NIKI’s Net Worth and Biography: Her Cars, House, Career, and More

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NIKI, also known as Nicole Zefanya, is a rising star known for her powerful voice and exceptional songwriting skills. Her emotionally charged ballads have solidified her as one of the most prominent musicians within the 88rising collective.

Who is NIKI? What is NIKI’s net worth? In this article, discover all the fascinating facts that you’ll be thrilled to know about this Indonesian star.

Who Is NIKI?

Nicole Zefanya is a singer-songwriter who has garnered widespread acclaim on the international stage for her distinctive musical style, which seamlessly blends elements from the genres of pop, R&B, and electronic music.

When Was NIKI Born?

NIKI’s birthdate is on January 24, 1999. NIKI’s zodiac sign is Aquarius, a water sign that reflects her ability to truthfully express her emotions and bare her soul through her music.

NIKI’s Ethnicity

NIKI’s ethnicity is Indonesian, as both her mother and father are of Indonesian descent.

Where Is NIKI From?

The multi-talented songstress was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Where Does NIKI Live?

Currently, NIKI lives in Los Angeles, California. Although she was born and grew up in Jakarta, her music career has brought her to this vibrant city.

Her song “Split” talks about how much she misses her home and the emotional struggle of being torn between two worlds, Jakarta and LA.

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How Tall is NIKI?

NIKI’s height is 5 feet 6 inches tall

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How Much Does NIKI Weigh?

NIKI weighs approximately 120 pounds.

How Did NIKI Become Famous?

NIKI’s first breakthrough was participating in Ride To Fame, a contest organized by Taylor Swift and the ice cream brand Walls, where she won with a rendition of Swift’s hit song, “22.” 

The prize? Opening for Swift on her Red tour. “It was the most surreal experience of my life,” she said in an interview with W magazine.

From there, she started her own YouTube channel, where Rich Brian discovered her. He eventually signed her to a deal with 88rising.

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Who is NIKI Dating?

NIKI is in a relationship with fellow musician Jacob Ray, and the couple has been together since 2019. 

NIKI’s Parents

Though information regarding NIKI’s family background is still shrouded in mystery, NIKI has expressed deep affection for her mother, who she claimed molded her passion for music. 

 “She single-handedly was the person who encouraged me to start doing music. I pretty much owe my entire career to her,” she said.

Sadly, NIKI’s mom passed away in 2019. 

NIKI’s Net Worth

NIKI’s net worth is approximately around $1-$5 million.

How Did NIKI Get Rich?

While NIKI may not boast the wealth of some artists, she has amassed a substantial fortune through various avenues, including her music career, chart-topping songs, online presence, successful concerts and tours, performance in festivals and gigs, merchandise sales, collaborations, and entrepreneurial ventures.

NIKI’s Cars

NIKI does not have an extensive collection of cars, but she proudly owns a 2020 Honda CR-V, which she revealed as her first car in 2021. This sleek ride comes with a price tag of over $26,145.

NIKI’s House

In 2021, NIKI bought her first house in Los Angeles, California. Although there is little detail on what it looks like, NIKI posted a picture of it on her Instagram. 

How much does NIKI make per show?

If you’re interested in booking for NIKI, be prepared to pay a large amount.

The Indonesian superstar charges $75,000-$149,999 for a show. However, it’s important to note that this cost can fluctuate based on various factors, including the duration of the event and the venue’s specifications.

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How Much are NIKI’s Tickets?

The price of tickets for NIKI’s NICOLE World Tour ranged from $49.50 – $84.50.

NIKI’s Tattoos

Although there’s not much information about her tattoos, she mentioned in an interview with Buzzfeed that she already has six and is planning to have the sparkle emoji as her seventh. 

In an interview with NME, NIKI revealed the stories behind her first two tattoos, both inked at her lower arms. The first tattoo bears the word “courage,” while the second one, “Josephine,” is a tribute to her mother’s middle name.

NIKI got those first tattoos in Los Angeles, California, from @bodiesneedrest, who she describes as a fantastic tattoo artist.

Additionally, she sports a Chinese character on her upper arm that translates to “jade.” In Chinese culture, jade is regarded as the “stone of heaven,” symbolizing prosperity and good luck.

NIKI’s Early Life

NIKI was interested in music from a young age. She taught herself how to play guitar at nine and began writing original music at 13. 

She was initially inspired by the gospel and soul music that her mother played for her before branching out into 90s R&B artists. Despite these roots, her earliest attempts at creating music were folk and indie sounding.

NIKI’s Career

After opening for Taylor Swift and finding success with her YouTube channel, NIKI gained widespread attention when she signed a deal with 88Rising.

88rising has gained popularity as a record label that bridges the gap between Asian and American Music. It has successfully nurtured numerous stars, including Joji, Keith Ape, Rich Brian, and, of course, NIKI. 

Her first two singles with 88rising, “See U Never” and “I Like You,” came in 2017. 2018 saw the release of her debut EP, Zephyr, which featured the single “Vintage.”  

A year later, she released her second EP, Wanna Take This Downtown? It featured tracks that garnered her highest number of streams on Spotify. NIKI’s song “Lowkey” is her most streamed track, currently amassing over 351 million streams.

In 2020 came the first NIKI album, Moonchild, which had been two years in the making. Its ten songs were inspired by the three phases of the moon: crescent, eclipse, and full. Moonchild single “Every Summertime” was her first song to enter the Billboard charts.

NIKI’s second album, Nicole, was released in 2022. It features popular tracks like “Before” and “Oceans & Engines.”

NIKI’s tour, NICOLE World Tour, is going on right now. 

Who Are NIKI’s Influences?

NIKI draws inspiration from a diverse cast of artists. Her favorite artists include Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers. “Taylor Swift was pretty formative. Lyrically, I looked up to her a lot. Now, I look up to people like Phoebe Bridgers, musically and sonically,” she said in an interview.

Her upbringing profoundly influenced the artist’s musical roots. During an interview, she shared that her family’s love of R&B during her childhood played a pivotal role in shaping her musical taste. 

Music from Boyz II Men, Destiny’s Child, and iconic divas like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston profoundly impacted her musical development.

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What Did NIKI Study?

Because of her unwavering passion for writing songs, she studied music at Lipscomb University, a Christian liberal arts college in Nashville, Tennessee. While at the university, she was already crafting her own music, steadily progressing toward the music industry.

How Did NIKI Learn English?

NIKI learned English during her formative years through her education at an international school. She was constantly exposed to Western culture, as she almost always had teachers from America or Canada.

What Happened to NIKI’s Mom?

NIKI’s mother passed away after a year and a half of battling cancer. The singer has openly shared that this loss was devastating and served as a powerful motivation for her to strive even harder.

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