INTERVIEW: Voice Actor Rob Paulsen Invites you to Animaniacs In Concert

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Last updated on January 3rd, 2022 at 01:26 pm

The Animaniacs in Concert, featuring voice actor Rob Paulsen, will be arriving at the Fitzgerald Theater on February 22, 2022. Click here to get your tickets for a night of childhood defining live music.

We were thrilled to speak with Animaniacs star Rob Paulsen, voice of Yakko Warner as well as Dr. Otto Scratchansniff and Pinky. Known for voicing countless iconic characters throughout cartoon history, Paulsen looks forward to connecting with over three generations of fans at the Fitzgerald Theater on February 22.

Click here to listen to our full interview with Rob Paulsen. Listen closely as you might hear from a few special guests like Yakko and Carl Wheezer!

“It’s a miraculous thing to have a show that can appeal to three generations,” Paulsen remarked. “There will be people at this show that will be ten years old, and well into their seventies too. And it doesn’t surprise me!”

Season two of the newly rebooted Animaniacs is now streaming on Hulu as it continues to pull in new fans. Just as iconic as ever, Paulsen feels that the show’s music helps the series stand the test of time.

“The music is so important to the show because it made itself that way,” he reflected. “The first song I ever recorded for the show was Yakko’s World. Which made the bar already pretty high…And when that’s the case, we decided that music was going to be an integral part of the show. We lived up to the hype and delivered more songs.”

At their live performance, fans can look forward to hearing songs from the show that will surely unlock some childhood memories. From the theme song to Yakko’s World, Wakko’s America and more, every fan will leave the Fitzgerald with a big smile on their face.

“You can expect two solid hours of laughter, exhausted laughter,” Paulsen exclaimed. “The kind when you laugh from your soul. Maybe even a few tears because it will remind you of how quickly time flies.”

Don’t miss your opportunity to relive your childhood among fellow cartoon superfans. Click here to get your tickets. Learn more about the show here.

Rob Paulsen alongside his iconic characters.
Rob Paulsen alongside his iconic characters.

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