15 Crazy Miranda Lambert Facts: How She Was Homeless, Her Stage Box Knife, and More

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Since coming onto the country music scene in the early 2000s, Miranda Lambert has been one of the most influential country artists of all time. From her first album, Kerosene, to her many other successes, she’s proven herself to be one of the greatest country stars today.

If you are interested in learning more Miranda Lambert facts, keep reading below.

How Tall is Miranda Lambert?

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It may come as a surprise that this country music legend only stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall. With her amazing voice, she always sounds much taller.

What is Miranda Lambert’s Full Name?

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Miranda Leigh Lambert was born on November 10, 1983, to parents Rick and Beverly Lambert, in Longview, Texas. 

She Collects Salt and Pepper Shakers

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This country music legend has a fascination with salt and pepper shakers. At last count, the superstar was said to have about 50 sets but didn’t seem to be slowing down. Fans have even been known to send her some of her favorite ones.

Miranda Lambert is a Texas Native

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The iconic country music diva was born and raised in the Lone Star State. While she was born in Longview, her family eventually moved to a farm in Lindale, Texas, where she grew up.

Do You Know How Miranda Lambert Got Started?

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Although Miranda Lambert had been performing in some way her entire life, it was as a teen that she began entering various contests. The most notable of these was when she was on Nashville Star at the age of 19. She didn’t win, but she was still noticed by many record labels.

The Country Music Legend Has Been Married Twice

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While her career as a country music singer was heating up, she also began dating and later married Blake Shelton, although their marriage ended after about four years. Miranda is now married to former NYPD officer Brendon McLoughlin whom she married after dating for less than three months.

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She is also an Entrepreneur

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In addition to being a country music star, Lambert has also ventured into being an entrepreneur. She owns a boutique called The Pink Pistol in her hometown of Lindale, Texas. Keep reading to find out about another of her interesting entrepreneurial adventures.

Miranda Lambert Owns a 1955 Chevy Pickup Named Tammy

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When she was 17 years old, Miranda owned a 1955 Chevy Stepside pickup truck that she named “Tammy” for the Tammy Wynette cassette that was in the player. She still owns the truck today and says it’s one of her prized possessions.

MuttNation is Miranda Lambert’s Foundation

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Miranda Lambert has always been fond of dogs and has made it a personal mission to rescue as many as possible. This eventually led her to launch MuttNation in 2009, which was designed to help animal shelters around the country with funding.

This Superstar Used to be Shy

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It is difficult to believe that this country music diva was at once extremely shy. Her mother has mentioned that when she was a kid she would not speak much at all when around other people. She even had a difficult time ordering her food and would choose to not eat.

She was Once Homeless

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Lambert’s parents were private investigators in Texas who sometimes struggled with making a living. At one point, they were struggling so much that they lost their home and ended up living for a short time with her uncle.

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Miranda Lambert is a Part of the Group Pistol Annies

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Miranda Lambert, alongside longtime friends Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley, make up the popular group Pistol Annies.

Did You Know that Miranda Lambert Has a Wine Label?

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As mentioned, Miranda Lambert has dabbled in entrepreneurship in several different ways throughout her career. But did you know that she owns a wine label, Red 55, in which many of the wine names are shared with some of her songs? Some include Kerosene, which is a pinot grigio, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which is a sweet white wine.

She Keeps a Box Knife on Stage When She’s Performing

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When Miranda Lambert performs on stage, this country music diva often has a box knife within arm’s reach. While it may make you think that she is a bit off-kilter, the knife is actually to pop beach balls that get thrown in her direction.

Miranda Lambert was Inspired by Mariah Carey

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While she has had many of the typical inspirations, such as Merle Haggard and Loretta Lynn, Miranda Lambert also states that Mariah Carey was a huge inspiration for her. When she was growing up she often watched videos of Mariah Carey.

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