What Did Marilyn Manson Do? The Story of His Allegedly Troubling Behavior

what did marilyn manson do
Marilyn Manson at the Eurockéennes of 2007. Photo by Rama.

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The always controversial Marilyn Manson came under fire in February of 2021 by ex-fiancé Evan Rachel Wood. The actress alleged that the rockstar had abused her physically, sexually, emotionally, and verbally. 

Soon after Evan made these allegations, other women started to come forward and make claims that Manson had abused them in similar and horrifying manners. 

Who is Marilyn Manson?

Marilyn Manson’s real name is Brian Hugh Warner. He was born in Canton, Ohio, on January 5, 1969, to parents Barbara Warner Wyer and Hugh Angus Warner, who have both passed away. 

He has had a highly controversial career and made a name for himself with shocking performances and outrageous behavior. 

His career began in the 90s. Since then, he has released 12 albums and has had numerous singles. 

marilyn mason assults
Marilyn Manson at the Eurockéennes of 2007. Photo by Rama.

Women Who have Made Allegations Against Marilyn Manson

Here is a list of people who have made allegations against Marilyn Manson. 

Evan Rachel Wood

This actress has made allegations against the rocker, stating that he groomed her from a young age and then abused her for several years. The two met when Woods was 18 and Manson was 36 in 2006, and they dated on and off until the final split in 2010. 

Evan Rachel Wood has testified against Marilyn Manson for sexual assault and domestic violence before Congress in 2018 and the California Senate in 2019, but did not name him until February 2021.

Ashley Walters

She worked for Manson as a personal assistant in 2010. Ashly Walters said she was subjected to psychological abuse and was fearful of Manson. She also says he isolated her from friends and family and often became violent toward her. 

Walters has described how she still suffers from PTSD and depression after leaving Manson as an employee.

Sarah McNeilly

Sarah McNeilly thought she hit the jackpot when Marilyn Manson showed interest in her. The abuse began soon after their relationship began, however, as she says Manson isolated her from friends and family, locked in her room, and verbally abused endlessly. 

Sarah also says that Manson threatened to hurt her, any friends or family she spoke to, and even her pets. She has been upfront about how she still battles with PTSD and other mental health issues.

Scarlett Kapella

Scarlett was a model in Mexico City in 2011 when Marilyn Manson courted her. Soon after the relationship began, Scarlett alleges that Manson became emotionally, physically, and sexually abusive. She says he would use fear and exploitation to gain power over her and control every aspect of her life. 

Ashley Lindsay Morgan

Marilyn Manson and Ashley first met when he reached out to her in 2009. She was working as a model and actress and was thrilled to have caught his attention. 

Shortly after, their relationship took a turn, and the alleged abuse started. She says that his physical, sexual, and psychological abuse left her with crippling after-effects, including PTSD, anxiety, night terrors, and OCD. 

marilyn manson allegations
Marilyn Manson at the Cannes Festival in 2006. Photo by Georges Biard.

Tori Lynn

Tori Lynn alleges to have experienced abuse at the hands of Marilyn Manson. She runs a jewelry shop and vintage clothing store in Los Angeles. She has stated that it took her years to understand fully what he had done to her, and it will take years to heal from it. 

Chloe Black

A musician herself, Chloe Black claims that Marilyn Manson verbally abused her, deprived her of sleep, and violently attacked her numerous times. There was an incident where she honestly believed he would kill her. 

Louise Keay Bell

Artist and writer Louise Keay Bell alleges that Marilyn Manson emotionally and financially abused her for several years. The abuse began, Louise has said, when she was 19 years old, when he took advantage of her before exploiting her for years. After speaking out, Louise had to deal with being bullied, stalked, and harassed by people associated with Manson. 

Love Bailey

In 2011 Love Bailey, a Queer fashion stylist, went to Marilyn Manson’s home to help put together some outfits. She alleges that Manson pulled a gun on the stylist and made homophobic comments to her. Love Bailey kept this incident to herself for a long time but feels it is time to tell her story. 

Charlyne Yi

Charlyne Yi is an actress on the show House. She says that back in 2018, when Marilyn Manson visited the show’s set, he sexually harassed her and was racist towards her. Charlyn had to leave social media for a while because of death threats and racists remarks from Manson followers. 

Ellie Rowsell

The lead singer of the band Wolf Alice met Marilyn Manson at a music festival. It is alleged that he was filming up her skirt as he complimented her band. When Ellie Rowsell said something to his manager, she was told, “He does that kind of thing all the time.” 

Marilyn manson dangerous
Marilyn Manson live in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Photo by Orlovic.

Esme Bianco

Games of Thrones actress Esme Bianco has alleged that Marilyn Manson had almost destroyed her during their time together. She claims that the rocker was controlling, dictating what she could wear, who she could talk to, and even when she could sleep. 

Esme has stated that Manson cut her abdomen with a knife and chased her in a fit of rage, yielding an axe. This was the final event that broke them apart in 2011, and since then, Esme has been dealing with physical scars and PTSD. 

Annie Abrams

Marilyn Manson’s publicist Annie Abrams also suffered abuse from the artist. She has stated that he used manipulation, threatening behavior, and scare tactics to control and overpower her. 

She also claims that he would gaslight her regularly and use blackmail against her. She said he would often threaten that he could make her disappear and no one would know where she was. 

Bianca Allaine

Actress Bianca Allaine claims Marilyn Manson forcibly kissed her when she was only 16 and he was in his 20s. They had a relationship years later, during which Bianca was emotionally abused. 

She also stated that she witnessed Manson giving underage girls alcohol and drugs and then touching them inappropriately.

Other Crimes Marilyn Manson Has Been Accused of

There was an arrest warrant for Marilyn Manson in New Hampshire in 2019. The warrant was for two counts of misdemeanor assault on camera operators. He was accused of spitting on the camera operators and blowing snot on them.

The warrant was outstanding for two years before Marilyn Manson turned himself into a Los Angeles police department. He was released on bail and advised to have no contact with the alleged victims. 

Marilyn Manson was arrested in 2001 in Detroit for sexual misconduct. He was detained for grinding on a security guard’s head during his show. 

The incident resulted in a civil suit. Manson pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge, paid a $4000 fine, and settled with the security guard for undisclosed terms.

Is Marilyn Manson Suing Evan Rachal Wood?

Marilyn Manson has in turn filed a lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend Evan Rachal Wood for Defamation. Manson claims the allegations against him are false and an attempt to rebrand herself as a sexual assault survivor. 

Kanye West Track With Marilyn Manson

Kanye West’s album Donda has a track called “Jail pt. 2” Marilyn Manson helped to co-write this track. He does not sing on the track, as he only helped to write it. 

Marilyn Manson appeared at Kanye West‘s listening party for his album. This was Marilyn Manson’s first public appearance since the allegations of sexual assault, rape, grooming, and more were filed against him. 

Documentary “Phoenix Rising” 

A new HBO documentary set to be released in two parts will document the relationship and abuse Evan Rachel Wood allegedly suffered from Marilyn Manson. 

The relationship went on for several years, and in this two-part series of over two hours in length, you will get a glimpse of the horrors she claims she faced. 

There are also interviews from several other accusers and their experiences with Marilyn Manson, including all the abuse they endured from him. 

marilyn manson
Marilyn Manson, festival hall, Melbourne. Oct 10 2009. Photo by Scott Boelson.

How Have the Allegations Affected Marilyn Manson’s Career?

In the aftermath of such horrific allegations, the rockstar has been dropped from his record label. Loma Vista, Manson’s record label, made a statement that they would no longer support the artist amid the allegations and they are no longer interested in any future projects with him. 

He also got cut from two television shows that he was scheduled to make appearances on. Creep show and American Gods decided not to include Marilyn Manson after the allegations surfaced. 

Marilyn Manson Claims That He is Innocent

Manson made this statement on his Instagram account after the allegations surfaced: 

“Obviously, my art and my life have long been magnets for controversy, but these recent claims about me are horrible distortions of reality. My intimate relationships have always been entirely consensual with like-minded partners. Regardless of how – and why – others are now choosing to misrepresent the past, that is the truth.”

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