16 Jack Black Facts That You’ll Be Thrilled to Know

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One of the most beloved comedic actors and musicians today, Jack Black began his career as an actor but first gained notoriety in comedy rock duo Tenacious D. His acting career took off with performances in films like High Fidelity and School of Rock, and the rest is history.

Discover some fascinating and sometimes outrageous Jack Black facts below.

What is Jack Black’s Real Name?

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First on our list of Jack Black facts is that the Orange County actor goes by a variation of his middle name. Jack Black’s real name is Thomas Jacob Black.

Tenacious D’s Name is Taken from NBA Commentators

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The unique name of Jack Black’s band with his friend Kyle Glass comes from the phrase “tenacious defense,” which they picked up from NBA sportscasters Marv Albert and Walt Frazier. We wouldn’t expect anything less quirky from the duo. 

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He’s Part of an Exclusive Hollywood Group

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You may have heard of the Rat Pack, which features luminaries like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, but have you heard of the Frat Pack? Jack Black is a member of this group of comedic actors that includes Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, and Steve Carell.

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Jack Black was Raised Jewish

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Although he now says he’s an atheist, an interesting Jack Black fact is that his parents raised him in the Jewish faith. He even went to a Jewish school and had a bar mitzvah.

The Talented Actor and Musician is Politically Active

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Like many celebrities, Jack Black is outspoken about his politics and supports the Democratic Party. He endorsed the 2012 re-election campaign of Barack Obama and has been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump.

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A Video Game Commercial Was His First Acting Job

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Jack Black began his acting career at a young age. His first gig was in a commercial for classic Atari game Pitfall! in 1987. 

Jack Black’s YouTube Channel is Extremely Popular

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In 2018, Jack Black launched Jablinski Games, his YouTube channel. It gained over a million followers in its first week. The fun outlet for his creativity focuses mostly on his family and video games. 

He Learned Guitar as An Adult

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Considering that he’s known for his work in comedic rock duo Tenacious D, a somewhat surprising Jack Black fact is that he didn’t learn how to play guitar until he was 23. I suppose it’s never too late to learn how to rock.

Jack Black’s Parents Are Rocket Scientists

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It makes sense that Jack Black is clever because his parents, Thomas William Black and Judith Love Cohen, are quite intelligent. They’re both satellite engineers who worked on the Hubble Telescope. “I didn’t inherit any of their brainpower,” he has said, “but I have the power to rock.”

His Ancestry is Quite Diverse

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Jack Black can celebrate everything from St. Patrick’s Day to Guy Fawkes Day. Irish, English, Russian, Polish, Scottish, and German are all a part of his ancestry. 

Jack Black Owns a Production Company

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Many celebrities branch out into the business side of things, and Jack Black is no different. He started Electric Dynamite Productions, his production company, in 2006. It has produced many TV series and films, including the 2021 dark comedy Happily. 

Disneyland is a Favorite Jack Black Destination 

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True to his fun-loving nature, Jack Black is a big fan of Disneyland. He’s often seen there enjoying time with his family. 

Jack Black Has Dealt with Tragedy

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The life of the Tenacious D frontman hasn’t been all happiness and success. In 1991, his brother Howard died of AIDS at the age of 36. 

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters is a Close Friend

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Legendary Foo Fighters and Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl has been a fan of Jack Black since the mid-90s. He’s played drums on all of Tenacious D’s albums and appeared in many of their videos. 

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Jack Black’s Brother is a Scientist

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While the Jumanji actor says he didn’t get his parent’s intelligence, one of his siblings sure did. His brother Neil Siegel is an engineer and computer scientist. 

Cheeseburgers are His Favorite Food

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Although he encourages people to be vegan for environmental reasons, Jack Black admits that cheeseburgers are his favorite food. At least he can enjoy fries without regrets.

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