Who is Saweetie? Meet Doja Cat’s “Best Friend”

Saweetie is a popular and loved American rapper. Best known for her single “Icy Girl” in 2018, Saweetie was signed by Warner records, which was her big break, and Artistry Worldwide later signed her. Read on if you are interested in learning more about Saweetie related to her life, net worth, family education, and real name.

Who is Saweetie?

Saweetie rose to fame through Instagram, where she often posted herself rapping. Her fans loved her rapping style, which led to her entering stardom.

Based on her popularity and talent, she won three music awards for her work “Herself” and “Best Friend” in 2021. 

She started writing songs at the mere age of 14. As Saweetie mentions in one of her interviews, while performing songs back then made her feel nervous, she always loved doing it.

Featuring Saweetie

Saweetie was included in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Music list in 2020 and Variety’s Hitmakers Impact list.

She debuted her first beauty collaboration in March 2020, when she was named the face of KISS Colors’ Edge Fixer Glued x Saweetie line. Her own virtual instructional video series, Icy University, debuted in October 2020.

Rapper Saweetie A photo of Saweetie at the BET Awards. Photo by Hyperap.

Saweetie’s Real Name

Saweetie’s real name is Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper. She is also known as Icy Girl after her massive success with the song “Icy Girl.”

When is Saweetie’s Birthday?

Saweetie was born on July 2, 1993. She belongs to the Cancer zodiac sign. Cancer sign people are also often found to be very creative and confident. 

Where is Saweetie from?

Saweetie was born in Santa Clara, California. Saweetie’s ethnicity is very rich as she comes from diverse family background.

What is Saweetie’s Ethnicity?

She was born to Trinidad Valentine, Filipino-Chinese heritage, and her father, Johny Harper, with an African-American lineage.

Who is Saweetie’s Mother?

Saweetie’s mother was Trinidad Valentine, a Filipino-Chinese model, and no doubt, Saweetie got her stunning looks from her.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, Valentin was seen in several music videos, including Nelly’s “Ride Wit Me” and D.M.X.‘s “What They Really Want.” Saweetie got her passion for dancing and hip-hop from her talented mother.

Who is Saweetie’s Father?

Johnny Harper, her father, was a San Jose State football player. Saweetie’s father’s family was also quite popular and made her childhood a little special.

Based on his record, as a defensive back for the team, he blocked three passes and scored two field goals.

Who is Saweetie’s Grandfather?

Willie Harper, Saweetie’s grandfather, was also pretty well known in sports. He was the linebacker for San Francisco 49ers in the period of 1970-1980 for almost 11 years.

A glance at Saweetie’s Education

After attending Merrill F. West High School in Tracy, she lived in Sacramento, California.

She graduated from Monterey Trail High School in Elk Grove after attending Merrill F. West High School in Tracy. 

She started to create songs at the age of fourteen. After high school, she went to San Diego State University to pursue communications and business.

She attended the University of Southern California later on, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in communications.

She finished with a 3.6 GPA and planned to pursue a master’s degree at a top-tier university such as Columbia in the future. Saweetie started to focus on her rap career upon graduating.

Saweetie interview Saweetie in an interview with Warner Music New Zealand in September 2020. Photo by Warner Music New Zealand.

Saweetie’s Height and Weight

Contrary to popular belief that Saweetie is of small height, she is of more than average height.

Saweetie’s height is 1.7 meters, close to 5 feet and 6 inches. Her body weight is 53 kg, and she has beautiful dark brown eyes and black hair.

Saweetie’s Songs

To top the charts, some of her very famous songs are “Best Friends” with Doja Cat, “Icy Girl”, “Closer” with H.E.R., “Faking Love” with Anitta, “Tap In”, “Confetti”, and “Hit It”.

She has also been known for singing covers in her early career.

Why did Quavo and Saweetie Break up?

Saweetie was rumored to be dating Quavo, an American rapper. Back in 2018 along the lines of New York Fashion Week, the couple was seen together for the first time.

Saweetie announced on social media on March 19, 2021, that she and Quavo are no longer together. 

“Presents don’t band-aid scars, and the love isn’t real when the closeness is given to other ladies,” she said on social media, implying that Quavo had been unfaithful.

Video footage surfaced in late March 2021, showing the two in a violent argument that supposedly occurred in 2020.

Saweetie’s Awards and Nominations

Saweetie had won the award for Best Art Direction in 2021 for Best Friends by MTV Videos Music Awards.

She then went on to get awarded Hustler of the Year for her song Herself in the same year by B.E.T. Hip Hop Awards.

She then grabbed an award for the same song as Best New by MTV Europe Music Awards.

Saweetie’s Appearances

Saweetie starred in the series “Wild ‘n Out” in 2020 as a guest performer. She hosted a light-hearted comedy show on Netflix called “Sex: Unzipped.”

Saweetie’s Meal?

Upon the massive success of the B.T.S. meal, McDonald’s came up with the Saweetie Meal.

It was primarily due to the odd eating combinations Saweetie often flaunted on her social media. 

Seeing her uncommon eating combinations get popular as memes on social media, Mcdonald’s decided to launch an assortment of eatables that can be mixed and matched with different sauces.

How Much Does the Saweetie ’s Meal Cost?

The Saweetie meal has a Big Mac, four chicken nuggets, medium fries, and medium sprite. This combo meal is available at Mcdonald’s outlets for $12.69 approx.

Jack Harlow and Saweetie


Jack Harlow and Saweetie flamed up the rumors of them dating when Jack Harlow approached Saweetie on the red carpet of the 2021 B.E.T Awards. 

Harlow went up to Saweetie to talk, and fans assumed he was trying to flirt with her. To the online assumptions, Harlow remarked that he has a “friendly vibe” with her.

Who is Saweetie’s Best Friend?

Saweetie and Doja Cat collaborated on the track that topped the worldwide music charts for a long time, Best Friend.” Very few people know that Saweetie and Doja Cat were friends before the partnership. 

She said in an interview that she met Doja Cat two years ago, and she has an immense love and respect for Doja Cat’s hard work.

She got an award for the song and was nominated on numerous platforms like the Grammy Awards and B.E.T. Hip Hop Awards for the music.

Are Saweetie and Doja Cat Real Friends?

In the world of fame and controversies, there are very few actual relations between celebrities, and most people fake their friendships to grab media attention.

But the friendship of Saweetie and Doja Cat is not hidden from their fans. 

What is Saweetie’s Net Worth?

Saweetie has always mentioned how she always had a humble childhood, and growing up, she had to find ways to have some money on her. Because of her past struggles, she can stay grounded and express her gratitude for everything she has.

Currently, her net worth is almost $4 million at 28 years old. This accomplishment is based on her music sales only.

She is a marketing genius who has been able to channel out different sources of income and build a fortune.

Saweetie 2018 Saweetie in a car in 2018. Photo by Alfred Marroquin.

Saweetie’s Collaborations

She has attained colossal fame with her song collaborations with famous artists like Doja Cat and H.E.R.

She also had a massive deal for merchandise and other partnerships. Pretty Little Things and Morphe are among her huge collab deals.

Are Saweetie and Gabrielle Union related?

In 2018, the famous producer and actress revealed that Saweetie and her are cousins. Gabrielle took the Twitter platform to share this information. 

On the release of My Type, Gabrielle supported her cousin by performing an Insta-reel challenge on this song.

Recently at Gabrielle’s birthday party, both of them were seen together in matching outfits, and Saweetie gave a fantastic performance at her party.

Why is Saweetie so popular?

Saweetie has been very active on social media by posting her rapping videos, which has gained massive popularity among youth. She is recognized for her unique voice, amazing lyrics, and sassy attitude.

Her most famous single “Icy Girl” gained massive popularity amongst fans, and she was awarded RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America awards certification) for her fantastic work.

Saweetie has 12.4 million followers on Instagram and has built her independent image amongst the fans.

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