What is Marilyn Manson’s Net Worth?

Marilyn Manson 2015
Marilyn Manson - Rock am Ring 2015 photo by Andreas Lawen, Fotandi.

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Brian Hugh Warner, more famously known as Marilyn Manson, has been shocking fans and haters alike for decades now. He is a singer, songwriter, actor, writer, composer, painter, and more. 

There is no question that he is a talented person and wears many hats. 

His career has spanned over three decades, and he has released countless singles and more than a dozen albums. 

What is Marilyn Manson’s Net Worth?

According to the U.S. Sun, Marilyn Manson’s net worth in 2021 was around $10 million. It is said that the artist’s net worth has dropped over the years, and the recent allegations may be a factor in his net worth dropping. It was reported that the artist had a net worth of over 25 million dollars at one point. 

Before the allegations, Marilyn Manson had been bringing in around $4.25 million a year. 

marilyn manson net worth
Marilyn Manson, Festival Hall, Melbourne. Oct 10, 2009. Photo by Scott Boelsen.

What Kind of House Does Marilyn Manson Live in?

He bought a home in the Hollywood Hills for $1.1 million in 2013. It is a 2,711 square foot home with three bedrooms and three bathrooms on a .16-acre lot. The Spanish villa from the 20s has a flagstone patio and a fenced-in concrete terrace.

He sold this home in October of 2021 for $1.75 million. 

There isn’t any current information about where he is living or what kind of home he has moved into. There are rumors that he moved back to his hometown of Canton, Ohio, but there is no reliable information as to whether that is true. 

What Kind Of Car Does Marilyn Manson Drive?

There is no information about what kind of car Marilyn Manson drives. He is often seen in the back of vehicles being driven around and it is probably a safe assumption that he has a driver. 

How Does Marilyn Manson Earn His Money?

Marilyn Manson has many streams of income. He has 12 albums that he receives royalties from, several movies and TV roles, books, paintings, tours, and merchandise. 

He has many different revenues of income coming in for himself.

How Justin Bieber Made Marilyn Manson Money

In 2016 Justin Bieber came out with a line of t-shirts with Marilyn Manson‘s face on the front and “Bigger Than Satan…Bieber” on the back.

Bieber evidently forgot to ask permission from Marilyn Manson to use his face on his merchandise. It turns out that Manson was not a fan of having his face plastered all over the pop star’s merchandise and took all the money he made from the t-shirts. 

How Many Albums Has Marilyn Manson Sold?

This envelope-pushing rock star has sold over 50 million albums globally. Three of his albums went platinum, and two have earned gold status. 

Here is a breakdown of how many albums he has sold in the United States. 

  • Antichrist Superstar – sold 1.9 million copies
  • Mechanical Animals – sold 1.4 million copies
  • Smells like Children – sold 1.3 million copies
  • Portrait of an American Family – sold 645 thousand copies
  • Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death) – sold 573 thousand copies
  • The Golden Age of Grotesque – sold 526 thousand copies
  • Eat Me, Drink Me – sold 88 thousand copies
  • The High End of Low – sold 148 thousand copies
  • The Pale Emperor – sold 136 thousand copies
  • Born Villain – sold 122 thousand copies
Marilyn manson concert
Marilyn Manson at the Eurockéennes of 2007. Photo by Rama.

Marilyn Manson’s Acting Career

This musician has done an excellent job of establishing himself as an actor. Marilyn Manson has had roles in major movies and TV shows and roles in animation and documentaries. A few of the movies and television shows he has appeared in are:

  • Clone High 
    • A cult classic from the early 2000s, this animated series had Manson make an appearance in its second episode. 
  • Bowling for Columbine 
    • A documentary about the tragic Columbine shooting. Marilyn Manson had been blamed for influencing young kids, and a lot of blame had been placed on him and rock music. He offers a sympathetic take on the shootings. It is still a referenced film today when talking about high school shootings. 
  • Eastbound and Down 
    • While only a brief appearance, it was an entertaining appearance nonetheless. Seeing Marilyn Manson out of makeup, wearing roller skates and orange short-shorts is worth the watch. 
  • Jawbreaker 
    • Manson plays a sleazy character that the movie’s main character tries to pin rape and murder on. 
  • The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things
    • He plays a lazy slob dating a drug-addicted mother.
  • The New Pope 
    • Playing himself, Marilyn Manson catches up with the new pope after being away in the studio. 
  • Let Me Make You a Martyr
    • Plays a role as a hitman, which lets you see the quieter side of Marilyn Manson. 
  • Californication
    • He plays himself and is friends with the main character, doing drugs and really playing into the wild persona he likes to give off. 
  • Salem
    • Manson plays a barber who travels between worlds to relay messages to the devil. 
  • Sons of Anarchy
    • Plays a white supremacist prison gang leader. 

How Have the Allegations Against Marilyn Manson Affected His Income?

Marilyn Manson’s record label has severed ties with him in light of the allegations. They have also said that they will not be working with the artist in the future. 

He was also supposed to make appearances in the TV shows Creep Show and American Gods. Both have pulled back their offer to have Marilyn Manson appear. 

It is unclear if Manson’s career will recover from these allegations, but he is definitely losing money and having deals pulled back from him due to them. 

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