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Who is Steve Lacy? And Why Did He Break a Fan’s Phone?

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Steve Lacy is easily one of the most prominent up-and-coming artists who have graced the music scene in the last decade, showing his talents as a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer. His abilities aren’t the only reason he’s been garnering attention; however, he went viral during the latest of the Steve Lacy tours when he let his emotions get the best of him, which caused one fan to watch their property get damaged right in front of their eyes. 

So, who is Steve Lacy? And why did he break a fan’s phone? Find out that and more below about the “Bad Habit” artist. 

Who is Steve Lacy?

Steve Lacy is a popular singer-songwriter, guitarist, and record producer who broke out in the music scene in 2013 and has remained active ever since, earning many achievements in his short 10-year career thus far. He has cited such artists as Thundercat, Pharrell Williams, and the Neptunes as some of his biggest influences while also noting Prince as his dream collaborator.

His sound has been described by critics as “an electrifying yet smooth … playful depiction of beachy funk, rock’ n roll-sprinkled soul” and that he “sparkles with classic Southern California funk and soul.” Meanwhile, Lacy himself describes his sound to be “like the tartan fabric ‘plaid’ while noting his favorite things to write about are love and dating.

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When was Steve Lacy Born?

Steve Lacy’s birthdate is May 23, 1998.

Steve Lacy’s Zodiac sign is Gemini, which means he is highly adaptable, smart, curious, and communicative. Considering some events of the past year, we’re going to say that the last one isn’t always handled in the best way, but more on that later.

Where is Steve Lacy From?

Steve Lacy was born and raised in Compton, California. It was there that he attended Narbonne High School in Los Angeles before moving on to a private school to complete his education.

Where Does Steve Lacy Live?

It is believed that Steve Lacy still resides in the Compton, California, area to be near his mother and siblings.

Steve Lacy’s Ethnicity

Steve Lacy’s ethnicity is a combination of African American, thanks to his mother, and Asian or Filipino, thanks to his father.

How Tall is Steve Lacy?

Steve Lacy’s height is approximately 5 feet, 9 inches tall.

How Much Does Steve Lacy Weigh?

Steve Lacy’s weight comes in at around 144 pounds.

How Did Steve Lacy Become Famous?

Steve Lacy garnered fame in 2015 after he joined the alternative R&B and soul band The Internet. How old was Steve Lacy when he joined the Internet? He was only 17 or 18 years old at the time.

Then, four years later, he went on to release his self-produced debut EP, Steve Lacy’s Demo, which eventually led to him being featured on Frank Ocean’s song “911/Mr. Lonely” and even co-writing for artists like Kendrick Lamar and Solange Knowles.

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Steve Lacy’s Parents

Steve Lacy is a sad yet seemingly age-old story for so many. He was mainly raised by his mother, Valerie, with an almost absentee father whom he only saw on special occasions. Then, when he was just ten years old, his father died.

Steve Lacy’s Siblings

It is known that Steve Lacy has sisters; however, it is unclear when it comes to Steve Lacy’s sisters, how many he has, what their names are, or if they’re older or younger than him.

Who is Steve Lacy Dating/Married To?

While it is unknown whether or not Steve Lacy is dating anyone, in 2017, he did come out as bisexual.

Steve Lacy’s Tattoos

Steve Lacy is one of many musicians who has not shied away from filling his body up with tattoos. He has even gone so far as to get a matching tattoo with fellow artists Kanye West and Lil Uzi Vert. The matching tattoos, which are on their left arms, simply read, “We here forever technically.” It caused many fans to speculate that their might be a collaboration in the future, but nothing has been confirmed. 

We guess that answers the question, “Is Steve Lacy friends with Kanye?”

Some of his other notable tattoos include a cross on the back of his arm as well as a nearly complete arm sleeve on the front of both arms. His chest is also fully covered with the words “LOVE,” “COMPTON,” “SOUL,” and several other symbols and characters like a crying heart, an alien, and more.

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Did Steve Lacy Throw Someone’s Phone?

Whether it was a disposable camera or an iPhone, one thing is clear. They threw it first. Steve Lacy smashed an iPhone (some have said it was a camera) when a fan launched one onstage by a fan. It’s yet another in a stream of fans who have been throwing random objects at artists while they’re on stage.

The incident was caught on TikTok, with one user creating a reaction video of their opinions of the incident. “If this doesn’t teach you to stop treating celebrities like they’re better than you, I don’t know what will,” @geralynll commented in the video. “It’s absolutely disrespectful to (smash the fan’s phone). I don’t care who you are. Celebrities are rich people who have people treating them like gods every single day and people get surprised when they find out they’re not great people.” 

After everything went down, Lacy said he owed no one an apology.

He wrote on Instagram: “my shows been fun as [expletive]! shoutout to the people not throwing disposable cameras at me and just coming to catch a vibe and connect 🙂 i had a really good time in nola last night. i hate that the beauty of the connection i have with so many people in the crowd – gets lost when something negative happens,” he said.

“i don’t believe i owe anyone an apology – maybe i couldve reacted better? sure. always. I’m a student of life. But I’m a real person with real feelings and real reactions. I’m not a product or a robot. i am human. i will continue to give my all at these shows. Please come with respect for urself and others please thank you love u [sic].”

TikTok users were quick to comment on the circulating videos, with one saying, “Steve Lacy thinks he’s Tyler The Creator, lmao,” while another made it clear, “But he does owe someone a camera/phone…” Others came to his defense. “He told fans not to throw anything on stage before he started his set,” wrote one user, while said, “Idk who he is, but it’s not ok to throw something at a performer ever so.”

What’s the Deal with Steve Lacy?

Despite his reasoning behind taking the violent actions against a fan’s property, this has not been the only incident where fans have reported him seeming to lose his temper during shows. According to Denebol, the official online newspaper of Newton South High School, “He has been rude to fans on multiple occasions and essentially ruined his concerts.”

Does Steve Lacy Still Record on His Phone?

Yes. He’s harnessed the craft of recording on his phone, using various apps, most notably Garage Band. He has even shown fans how he does it on his TikTok.

“I started off with a simple drum loop, then the guitar after the drums.” Then, he plugs his guitar into his phone using a special cable. “Then I’ll play the melody,” followed by vocals, singing straight into the microphone of the iPhone. Then, the tracks are stacked on top of each other in GarageBand.

“I like to make wherever I am, so when I’m at home, my phone was my first before I started going to the studio. Making beats on apps and drum kits, but I got this piece called the iRig, and I saw that you can plug it into your iPhone and see what cool guitar sounds I can get.”

Where is Steve Lacy’s Phone?

Because Steve Lacy tends to record his hit songs on his phone, his very first iPhone is now on display in the entertainment section of the Smithsonian. That phone was also the source of songs he wrote and produced for artists like Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and Frank Ocean. The exhibit with the iPhone, which now features a severely cracked screen, opened on December 9, 2022, and is currently open indefinitely.

steve lacy playing guitar and singing on stage
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Although Steve Lacy didn’t join the Internet until 2015, he did already have quite a name in the music industry, earning a producing role in the Internet’s album Ego Death, which was later nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album at the 58th annual Grammy Awards. He has also been known to produce songs for such artists as Twenty88, Denzel Curry, J. Cole, Isaiah Rashad, Gold Link, and more. His most notable production was Kendrick Lamar’s “Pride,” which appeared on the Grammy-award-winning album, Damn.

In early 2017, it was clear that he was ready to take on more solo projects. The first of Steve Lacy’s EPs, Steve Lacy’s Demo, was released on February 17, 2017. One year later, he reunited with the Internet for their next album, Hive Mind, which was released in July 2018. At the same time, he produced for Solange as well as for Isolation, the debut album of Kali Uchis, and Swimming by Mac Miller.

Following some more producing work, he embarked on more solo projects, releasing the Steve Lacy Songs “N Side,” “Playground,” and “Hate CD.” They all appeared on Steve Lacy’s debut album, Apollo XXI, which was later nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album at the 62nd annual Grammy Awards. This was his first official nomination as a solo artist. During this time, he was also featured on tracks by other artists, including “Sunflower” by Vampire Weekend. 

Lacy’s next solo project, The Lo-Fis, released on December 4, 2020, featured many of his early work. It was a nice placeholder for his next studio album, Gemini Rights, on July 15, 2022. From that, Steve Lacy got another first, reaching number on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with his single, “Bad Habit.” The song went viral on TikTok and was used as the soundtrack for more than 400,000 videos across the platform. He performed “Bad Habit” and “Helmet” when he appeared on Saturday Night Live on November 5, 2022. In 2023, Gemini Rights officially earned him his first Grammy Award for Best Progressive R&B Album, the only award from all his nominations that he’s actually taken home thus far.

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