VHS Collection: Brings Retrofuturism to Minneapolis

VHS Collection First Ave Minneapolis
VHS Collection - Photo by Alexander Kohnstamm

I’ve had a craving for pop-synth music for a minute now and recently got into the band GUNSHIP, who use a lot of 80s inspired sounds in their tracks. This got me wondering how people hear new music. How did I hear of VHS Collection? On Instagram, they had a sponsored post up and I dug it. Enough said.

The WLDLFE – Photo by Alexander Kohnstamm

As I arrived at The 7th Street Entry, The WLDLFE was well into their set, people were grooving and singing along to their band’s hit “Waterfalls“. The WLDLFE are from Indianapolis, IN and they were a great set up for VHS. A good mix of younger and older fans were in attendance, more than I was expecting for such a rainy, gloomy day. The group were touring in support of their latest album, I’m Not Worried Anymore.

The WLDLFE – Photo by Alexander Kohnstamm

As The WLDLFE finished their 30-minute set, I grabbed a closer spot near the stage. I had the pleasure of seeing VHS Collection perform at the Echoplex in LA a couple weeks ago. Seeing them on a bigger stage out west made me curious how they would strip down their lighting set up for a smaller stage like 7th Street Entry. About 45 minutes later VHS Collection took the stage.

VHS Collection – Photo by Alexander Kohnstamm

VHS Collection hails from New York. They are currently touring behind their newest of two EPs and a recently released a single called “Dreaming”. The lead singer, James Bohannon, had no modulation in his mic for most of the set which is pretty surprising because their music has some in it. I appreciated the effort to show his real singing chops.

VHS Collection – Photo by Alexander Kohnstamm

Conor Cook on guitar and Nils Vanderlip on keys are the core of the band. With the addition of their bassist and drummer, all play well together. The backing music is well produced and pretty incredible coming from a band I had not heard of a month ago.

VHS Collection Minneapolis 7th St Entry
VHS Collection – Photo by Alexander Kohnstamm

They have a great diversity from poppy-upbeat songs like “Stranger” and “One” to more laid back songs like “Otherside” and “Animal.” They really define “Retrofuturism” in their new EP, I would absolutely encourage you to check it out. The record is a great combination of old themes with a contemporary twist and really sets the group apart from other synth-pop bands.

Untitled 1
VHS Collection – Photo by Alexander Kohnstamm

For a band that has never played Minneapolis before, especially 7th Street, VHS Collection had a great turn out. I hope they continue to make great music and come back and hit the main room. Their lighting set up is definitely meant for a bigger theater.

Set List:



I can’t stand it



So I met



Longest drive

The black

Late Night (It’s Okay)





Written by Alex Kohnstamm


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