Tate McRae’s Net Worth and Biography: Her Cars, House, Career, and More

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She’s been described as “the teen dance star turned future pop idol” and “the new teen queen,” which only indicates one thing – Tate McRae is not going anywhere anytime soon. That’s proven in the way that her fame and wealth have only continued to grow since she first started 10 years ago, and she’s still just a young duckling. 

Known as a triple threat for her dancing, singing, and acting abilities, one can only guess where her career will take her next. What is Tate McRae’s net worth? Find out that and more below. 

Who is Tate McRae?

Tate McRae is one of the most up-and-coming artists in the business today, known for her impressive dance moves, her honest lyrics, impressive vocals, and relatable music. 

When was Tate McRae Born?

Tate McRae’s birthdate is July 1, 2003. 

Tate McRae’s Zodiac sign is Cancer, which means she is emotional and sensitive but also intuitive, nurturing, and protective. 

Tate McRae’s Ethnicity

Tate McRae has many ethnicities in her family tree. While her father was Canadian and of Scottish descent, her mother also passed down German descent to her daughter. 

Where is Tate McRae From?

Tate McRae was born in Calgary, a city in Alberta, which is a province of Canada. When she was four, her family moved to Oman, a country in West Asia, due to her father’s career. 

Where Does Tate McRae Live?

Tate McRae currently calls Los Angeles, California, home. 

How Tall is Tate McRae?

Tate McRae’s height is pretty average for females, standing at 5 feet, 7 inches tall. 

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How Much Does Tate McRae Weigh?

She definitely stays lean. Tate McRae’s weight is approximately 130 pounds. 

How Did Tate McRae Become Famous?

Tate McRae didn’t have to wait long to start getting noticed by the world. She was just 13 years old when she became the first Canadian finalist on the popular reality television series So You Think You Can Dance. 

“The fact that Canadians couldn’t vote for Tate makes her third-place finish all the more impressive,” the Toronto Sun’s Murtz Jaffer said at the time. “While she might not have been voted America’s favorite dancer, she certainly might be Canada’s.”

A few years later, in 2017, her original song “One Day” went viral on both YouTube and TikTok, earning her the attention of RCA Records. After releasing her debut extended play (EP), All the Things I Never Said, in 2020, she officially became an international pop icon with her song “You Broke Me First.” 

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Tate McRae’s Parents

Tate McRae is the only daughter of Todd McRae and Tanja Rosner. The latter owns a dance company called YYC Dance Project where McRae started training in multiple dance styles from the age of 11. This was after already studying dance for five years, beginning recreational dance training when she was 6, and later competing with Drewitz Dance Productions.  

Tate McRae’s Sibling

Tate McRae’s brother Tucker is the older of the two McRae children. Tucker McRae, who was born on April 11, 2001, is a hockey player with the Okotoks Oilers in Canada. 

Who is Tate McRae Dating?

While Tate McRae is currently single, she has been linked to a few boys since she burst onto the scene. 

Her longest relationship was with Jonny Hader from 2019 until 2022. Not long after the pair split, McRae began dating Canadian ice hockey player Cole Sillinger, but the pair ended their relationship earlier this year. Sillinger currently plays center for the National Hockey League’s Columbus Blue Jackets in Ohio. Sillinger was the Blue Jacket’s first-round pick during the 2021 NHL Entry Draft, making him the 12th overall pick for the season. 

Tate McRae’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Tate McRae’s net worth is approximately $4 million. 

With that in mind, what is Tate McRae’s annual income. Thanks to her YouTube and Instagram fame, with 4.09 million subscribers and 2.1 million followers, respectively, and growing musical career, McRae is raking in an approximate salary of $1.12 million per year. 

How Did Tate McRae Get Rich?

There is no shortage of ways that Tate McCrae has been earning her growing riches. 

From her popular music, which includes certified tracks, to her headlining tours, her successful dance career, and even magazine covers, it’s no wonder that she is raking in so much money. 

Tate McRae’s Cars

Tate McRae may be young, but she’s already building up an impressive collection of automobiles thanks to her growing revenue. 

One of the less expensive cars in her collection is the Range-Rover Velar, which costs approximately $60,990. The price tag only goes up from there. McRae also owns a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63 Coupé, which is worth around $102,550. 

While her collection is small, it’s clear that she’s probably going to do what many celebrities do once they start gaining an enormous amount of wealth and riches, adding to her many cars as time goes on. 

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Tate McRae’s House

While Tate McRae has not yet used her money to purchase a glamorous estate, she is still living pretty in her Los Angeles apartment. She recently joined the Open House Party Podcast telling host Kannon about her stylish yet modest digs. 

Although she didn’t give a full-blown tour, you can see the bright atmosphere behind her that has to be nice and relaxing when she wants to escape the craziness of life. 

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How Much Does Tate McRae Make Per Show?

While the specific dollar amount that Tate McRae gets paid per show is unknown, it is assumed that she’s making pretty decent money. Just in September alone this year, it is estimated that she made between 26,000 and 32,000 dollars. 

How Much are Tate McRae Tickets?

If your kids are a fan of Tate McRae, have no fear. You won’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of cash to get them concert tickets. You can purchase tickets for as little as $40 for Tate McRae, with an average price of $188, depending on the venue. 

Tate McRae’s Tattoos

There is a lot of speculation going around on whether Tate McRae has a tattoo considering her X, formerly known as Twitter, post from April 13, 2022, when she simply wrote, “i suddenly want a tattoo [sic].”

While she may not have chosen any tattoos yet, her fans have been giving her love, tattooing her name and titles of her songs on various parts of their bodies. “It’s interesting. My fans are like awesome and it is very like shocking every time I see it,” McRae said. 

Early Life

So, what did Tate McRae do before she was famous?

As previously indicated, dance was much of her focus growing up. Still, she was also committed to her studies, attending The American International School Muscat while her family lived in Oman and finishing her high school diploma later online through Western Canada High School. 

Along with her many years of dance training, she also learned ballet at the School of Alberta Ballet, the official training school of the Alberta Ballet Company. 

Before she began garnering national and international attention for her time on So You Think You Can Dance, McRae’s early starts focused on dancing and voice acting. For the entirety of the animated series Lalaloopsy, which is based on dolls of the same name, McRae voiced Spot Splatter Splash. That same year, she started gaining recognition for her dance skills, being named the Mini Best Female Dancer honor at New York City’s 2013 Dance Awards. 

Her dancing quickly started getting her some deals, becoming a brand ambassador for Capezio, an American dance manufacturer, and notable recognitions, including being chosen as a finalist at the New York City Dance Alliance’s 2014 National Gala. 

This further started getting her noticed by major outlets, dancing in the music video for “Rule the World” by Walk off the Earth, Justin Bieber’s Calgary concert for his performance of “Children” during his Purpose World Tour, and even The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s DancePalooza troupe in 2016. 

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After her successful stint on So You Think You Can Dance, Tate McCrae continued off that rising fame, appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for a second time, as well as performing at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards. After the reality show’s season ended, she was featured on the cover of Dance Spirit Magazine and joined Demi Lovato’s dancers for a rehearsal for the “Tell Me You Love Me” singer’s American Music Awards performance in November 2017. 

By April of the following year, after being awarded the Best Female Dancer award by the 2018 Dance Awards in Las Vegas, she also began to show off her talent for choreography, when she choreographed and danced in Nothing More’s “Just Say When” music video.  

So, with a dance career obviously on the horizon, how did Tate McCrae get into music? 

Because of her many dance accolades, McCrae had already begun to garner a following on YouTube thanks to her many dance videos, but she also used the channel to debut some original Taylor McCrae songs. Little did she know, her song “One Day,” which she wrote when she was 14 and was the first song featured in her “Create with Tate” video series, the world would soon learn that they were dealing with a triple threat. 

The video received more than 39 million views prompting more Tate McRae songs like “Dear Ex Best Friend” and “Dear Parents.” As her popularity grew, record labels started taking notice, 11 in all, and she was soon signed in August 2019.

After releasing her first EP in 2020, which featured Tate McRae songs like “Tear Myself Apart,” written by Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell, the “That Way” singer went on her first tour. Tate McRae’s tour All the Things I Never Said traveled across the United States and Europe, selling out at each venue she played at, earning her a four out of five-star rating from The Independent.  

Taylor McCrae released her second EP, Too Young to Be Sad, in April 2020, kicking it off with her single “You Broke Me First,” which proved to be yet another international success and earned the “Vicious” singer her first appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

The EP also garnered such songs “R U OK” and “Rubberband.” 

With two successful EPs in the books, it was soon time for McCrae to take the next step. Tate McCrae’s album, I Used to Think I Could Fly, her debut studio album, was released on May 27, 2022, after kicking off the album with the lead single “Feel Like [Expletive],” which was released on November 11, 2021. That was followed by “She’s All I Wanna Be” on February 4, 2022, “Chaotic” on March 25, 2022, and “What Would You Do?” on May 13, 2022. 

As things continued to ramp up, she went on her second headlining tour, the Tate McRae Live Tour, and she’s continuing her momentum with the Are We Flying Tour this year. 

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Is Tate McRae Related to Olivia Rodrigo?

Tate McRae is not related to Olivia Rodrigo, but the former has been known to call the “Drivers License” singer her BFF, aka best friend forever. “We’re just like best friends,” McRae has said. “She’s like one of my closest friends in LA, so, um, we just chill. Hang out.” 

Who is Tate McRae Signed To?

Tate McRae has been signed to Sony Music Entertainment’s record label RCA Records since 2019. While McRae received offers from several labels, she has said that she chose RCA because they supported both her music and her dance careers. 

Was Tate McRae Bullied?

According to an interview Tate McRae did with NEXT Magazine, not everyone was in love with her bold choice to upload videos of her original songs. She reportedly was bullied by kids at her high school for doing it. She laughs at it now, though. 

“When you get made fun of for something and karma ends up working with you in the right way, it’s always a very, very satisfying feeling,” McRae said. “It’s funny because I moved to LA, and I’m like, wow, this is literally the exact same as high school. Literally the same people, just a little bit older.

“As soon as I moved into my first apartment alone, I started becoming way more observant of who I was and the people around me,” she added. 

Did Tate McRae Lip Sync?

In 2022, a review of Tate McCrae’s concert at the Vogue Theatre had one concert-goer alluding to the fact that she allegedly lip-synced her songs. “It was a little disappointing that she lip-synced many of her verses. Even though she killed her choreography, I’d much rather hear her real voice – even if it meant she had to stand still for the entire duration of the show.” 

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