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Sad Summer Fest: The New Warped Tour?

Rumors of a new festival arise

Sad summer fest, festival, new tour, 2019, march 19
Sad Summer Fest - taken from

There have been several accounts of well-known bands in the pop-punk and alternative scene spreading cryptic messages on social media today. Though these short clips don’t give out much information, they have one theme in common – Sad Summer Festival.

What is it Sad Summer Festival?

Hardly anything has been released about this fest, aside from a webpage with a countdown until March 19, 2019 and a form that allows eager fans to sign up for email notifications to stay up-to-date on this new musical mystery.

One thing that can be assumed, however, is that this new festival involves Arizona-based band The Maine, but potentially as a moving force behind the festival, rather than just a performance in it.

This small but critical detail is harder to catch, as the very bottom of the website subtlety states that Sad Summer Fest is “powered by 8123 Media.”

The Maine Sad Summer Fest 2019 MArch 19
The Maine – from×500.jpg

If you don’t already know, The Maine was responsible for creating 8123 Fest, their own music festival that emerged this past year, bringing tons of fans to the deserts of Arizona for three days of music.

Perhaps Sad Summer Fest is a new vision that they are bringing to life after 8123 Fest proved itself to be incredibly successful.

Who is Involved?

Aside from The Maine, there have also been announcements from Albany-based pop-punk band State Champs, as well as old-time alternative favorites Mayday Parade, with each group posting the same video on their social media accounts.

Sad Summer Fest Alex Garcia of Mayday Parade 10/30/2018 first avenue Minneapolis welcome to sunnyland tour
Alex Garcia of Mayday Parade by Katie Ahrens

It is also worth mentioning that Alternative Press has some involvement too, as their logo can also be spotted at the bottom of the Sad Summer Fest website.

Perhaps we will continue to see more bands who have been featured in Alternative Press Magazine partaking in spreading these messages as we move closer to March 19, the apparent announcement date.

A deeper look into the Sad Summer Fest Instagram shows that is already following some pretty big-name artists as well, including Neck Deep, Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low and Simple Creatures, and even Twenty One Pilots.

Although there haven’t been many official announcements yet, the evident ties to a company as big as Alternative Press gives this new tour much more legitimacy.


Is this the New Warped Tour?

As these videos continue to appear and fan questions are repeatedly left unanswered, many are wondering if Sad Summer Fest could be the new Warped Tour that so many have been hoping for since the monumental music festival went on its last full cross-country run in the summer of 2018.

Warped Tour New Jersey Atlantc City Lineup Sad Summer Fest
New Jersey Warped Tour Lineup 2019 – from

Warped Tour is now being condensed to just three shows taking place in California, New Jersey, and Ohio. Additionally, neither State Champs, The Maine, nor Mayday Parade have been announced for any of these dates. It seems to be a promising premonition that Sad Summer Fest could be taking over.

Though nothing is confirmed and we are still unsure of what Sad Summer Festival truly entails, it feels good to see that something is in the works here.

Warped Tour California Lineup Sad Summer Fest
California Warped Tour Lineup 2019 – from

What do these messages mean? When and where is this new festival taking place? Is it going to be a full tour? Only three more days stand in the way of the information we are so desperately craving.

Warped Tour, at its core, may be alive and well after all!

Written by Katie Ahrens


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