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john mayer songs
John Mayer performing live at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia in March 17, 2010. The concert was part of the Battle Studies World Tour. Image by Christina on Wikimedia Commons.

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John Mayer is a musical icon. Known for several top songs, he is also quite infamous for the things he has said while being interviewed. While we aren’t a fan of his Taylor Swift bashing, it’s hard to overlook his amazing top songs and he just keeps writing more!

With so many top hits, it can be hard to know which John Mayer songs are the best. We’ve done the leg work for you and below is our list of the top 12 John Mayer songs of all time based on popularity.


12. “Gravity” (2006)

“Gravity” was one of John Mayer’s first big hits, which is surprising since it didn’t contain as much of his voice as his other tunes did.

Instead, Mayer opts to have a lengthy guitar solo in the middle of the song, making it the perfect song when you just want to feel.

The critics loved it, and it won John Mayer one of his many Grammy Awards.

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11. “Why Georgia” (2001)

“Why Georgia” is arguably the first of John Mayer songs to be a massive hit. It was released in 2001 and was a song about growing up—something we all can relate to.

This song showed listeners that John really knew how to sing, and how to use words that no one else could fit in a song.  


10. “In The Blood” (2017)

Although John Mayer has been famous for years, he has only released a total of 8 albums. His album The Search for Everything which was released in 2017, didn’t hit as big as his others.

While it wasn’t a flop, “In the Blood” was the only song from that album to make this list besides song #8, which you will see below.


9. “Say” (2006)

Anyone who can listen to this song without crying has a superpower.

Released in 2006, this song was most well-known for its use in the hit film The Bucket List, which is, if you haven’t seen it, a movie that involves finishing everything on a bucket list before it’s too late.

This song was so popular, it was later re-released on John Mayer’s Continuum album.


8. “You’re Going to Live Forever in Me” (2017)

This song is known for its nostalgic tune and lyrics, which might explain why it is on a list of top John Mayer songs.

While this song hasn’t won a Grammy, it is proof that John Mayer still has it, even 25 years later (can you believe his career started in 1998?) That’s a long career!


7. “Heartbreak Warfare” (2009)

John Mayer is the king of heartbreak (just like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry), and thus it makes sense that this song would be in his repertoire.

While this song may be one of our personal favorites, it hasn’t won any awards just yet.

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6. “Edge of Desire” (2009)

Ever wonder how far someone will go for love? John Mayer addresses just that in his hit song “Edge of Desire.”

Mayer was clearly going through something in 2009 when you consider this is also the year “Heartbreak Warfare” and “Perfectly Lonely” also came out.


5. “Waiting on the World to Change” (2006)

Another award-winning John Mayer song, “Waiting on the World to Change” is another tune that most people know the lyrics to even if they don’t know it’s by John Mayer.

This song was also one of his last songs to win him a Grammy in 2007.


4. “Your Body is a Wonderland” (2001)

Next on our list of John Mayer songs is “Your Body is a Wonderland” which was released in 2001 and is actually one of his first hit songs.

This song earned John Mayer his very first Grammy in 2003 and has stood the test of time as it is still one of the top-played songs by John Mayer on Spotify today.


3. “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” (2006)

Back to John Mayer’s Continuum album, “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” is one of his top-played songs of all time.

But apparently, the critics didn’t agree as this song, despite its popularity never won a Grammy. In fact, it was never even nominated. Though “Gravity” which is also in this album truly stole the show.


2. “Free Fallin” (2008)

“Free Fallin” is one of the most most well-known John Mayer songs.

Even individuals who don’t know John Mayer can usually hum along to this tune, and for a good reason: this song doesn’t belong to John Mayer, as it’s actually a cover of a song by Tom Petty.

Technically this should be his number-one song based on plays, but we just can’t have a cover as the number-one song, so second place for this tune.


1. “New Light” (2021)

John Mayer songs have changed just as the generations have, and his most recent album Sob Rock was heavily promoted on TikTok.

“New Light” is his only recent song to make this list, showing that John Mayer has a generational appeal that isn’t catching on as much in recent years.

Despite his recent struggles to win a Grammy and release top hits, “New Light” is one of the top-played songs on Spotify with almost half a billion plays—that’s quite a lot of hearing John Mayer sing!

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