Reneé Rapp’s Net Worth & Biography: Her Cars, House, Career, and More

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Reneé Rapp’s angelic timbre and wide vocal range have set her apart as a singer to watch. Formally trained in theater arts, this up-and-coming star distinguishes herself from the rest with unmatched vocal control and an uncanny ability to elicit strong emotions from her listeners.

Although it seemed the starlet was destined for a career on Broadway, Rapp has blurred the boundaries between the stage and the studio by releasing an EP that showcases just how versatile she is. Who is Renee Rappé, this musically gifted rising talent? What is Reneé Rapp’s net worth? Read her bio below.

Who is Reneé Rapp?

Reneé Jane Rapp is an American actress, singer, and songwriter best known for playing Regina George in the musical adaptation of the film Mean Girls. Currently, she’s on the road to pop-star status with the release of her EP.

When Was Renee Rappé Born?

Reneé Rapp’s birthdate falls on January 10, 2000, which makes her a Capricorn. Reneé Rapp’s zodiac sign describes her as being disciplined, determined, and hardworking.

Reneé Rapp’s Ethnicity

Although she looks like your average American twenty-something, Rapp touts an elaborate mix of different ethnicities. The singer-songwriter has Polish, Irish, Italian, Hungarian, and even Slovakian descent.

Where is Reneé Rapp From?

The North Carolina native was born and grew up in Huntersville, the 15th most populated city in the state. 

Where Does Reneé Rapp Live?

As of writing, Reneé lives in the San Fernando Valley of Sherman Oaks in Los Angeles. However, news outlets report that the musician regularly travels back home to North Carolina to touch base and spend time with family.

How Tall is Reneé Rapp?

Reneé Rapp’s height is estimated to be 5 feet and 7 inches, although she tends to look much taller on camera and on the red carpet thanks to her sleek, polished style.

How Much Does Reneé Rapp Weigh?

According to sources, the Mean Girls star weighs roughly 137 lbs. Despite her normal appearance, Reneé Rapp’s weight has placed her in the crosshairs of the body-shaming public.

In one report, Reneé Rapp was quoted saying that production for the Mean Girls Broadway musical “would say some vile [expletive] things to me about my body.” According to her, the toxicity on set reached a point where she had to get pulled out by her parents.

Rapp has been open about her struggles with an eating disorder and is vocal about the damaging nature that people’s comments have on an individual’s body image. Her aggressive nature when it comes to facing what she deems archaic and unhealthy body standards has made her something of a body positivity icon.

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renee rapp performing on stage. renee rapp's net worth
Reneé Rapp in New York City for her Everything to Everyone tour in 2022. Image by EvaSei6 on Wikimedia Commons.

How Did Reneé Rapp Become Famous?

Reneé Rapp spent most of her high school years as a theater kid, joining productions like Big Fish, where she played the role of Sandra. Her performance in the production earned her a nomination as Best Actress in the 2018 Blumey Awards, which she ultimately won.

That same year, she bagged another win in the Best Performance by an Actress category in the coveted National High School Musical Theater Awards (otherwise called the Jimmy Awards). She fought it out with 40 other aspiring nominees.

Following her wins, the budding starlet was cast in Theater Charlotte’s rendition of Spring Awakening, which was a regional production. She also performed at various events and stages, including the 2018 Supergirl Pro Surf and Music Festival, The Educational Theater Foundation’s Broadway Back to School, and BroadwayCon’s 2019 Star to Be.

Needless to say, Rapp’s popularity was building up, and all of her hard work paid off when she was cast as Regina George in the Broadway adaptation of the hit 2000s movie Mean Girls. Her run with the production ran from June 7, 2019, to March 12, 2020.

After her Mean Girls stint, the “Everything to Everyone” singer got her first television role as one of the four main lead characters of Minda Kaling’s teen comedy series The Sex Lives of College Girls.

She played the role of Leighton Murray for two seasons before leaving the show. While there were speculations that she exited due to toxicity on set, insider sources state that Rapp simply wanted to explore her career as a solo artist.

In June 2022, Rapp signed a record deal with Interscope Records and released her EP Everything to Everyone on November 11, 2022. Just three days later, she announced that she was going on tour with four tour dates across the United States.

Her status as a popular TV actress pushed ticket sales through the roof, and her team added tour dates and upgraded venues for a total of eight scheduled concerts that kept her busy until December 2022.

That same year, on December 18, Rapp announced to an eager audience that she would reprise her role as Regina George in the 2024 teen musical film adaptation of Mean Girls. In 2023, the singer-songwriter released her full-length debut album, Snow Angel, which peaked at 44 on the Billboard 200.

According to an article published by Rolling Stone, the star’s first music album is “an emotional rollercoaster” in a good way. The original songs in the pop music compilation have been described as a vulnerable, artistic telling of raw, real-life experiences that most will relate to.

In January of 2024, the Mean Girls musical star made her first-ever Saturday Night Live performance, where she played as a musical guest and was introduced by none other than Rachel McAdams.

Early in 2024, the pop music sensation released a brand new music video for her song “Not My Fault,” featuring pop icon Megan Thee Stallion.

As of writing, there are rumors of a sophomore album release, but the starlet has remained mum on the topic. Fans speculate that the release date of Rapp’s second album might be set for 2025.

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Reneé Rapp’s Parents

Reneé Rapp has made no secret of the role her parents have played in her career success. Her father, Charles Rapp, and mother, Denise Olexa, have been staunch supporters of their young daughter since she started developing an interest in music and the performing arts.

Charles had a career in medical sales, while Denise worked as an accountant. According to Renee, her parents gave her a fairly normal upbringing and supported her through her endeavors as most normal parents would.

Even as an adult, the pop music star states that her parents are always available to give her a hand whenever she needs them, just like the time they flew out to New York to save their daughter from the stress she faced due to body shaming on set.

Reneé Rapp’s Sibling

Reneé Rapp’s brother – Charles – gets his name from their father. Although she doesn’t mention him much, the singer does make appearances with her younger sibling on the red carpet, and the two seem to share a close bond.

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Who is Reneé Rapp Dating?

In 2019, the public learned about Reneé Rapp’s boyfriend – Antonio Cipriano, a singer and actor best known for playing Phoenix in the Broadway musical Jagged Little Pill.

The two called it quits in 2021, and rumors started floating around about who the Broadway songstress might be dating. She announced that she identified as bisexual in 2022.

The following year, a TikTok showing the singer getting cozy with YouTube star Alissa Carrington sparked the idea that the two might be more than friends. Neither of them has made comments about a possible relationship.

Later in 2024, Rapp disclosed in interviews that she now identifies as a lesbian. As of writing, the star still has no known romantic connections.

Reneé Rapp’s Net Worth

Given her successful career in Broadway, television, and in the music industry, it comes as no surprise that Reneé Rapp’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

How Did Reneé Rapp Get Rich?

The “Gemini Moon” singer’s wealth was built over the course of her career. Her salary as a television actress and Broadway star made the biggest contributions to her estate.

Other sources of income include record sales, endorsement deals, and ticket sales.

renee rapp on the red carpet in an orange and black outfit
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Reneé Rapp’s Cars

Although there are numerous snaps of Reneé Rapp posing in cars, there’s no way to tell what make and model she actually drives. 

Despite her vocal nature and prominent public presence, the “Poison Poison” singer doesn’t seem to make too much of a fuss about any cars she owns.

Reneé Rapp’s House

In July 2023, news broke that Reneé Rapp had just closed a deal on a sprawling 3,400 square-foot home in San Fernando Valley. The property boasts four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and beautiful, spacious living areas.

The property is estimated to cost $3.7 million and touts a clean, minimalist-modern design.

How Much Does Reneé Rapp Make Per Show?

Although it’s not entirely certain how much the Broadway star makes, estimates for her concert revenue place her income at $250,000 for every show.

How Much Are Reneé Rapp Tickets?

Ticket prices for Reneé Rapp’s concerts start at $150 and peak at $8,000 for the full, VIP experience.

Reneé Rapp’s Tattoos

As of writing, the musician has yet to acquire any major ink, but she does have a tiny star tattoo on the middle finger of her right hand.

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Early Life

Reneé Rapp recalls her childhood as being unproblematic and normal. She grew up in the care of loving, supportive parents who provided her everything she needed to be healthy and happy.

As early as she can remember, the star claims that she always wanted to be a pop star, which is why she felt right at home on stage.

Growing up, she looked up to musicians like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Cardi B, Jennifer Hudson, and Nicki Minaj who would wow crowds with amazing stage presence and vocal skill. She would spend most of her time listening to pop songs and trying to imitate the way they were sung.

As she developed her musical taste, Renee would explore other pop culture icons like The Weeknd, Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Kanye West, who would often push the envelope with their unique artistic take on contemporary music.

Deeply invested in her future as a singer and performer, Rapp would often make her own music videos of popular songs. One particular song she recalls having made a video of was Ke$ha’s “Take It Off.”

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While it might seem like Reneé Rapp’s career was a stroke of good luck after another, the pop star claims that it was all planned from the start. Since she always wanted to be a musician, Rapp used whatever platform she could to get there – and acting just happened to be it.

In an interview, the musical sensation shared that she spoke with Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels – producers of Mean Girls – and said that she would take the role of Regina George on the condition that they would help with her music career, which they agreed to.

Although she’s made quite the name for herself in the music industry, the pop-music star still has her fair share of starstruck moments. On the red carpet, the rising talent made no secret of her fangirling over Beyonce, Lizzo, and Kim Petras.

Currently, Rapp continues to receive invitations from production companies offering her roles in various films, TV shows, and Broadway musicals.

However, according to the multi-talented celebrity, she has no interest in acting and wants to focus strictly on her solo musical career, although she has yet to announce a second album. Presently, the rising star is working on writing new songs while juggling tours and concerts.

If all goes according to her plan, Rapp sees herself “fizzling out by age 30,” before retreating to the mountains and having babies and a family. Later on in her career, she hopes to start producing music and directing while still dropping her own original music.

Did Reneé Rapp Get Nominated For a Grammy Award?

As of writing, Reneé Rapp has yet to receive a nomination for the Grammy Awards. Considering the trajectory of her career, however, it’s not unlikely that she might get one soon.

Did Reneé Rapp Go to College?

Interestingly, the “Pretty Girls” singer was strongly opposed to the idea of going to college, which was a source of tension between her and her parents, given their traditional background.

That said, Rapp did everything she could to avoid college, which she succeeded in doing by jump-starting her professional career fresh out of high school and working her way to sign with a record label.

Does Reneé Rapp Write Her Own Songs?

Yes, Reneé Rapp is deeply involved in the songwriting process and co-writes all of her songs, including the nine original tracks on her EP and 16 tracks on her first studio album.

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