17 Crazy Facts About Jonny Greenwood: His First Instrument, Childhood, and More

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Jonny Greenwood is a talented musician on multiple levels, but most know him for his time as lead guitarist and keyboardist for Radiohead. For some, that might be where their knowledge of talented artists stops.

If you love Radiohead, you’ve come to the right place. Get ready as we jump into 17 Jonny Greenwood facts you probably don’t know.

1. He Went to Oxford Brookes University

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First on our list of Jonny Greenwood facts is that he attended Oxford Brookes University to study psychology and music to prepare for the future. However, he left the school after his first term because Radiohead signed a six-album deal. 

2. He Joined Radiohead at 14

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Although it might seem improbable, the talented Greenwood joined Radiohead at 14. He started out playing the harmonica for the group, then eventually gained more freedom and played the guitar and keyboard while arranging and adding other wild sounds to the music.

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3. He Composes Movie Scores

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Jonny Greenwood shifted from Radiohead once he reached middle age and has been scoring iconic movies for many years. Some of his most iconic scores were for films like The Power Of The Dog, Spencer, Phantom Thread, and You Were Never Really Here.

4. He Plays Multiple Instruments

jonny greenwood playing guitar on stage
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Jonny Greenwood is most well-known for playing the piano and guitar, but he has more than these two under his belt. Greenwood also plays the synthesizer, viola, glockenspiel, banjo, harp, recorder, and harmonica, just to name a few.

5. His Father Was A Bomb Disposal Expert

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Jonny Greenwood has lived as a musician, but his father comes from a different background. The man served as a bomb disposal expert for the British army – a terrifying and tedious endeavor. 

6. His First Instrument Was the Recorder

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Next on our list of Jonny Greenwood facts is that his first instrument was the recorder, a far cry from some of the advanced tools he uses today. He reportedly fell in love with this instrument, leading him to pursue baroque music in teenage recorder gatherings.

7. His Childhood was Spent Coding

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Jonny Greenwood was a very artistic and talented kid, spending much of his time coding and learning computer systems. That ability followed him throughout his life, allowing him to create various applications to improve his ability to make music.

8. He’s Fascinated with Indian Instruments

image of a man holding a tampurna
Image of a man holding a Tampurna. Image from Shutterstock.

Jonny Greenwood is fascinated with Indian instruments and the rock and roll scene in the country. He’s been known to try a few unique options, such as the Tanpura, on his albums for intricate sounds.

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9. He’s Used a “Homemade Sound Machine”

a homemade sound machine with different dials and buttons
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One of Greenwood’s favorite creations is a homemade sound machine, where he turned everyday objects into various sounds.

10. He Enjoys Found Sounds

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Greenwood also enjoys found sounds, which means he utilizes noises he finds in everyday life. He takes items he enjoys listening to and finds a way to incorporate them into his work.

11. John McGeoch is His Inspiration

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There are many influential guitarists in Greenwood’s life, but it’s reported that none have had quite the same impact as John McGeoch. McGeoch’s musical creations got Greenwood into the industry and pushed him forward as a professional musician. 

12. He Has a Wife and Three Children

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Next on our list of Jonny Greenwood facts is that he has a wife, Sharona Katan, whom he married in 1995. They’re still together today and have three children – their sons, Tamir and Zohar Greenwood, and their daughter, Omri Greenwood.

13. He Lives On a Farm In Italy

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In 2015, Jonny Greenwood and his family moved to a farm in Marche, Italy. He’s spent time working on personal projects between his moments as a musician and composer.

14. He Sells Olive Oil

olives on a branch on an olive tree in the setting sun
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On his La Marche farm, Jonny Greenwood sells olive oil through his olive groves around his home.

15. He Played in Youth Orchestras as a Child

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As a kid, Jonny Greenwood played in several youth orchestras, such as the Thames Vale youth orchestra.  

16. He is Colorblind

jonny greenwood playing guitar on stage with the band radiohead
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Jonny Greenwood has red-green colorblindness, like many male artists and performers. Although it doesn’t impact him much, there are some instances with clothes where Greenwood may struggle to see.

17. He’s Close with Paul Thomas Anderson

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Last on our list of Jonny Greenwood facts is that he is very close friends with director Paul Thomas Anderson. The two have an ideal working relationship, partnering on several movies as director and composer. 

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