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10 Interesting Facts About Lizzo


Dominating the charts and making fans everywhere feel “good as hell,” Lizzo seems to have blown up overnight. However, it took some time for Lizzo to become “100% that bitch.”

Here are 10 facts about the upbringing of Minnesota’s new golden girl.

1. She’s an incredible flute player

As if this needs to be said, Lizzo is an incredible flute player. Just check out this video of her totally shredding it (can you shred on a flute?). 

Lizzo started playing the flute when she joined band in elementary school. She has always been obsessed with becoming the very best. Starting with classical masterpieces like “The Carnival of Venice,” Lizzo had once thought flute would become her career.

2.  Unsurprisingly, then, she was a total band geek

Related to her love of the flute, Lizzo was a total band geek during school. Starting in elementary school when, in her words, “it was cool to be in band,” Lizzo continued throughout her entire education. 

“I was that bitch in high school,” Lizzo said in an interview. “I was showing up to all the state competitions looking all jazzy. Band gave me an outlet for my passion for music and gave me my collaborative nature…I believe in people coming together to make that one sound.” 

3. Her first singing gig came from…Craigslist? 

Lizzo got her start singing while going on walks and blasting B-Day by Beyonce. When she realized she wanted to pursue a career singing, she found a band…on Craigslist. 

“Being in the band gave me experience,” Lizzo stated in an interview. “It was a rock band. I earned the confidence to be a frontwoman.” 

4. Making some “Batches and Cookies” 

Lizzo released her first solo song, “Batches and Cookies,” with longtime friend and frequent collaborator Sophia Eris. Her songwriting process comes through natural collaboration. Her lyrics for this song came from a conversation with Sophia. Check out her first song below:

5. Despite coming from many places, she cites Minnesota as the place she got her start

“I would be at First Avenue so much that my Uber app knew the location was my work,” remarked Lizzo. 

Thanks to Minnesota’s thriving music community, Lizzo was able to form girl groups and develop a strong following. One of her most notable groups was GRRRL PRTY, who had their farewell performance at Rock the Garden 2016

Lizzo - Courtesy of Coachella, Ashley Osborn
Lizzo – Courtesy of Coachella, Ashley Osborn

6. X-Ambassadors helped her realize Cuz I Love You

X-Ambassadors, best known for their alternative rock hits “Unsteady” and “Renegades,” helped produce Lizzo’s album Cuz I Love You. Through her collaboration with the band, not only was the album as a whole fully realized, but they helped get the title track out in the open. 

“It was the craziest song I’ve ever written,” Lizzo said. “After I wrote it, I called my Mom crying. I told her that it just might be the best song I wrote.” 

7. Speaking of collaborations, one with JT may be in the cards

In a recent interview, Justin Timberlake revealed that he has been in the studio with Lizzo working on some new songs. Timberlake has hopes that they will soon see the light of day. 

8. Self-love is her philosophy

At almost every show, Lizzo has the audience say, “I love you, you’re beautiful, you can do anything” to one another. 

“One night, I was having a tough time so I had the crowd say it back to me,” Lizzo said. “It was just the best feeling in the world.” 

Looking back on her career, Lizzo believes that once she learned self-love, everything else followed. Defining it as her philosophy, Lizzo strives to be a symbol for others to look up to.

9. Her time working with Prince was key to her maturation

Lizzo was once summoned to Paisley Park by the purple one himself. She had the opportunity to work on PLECTRUMELECTRUM in 2014. 

Lizzo cites her time working with Prince as what made her into the artist she is today. Through writing empowering music, she found her voice. 

Lizzo Minnesota Artist Singing Truth Hurts

“Paisley Park is all about love and self-love,” Lizzo noted. It truly was a defining time in her life. Check out her track with Prince here.

10. She is 100% That Bitch. 

But I guess everyone already knows that fact. Her song “Truth Hurts” has already made a massive impact. Peaking at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, there is no avoiding it. In fact, the track is currently tied for longest Hot 100 reign for a rap song by a female.   

With recent controversy surrounding the song, Lizzo has came out to address the allegations that she stole the melody for the popular song. Read on about this developing story here. 

Dylan Novacek
Author: Dylan Novacek

Graphic designer and photographer from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Fan of mid 2000s emo, late 90s boy bands and everything in between. Recent graduate from Concordia, Saint Paul. Check out my work:

Written by Dylan Novacek

Graphic designer and photographer from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Fan of mid 2000s emo, late 90s boy bands and everything in between. Recent graduate from Concordia, Saint Paul. Check out my work:

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