17 Cool Facts About Zedd: His Childhood, Music History, and More

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Zedd rose to fame about a decade ago, famously operating as a DJ, songwriter, and producer. Although many have heard his music, few know more about the artist than his songs.

If you want to learn more about the prominent producer and artist, get ready as we dive into 17 interesting facts about Zedd.

1. He is Classically Trained

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First on our list of interesting facts about Zedd is that he is reportedly classically trained in music, learning piano at a very young age. In fact, it’s reported he started learning how to play classical music as young as four. 

2. He Dated Selena Gomez

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Although it was only for a short period, Zedd and Selena Gomez were once an item. They dated in 2015 after working together on some music releases, though it didn’t last long.

3. Zedd is a Stage Name

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Zedd sounds like a unique title, but it isn’t the artist’s real name. Zedd was born Anton Zaslavski, which turned into Zedd because his last name starts with a Z, and he enjoyed the tie to his real name.

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4. He’s Been Musical His Entire Life

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Zedd didn’t just start music in his later years – he’s been involved his entire life. From learning classical as a child to creating remixes and DJing as an adult, every aspect of Zedd’s life revolves around music.

5. He was Born in the Soviet Union

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Next on our list of interesting facts about Zedd is that he was born in the Soviet Union. He came into the world on September 2nd, 1989, in Saratov to Jewish parents and lived there until he was three. The Soviet Union ceased to exist in 1991. 

6. He Produced Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga richest musicians lady gaga in a white dress on the red carpet
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A big part of Zedd’s rise in popularity came when he produced several songs for Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanott, also known as Lady Gaga. He helped create three released songs and two unreleased ones for her album ARTPOP.

7. He Was in a Metal Band

zedd the edm DJ on stage in a green and orange camo shirt
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Zedd started his career as a drummer in his brother’s metalcore band. From there, his musical career blossomed into what it is today. Quite the 180 if you think about it.

8. He Produced the Black-Eyed Peas

the black eyed peas band on stage performing
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One of the music styles Zedd is known for is producing remixes, and some of his most famous productions were with the Black-Eyed Peas. He takes already party-ready masterpieces and pumps them up to a new level.

9. He Loves 1.FC Kaiserslautern

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Zedd is a big fan of soccer and his favorite team is the German club 1.FC Kaiserslautern. He was even interviewed by FIFA about his love of soccer when he collaborated with them to design a kit for their soundtrack.

10. He Doesn’t Prepare His Sets Ahead of Time

zedd in a white shirt and red jacket on the red carpet
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Zedd tries mixed approaches with the sets he plays in public. Although he’s reported creating intricate sets ahead of time before, many times, he apparently heads into the endeavor without planning things out too far in advance.

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11. His Parents Are Musicians

an accoustic guitar on a hardwood floor
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Next on our list of facts about Zedd is that the musician was raised in a family of musically-talented parents. His mother is a piano teacher, while his father plays the guitar and teaches.

12. He Grew Up in Germany

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Although Zedd was born in Saratov in the Soviet Union, he spent most of his life growing up in Germany. Much of his childhood happened in the city of Kaiserslautern, which was also where he started playing the piano.

13. He’s a Homebody

zedd with katy perry on the red carpet
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Surprisingly, despite his DJ lifestyle, Zedd is a self-proclaimed homebody and would rather spend the night in than go out on the town. In one interview, he revealed that his favorite activity is soaking in a hot tub in the peace and quiet of his living quarters. 

14. He Has No Tattoos

zedd in a black suit on the red carpet
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Although it might seem strange for a DJ in modern times, Zedd doesn’t have any tattoos he’s shared. However, he’s spoken of wanting some pixel tattoo on his chest later down the line, though it doesn’t seem like he’s gotten one yet.

15. He’s Semi-Fluent in Four Languages

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Zedd can speak more than one language – in fact, he has a solid grip on four different languages. He can talk in English, Russian, German, and French, though the final language isn’t his strongest.

16. He Was Once Partially Deaf

zedd in a collared light blue shirt and black jacket on the red carpet
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Once upon a time, Zedd experienced sudden partial hearing loss in his left ear. Fortunately, it didn’t last forever, and he regained his hearing ability and improved until he had complete hearing back again.

17. He Made a Song for League of Legends

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Last on our list of interesting facts about Zedd is that he created a song for the wildly popular game League of Legends. He created it for the world championship in 2016, offering an epic background for the endeavor. 

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