15 Oldest Celebrities (Still Alive Today as of July 2023)

the oldest celebrities still alive today june lockhart on the red carpet in a black dress
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Men and women in the United States typically live until their 70s or 80s, but many famous individuals have made it far beyond that point.

If you want to learn about the oldest famous people alive, you’ve come to the right place. Sit down and get ready as we dive into 15 of the oldest celebrities still living today.

1. Iris Apfel

iris apfel on the red carpet in a bright orange outfit
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First on our list of the oldest celebrities is Iris Apfel, an interior designer, fashion icon, and businesswoman. She was born in 1921 and has had a successful career, including running a textile company with a contract for the White House and creating a show for the Met’s Art Costume Design Institute. 

2. Ray Anthony

image of a record of glenn miller and his orchestra
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Ray Anthony is another celebrity that has lived many, many years, turning 101 in January of 2023. He was a member of Glenn Miller and His Orchestra and is still an active musician and bandleader with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to prove his celebrity.

3. Norman Lear

norman lear on the red carpet in a suit and brown hat
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Norman Lear was born on June 27th, 1922, making him 101 years old and one of the oldest living celebrities today. He’s a producer and writer known for creating over 100 shows over his lifespan, including Good Times and The Jeffersons.

4. Janis Paige

Janis Paige and Squeakie, 1960
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Next on our list of the oldest celebrities is Janis Paige, a retired actress, and singer born on September 16, 1922. She started as a pin-up model and singer during World War II, then signed a contract with Warner Bros. and eventually landed on the Broadway stage as a professional actress.

5. Jacqueline White

jacqueline white arriving on the red carpet in a pink suit
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Jacqueline White is 100 years old and once was a famous actress for MGM and RKO. She is one of the last living actresses from the earliest days of Hollywood, having worked during the 1940s and 1950s until her eventual retirement.

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6. Henry Kissinger

henry kissinger in a meeting in DC
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Next on our list of the oldest celebrities is Henry Kissinger, a politician, diplomat, and geopolitical consultant from Germany who is 100 years old. He fled Nazi Germany, attended Harvard Law School, and worked his way up to a Ph.D. in 1954.

7. Glynis Johns

glynis johns in a yellow dress and white sweater on the street.
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Glynis Johns was born on October 5, 1923, making her 99 years old. She is the daughter of talent Mervyn Johns, taking on a similarly talented musical career during her lifetime and creating a career founded on light flirting and comedy, along with an embrace of her Welsh heritage.

8. Lee Grant

lee grant arriving for an event with walter mirisch
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Lee Grant was born in 1925 and operated as a director, actress, and famous documentarian during her lifetime. She received a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars and Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival in 1952.

9. Mike Nussbaum

an action device on a movie set
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Mike Nussbaum is a 99-year-old known for his career as an actor and director. He started his job in community theater in the 1950s, then served in the army as the chief of the message center, then owned a pest control company with his brother-in-law for 20 years until retiring.

10. Priscilla Pointer

Photo of Michael Dunn as Antaeus and priscilla pointer in the play The Inner Journey
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Priscilla Pointer was born on May 18, 1924, making her 99 years old. She began as an actress in the late 1940s, starting in Broadway and other stage productions before moving into television and movie roles in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

11. Eva Marie Saint

eva marie saint arriving on the red carpet in a white suit
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Eva Marie Saint is a retired actress, born on July 4th, 1924. She had a 70-year career as an actress, winning and receiving many nominations for awards like the Golden Globes, Emmys, Academy Awards, and British Film Academy. 

12. Jimmy Carter

former president jimmy carter in a grey suit
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Next on our list of the oldest celebrities is former President Jimmy Carter. The Democrat is 98 years old and served many critical roles in government, from the 76th governor of Georgia to the 39th president of the United States. 

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13. Joyce Randolph

joyce randolph arriving to an actors guild meeting
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Joyce Randolph is 98 years old and is best known for her former job as Trixie Norton on The Honeymooners. She held a successful career until her eventual retirement.

14. Maria Riva

Herbert Berghof & Maria Riva in the U.S. TV series Suspense, episode Death Drum (cropped screenshot) in 1952
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Maria Riva was born on December 13, 1924, and is a successful actress and author from Germany. She even wrote a biography about her famous mother, Marlene Dietrich.

15. June Lockhart

the oldest celebrities still alive today june lockhart on the red carpet in a black dress
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Next on our list of the oldest celebrities is June Lockhart, 98 years old. She had an extensive acting career, appearing in movies like Meet Me In St. Louis and A Christmas Carol.

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