift cast of The Giver
The cast of ‘The Giver’ at the New York Premiere in August 2014. Photo by Ahprodite_in_nyc.

 Taylor Swift Owns a Private Jet

Gone are the days of touring in a van for Taylor. Now she flies in her very own private jet. This purchase is said to be influenced by actor Jake Gyllenhall, which she made a few years after he flew her to London and back in 2010.

Taylor Swift Grew Up on a Christmas Tree Farm

Taylor Swift’s father worked as a stockbroker, but they also owned a Christmas tree farm in Reading, Pennsylvania, where Taylor grew up from ages 5-10, with her brother, Austin. It makes sense why Christmas is her favorite holiday out of the whole year.

Her family later moved to the Nashville, Tennessee area so Taylor could be closer to the country music world. They lived in a lakehouse in Henderson, Tennessee.

Her Dad Owns Part of her Record Label

Her father, Scott Swift purchased 3% of the record label that signed Taylor Swift, Big Machine Records, in Nashville, Tennessee, at an estimated $120,000. It’s believed that her dad also bought the first 100,000 records of her album day-of release to fudge the numbers on the billboard charts.

Her Favorite Food Is Cheesecake

When she is looking for a great snack after a long performance, she turns to the delicious treat of cheesecake. It is her favorite food.

Taylor Swift in 2018
Taylor Swift performing at Sports Authority Field in Denver, Colorado, USA in 2018. Photo by Julio Enriquez.

She was the Youngest Country Music Artist to Write a #1 song

Taylor Swift was only 14 years old when she wrote “Our Song.” She played the song at her 9th-grade talent show. The track was #1 on the charts. The music video was named Video Of The Year at the CMT Music Awards in 2008.

She Loves Anything and Everything Disney

Taylor has even described herself as obsessed with Disney cartoons. She was even the voice for one of the characters in The Lorax. This shows she is a wholesome young woman that enjoys things that are heartfelt and thoughtful.

Taylor Swift Boyfriends

Taylor Swift’s dating history includes several famous actors and celebrities. This list includes actor, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jonas Brothers member, Joe Jonas, One Direction singer, Harry Styles, songwriter, John Mayer, and DJ Calvin Harris.

It’s been said that “I Knew You Were Trouble” was written about Jake Gyllenhaal. So boys beware. If the relationship doesn’t end well, she will probably write a breakup song about you.

Her current boyfriend at the time of this writing is an actor named, Joe Alwyn. She has been seeing him since 2017.

The AMA Recently Named her “Artist of the Decade”

This is quite an achievement for Taylor Swift, and it is one that means a great deal to her. It proves that she has staying power with her audience. Taylor keeps churning out hit after hit and there doesn’t appear to be anything slowing her down.

Taylor Swift VMA awards
Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Photo by Philip Nelson.

Taylor Swift has Taken Home Many Awards for Her Talents

At the 2010 Grammy Awards, Taylor won Album of the Year for her second studio album Fearless. At 20 years old, this award made her the youngest artist in history to win this award. 

In 2011, Billboard named Taylor Swift Woman of the year. 

She also won her first BRIT award in 2015 for International Female Solo Artist.

The Number Thirteen Follows her Everywhere

Taylor Swift is very superstitious. The number 13 is her favorite number. She believes 13 is her lucky number. She ensures this number is on almost everything she owns. She even had a sticker of the number 13 stuck to the nose of her jet plane. She also writes 13 on her hand before each concert. Someone should inform her that tattoos are a thing.

Some of the reasons why Taylor claims it’s a lucky number is because she was born on the 13th, she turned 13 years old on Friday the 13th. Taylor’s first record achieved gold status in 13 weeks. She even goes as far as noticing her first #1 song had a 13-second introduction. If you ask me, this is a little crazy

Taylor Swift Albums

Throughout her career thus far, Taylor Swift has blown the music industry away with her phenomenal albums and songs. From her first album to her many other studio albums, Taylor has shown that she is not only a great singer-songwriter but a great performer as well.

Here is a list of her studio albums thus far:

  • Taylor Swift – 2006
  • Fearless – 2008
  • Speak Now – 2010
  • Red –2012
  • 1989 – 2014
  • Reputation – 2017
  • Lover – 2020
  • Evermore – 2020

Taylor’s third album, Speak Now was the first one to be written solely by her. This album landed at the number one spot on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart after its release.

She Once Sang at a Philadelphia 76ers game

When she was 11 years old, Taylor Swift sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” at a Philadelphia 76ers game.

It was also when she was 11 years old that she won a talent competition for singing Leann Rimes song, “Big Deal.”

Taylor Swift 2019
LOS ANGELES – MARCH 14: Guest arrives for the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards on March 14, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Glenn Francis/Pacific Pro Digital Photography)

Taylor Broke a Country Music Record

She broke this country music record by selling more than $20 million hits, which was the most digital downloads of her songs than any other country artist. 

Taylor Swift and Kanye West’s Back and Forth

What some people call a feud between the two artists started in 2009 when Taylor was awarded the Best Female Video at the MTV Video Music Awards for her song “You Belong With Me.” While giving her acceptance speech, West came on stage to tell her that Beyonce’s video was actually the best.

Since this incident, the two have gone back and forth with many public whirlwind adventures, many of which often trending on social media platforms everywhere.

Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs of All Time

Although it is well known that Taylor Swift has many hit songs that have won many accolades over the years, there are a few of her songs that people will never forget and are often found singing along to.

Here are her top 10 songs of all time according to Rolling Stone:

  • All Too Well” – 2021
  • “New Romantics” – 2014
  • “Mirrorball” – 2020
  • “Delicate” – 2017
  • August” – 2020
  • “Long Live” – 2010
  • “Lover” – 2019
  • “Blank Space” – 2014
  • “Marjorie” – 2020 – which was written for her grandmother Marjorie Finlay who was an opera singer.
  • “Dear John” – 2010

While these are her top-rated songs, many people still are found singing the words to songs like “Love Story,” “You Belong With Me,” and her first single, “Tim McGraw.”

Taylor Swift Net Worth

Taylor Swift’s net worth in 2022, according to reports is estimated at $400 million.

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