The 19 Richest Musicians: Millionaire Musicians

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As a musician, it’s tricky to make a living off your talent, no matter how incredible you are. However, there are those lucky few that become millionaires and create their legacy based on their talent. 

It’s exciting to see how much success an artist’s career has brought them. Sit and get ready as we dive into 19 of the richest musicians out there.

1. Kanye West

kanye west
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First up on our list of the richest millionaire musicians is Kanye West, rapper and former husband of the iconic Kim Kardashian. West boasts a net worth of $400 million, most of the money coming from his music and various merchandise and other items. This is surprising, considering he’s one of the most hated famous artists. Guess people don’t hate him that much.

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2. Rihanna

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Rihanna is an incredible female artist who has offered some valuable performances over the years, justifying her net worth of $1.4 billion. She’s had an extensive career, pushing her way up from the bottom and earning wealth through various performances, including the 2023 Super Bowl. Therefore its no surprise that she is one of the richest musicians of all time.

3. Jay-Z

jay z and beyonce
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Rapper Jay-Z, famed wife of the equally iconic Beyonce, is a well-known musician with a net worth of around $1.3 billion. At just 53 years of age, he’s accomplished incredible financial gains and proved he is one of the best in the musical world, plus he got the world’s most desired girl. That’s two wins in one plus the fact that he is one of the richest musicians also helps!

4. Paul McCartney

paul mccartney
Washington DC. USA, 4th July, 1990 Paul McCartney performs at the Fourth of July concert in the Robert F. Kennedy football stadium. Image from Shutterstock.

Paul McCartney, the former member of The Beatles, also has an excessive net worth, coming in at about $1.2 billion. He and John Lennon share responsibility for writing most of their albums, securing his future in royalties. He also had great success as a solo artist and with his 70s band Wings.

5. Andrew Lloyd Webber

Andrew lloyd Weber
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Andrew Lloyd Webber is a master musical creator, acquiring a net worth of $1.2 billion making him one of the richest musicians. His success comes from forming some of the biggest theater smash hits, from The Phantom of the Opera to School of Rock

6. Dolly Parton

dolly parton
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One of the best female country singers of all time, Dolly Parton began her music career decades ago and continues to power her way forward today. The star has a net worth of $670 million, all from various income streams like her performances, recordings, merchandise, theme park, and more, successfully taking her role as a businesswoman in the entertainment universe.

7. Mariah Carey

mariah carey
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Next on our list of the richest millionaire musicians is Mariah Carey, coming in with a valued net worth of $340 million. She’s built quite the career over the years, making her money off of her smash hits – especially one particular song around the holiday months.

8. Beyonce

jay z and beyonce
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Of course, Beyonce is one of the richest celebrities, with a net worth of $500 million. Combined with the value of her husband, Jay-Z, the singer and rapper make up one of the most influential power couples in the music world, creating hit after hit for their fans and beyond.

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9. Bono

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Bono is another of the richest musicians in the world, boasting a net worth of $750 million despite not releasing a hit in recent years. Bono earns his money by marketing himself as a person who cares about the environment, proving himself successful as a businessman, philanthropist, and venture capitalist.

10. Elton John

elton john
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Elton John has had a long, successful career as a musician, landing a net worth of around $550 million. He’s slowly acquired this value over the years, bringing in money through his songs, books, performances, interviews, and more. He’s still performing too, which is quite the feat at his advanced age. 

11. P. Diddy

P diddy
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P Diddy is far past the millionaire mark in his success – in the last examination of his wealth, the man boasts a net worth of $1 billion. He is known for his marketing tactics which play a role in his continued success, ensuring people know who he is, along with launching several rapping careers, being on TV, and releasing clothing lines.

12. Ringo Starr

ringo starr
KIEV, UKRAINE – JUNE 3: Ringo Starr during his concert tour in Kiev, Ukraine on June 3, 2011. Image from Shutterstock.

Even years past his time as a Beatle, Ringo Starr is still seeing success with a net worth of $350 million. He still makes money from their music and performs every so often, reminding the world he is the drummer to one of the most well-known groups of all time.

13. Bruce Springsteen

singers who fell in love with one another
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Next on our list of the richest millionaire musicians is Bruce Springsteen, a star with a net worth of about $650 million. The Boss‘ career is decades-long, and he’s made his wealth from album releases and performances across the country.

14. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga, image from Shutterstock.

Lady Gaga is another monumental figure on our list, boasting a net worth of $320 million. She began her financial intake through her singing career but has since pushed her talent into acting and performing.

15. Madonna

Image from Shutterstock.

Madonna was a powerhouse back in the day and continues to be one today, with a net worth of $850 million. She’s been around for a long time and knows what contributes to success, touring with her music and acting as a businesswoman through her ownership of several health clubs and children’s books.

16. Herb Alpert

herb alpert
Image from shutterstock

Although many have not heard of him, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Band have an impressive net worth of $840 million. He has sales boasting more than 72 million, plus success in a lawsuit and even a line of perfume, which many people have invested in over the years helping him become one of the richest musicians. You might know his name from seeing piles of his albums at thrift stores.

17. Phil Collins

phil collins
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Phil Collins is an English musician with a net worth of $350 million. He’s made most of his money from performing and releasing albums, even appearing on several movie tracks, including the well-known Tarzan album. Honestly, we aren’t surprised he’s one of the richest musicians.

18. Celine Dion

singers who are catholic
Celine Dion from Shutterstock.

Celine Dion is another powerhouse in the music industry, pushing up to a net worth of $800 million in the most recent examination. Dion has sold over 200 million records, offers the ultimate soundtrack to one of the best movies of all time, and even has a Las Vegas residency that continues to bring her financial success in the present day.

19. Usher

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Last on our list of the richest musicians is icon Usher, worth $180 million. He’s been working hard since childhood, pushing away from rural life and taking on a role as one of the most well-known creatives in the music industry today. 

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