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The Mowgli’s Bring The “Real Good Life” To A Sold-Out Entry [Interview]

Vocalist Katie Earl talks about taking a break before the band’s headlining tour


I haven’t been to the 7th Street Entry in downtown Minneapolis in a long time, but when I saw that The Mowgli’s would be performing there, I knew that I had to go. My initial thought was that I was surprised that they were playing at the Entry because I know they can bring out larger crowds. Once I arrived, I realized that I would much prefer them to play at a smaller venue.

Photo Taken By Nickie Reynero

Walking into the venue I had dearly missed, I could already see it was packed full of fans that could not wait to see The Mowgli’s reunite with the stage. The intimacy the Entry provides for fans and a band is phenomenal, and it is a wonderful sight to see. Of course, being the short person that I am, I was not provided the greatest sight line, but I could still see well enough. Once Katie Earl (vocals) graced the stage, the crowd emitted an over-all energy that could not be extinguished. It brought me joy just to witness the energy in the room.

Photo Taken By Nickie Reynero

Before the show at The Entry, our writer Aaron was able to ask Katie from The Mowgli’s a couple of questions.


Aaron (MIM): You guys have talked about this tour being “back to basics.” What exactly does that mean and what spurred that decision?


Katie: This tour will be our first headlining tour in what feels like a very long time. In reality, it’s only been about a year and a half, but in the music world, that’s like, an entire career’s lifespan! We wanted to play the types of shows we started out playing: in small rooms, packed with singing fans, who remind us why we write about the things we write about. We wanted to play old songs from our first album for fans that have been with us since then, and share the new ones in an intimate and safe space. When you’re opening for another artist, you have a limited time slot to sell your biggest songs to a brand-new audience! When you headline, you get to share your art in whatever way you choose, with a crowd of people who came out specifically to see you share your art in whatever way you choose! There’s no better way to share yourself, and your new songs, so we put the wheels in motion and booked our first headlining tour in what feels like a very long time.


Aaron (MIM): This is your first tour in 18 months. What did you guys focus on in your time off?


Katie: For many years our schedule was write/record/tour/tour/tour/write/record/tour/tour.. it was a seemingly endless grind. Last year, we made a choice to stop for a moment to dedicate some much-needed time, love, and care to our lives at home. In that time, members of the band got married, engaged, battled and defeated health concerns, reconnected with friends and family, and worked on our individual dreams and goals. It was important for us to get our feet back on the ground so we could remember why we started writing/recording/touring/repeat. We remembered why we love music, and why we love being in The Mowgli’s. And now, we’re back!


Aaron (MIM): You guys just put out a new single, “Real Good Life.” How have your fans responded to it so far?


Katie: It feels like fans are jazzed about the song, and that was the point! We sat down many times to discuss what we were going to say in our music during these deeply troubling times. Every time we tried to address the world’s troubling (and important) issues, it felt forced and unnatural… at some point, we remembered that we started this band to inject some positivity into a negative world, and once we came back around to those roots, a lot opened up. When Colin (Dieden) and Josh (Hogan) went into the studio to write that day, they had the intention of writing a song that celebrated life and gratitude and made people happy. I think that’s exactly what they got with “Real Good Life.”


Aaron (MIM):  It’s been about 5 years since you guys broke through and began touring the country and the world. What are some of the coolest things you guys have experienced along the way?


Katie: Traveling the country with my best friends while living out our dreams is, in itself, the coolest thing I’ve ever experience.


Written by Nickie Reynero


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