The 17 Best Video Game Songs, Ranked

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Why are video game songs some of the biggest bangers of all time? It’s a mystery, but you know it’s true.

We’ve compiled a list of the best video game songs of all time, so grab your controller and your headset and let’s dive in.

17. Super Mario Bros Theme Song

To start out our list of the best video game songs we have none other than the Super Mario Bros theme song. Recognizable around the world, everyone knows this game from the song from just the first bars of the tune. While we like this song, it can get annoying, and its replay value is limited which is why we’ve got in 17th place.  

16. “Dearly Beloved” from Kingdom Hearts

“Dearly Beloved” from Kingdom Hearts (by Yoko Shimomura) is one of the most popular video game soundtracks of all time. It’s such a pretty song and we can listen to it for hours, but it doesn’t quite have that banger vibe that inspires us to beat down the enemy.

15. The Last of Us Theme Song

One of the newer popular games, The Last of Us has such a great main theme sometimes we start up the game just to give it a listen. It’s got a classical vibe but also has a nice dose of intrigue that keeps the endorphins building as you play.  

14. Alternative/Punk Rock Thrillville Soundtrack

This one isn’t a single song, but rather the entire soundtrack of the popular Roller Coaster Tycoon rip-off Thrillville: Off the Rails. Anyone who played the game knows exactly what I’m talking about because this is one of the best video game soundtracks of all time.

Filled with punk rock bangers like “Ocean Avenue” by Yellow Card, “Do What You Want” by OK Go, and “Head Over Heels” by Boys Like Girls, you could play this game for hours jamming to a bunch of your favorite punk rock tunes. When you were 13, this was the JAM.

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13. “Minecraft” by C418

Minecraft is a favorite game of millions of people worldwide. It’s led by this pretty, sweet tune. It’s calming and serene, which helps you get into game play.

12. Age of Empires II Main Theme

Age of Empires II was never known for its music, but man the theme song was the bomb. It’s probably the whole reason Age of Empires II was chosen for the definitive edition, plus the fact that it was honestly the best of all the Age of Empires franchise. And yes, I’m prepared to die on this hill.

11. “Techno Syndrome” from Mortal Kombat

There aren’t too many techno songs in our list of the best video game songs but turning on “Techno Syndrome” from Mortal Kombat is a treat. There’s a reason this beat is frequently included in EDM songs.

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10. Civilization VI Soundtrack

The Civilization games have never been known for their soundtrack, but in Civilization VI the developers really stepped it up. One of the best video game soundtracks, this game has something for everyone, with a different tune for each part of the world during each time period. The theme, “Sogno di Volare,” isn’t bad either.

9. “Legends of Azeroth” from World of Warcraft

Another epic classical song, blasting this while you are in the car will have you feeling like you’re about to go on a raid. The scores for the World of Warcraft game are popular and there are too many to count now, but this song is definitely the best of the bunch.

8. The Legend of Zelda Suite

The Legend of Zelda is another Nintendo classic that helps us reminisce of better days that have passed. One of the best video game songs of all time, this title music is known for its epicness, but it is a much happier and more upbeat tune than some of the other title songs on this list.

7. “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver” by Primus

It’s kind of funny to think that Grand Theft Auto, a game about stealing cars, is known for its music. But it is. Not only did it make it on our list once, but twice! I guess there’s nothing like listening to some jams while executing crimes on a Saturday afternoon.

6. GTA San Andreas Theme Song From Grand Theft Auto

There is no GTA song known quite as well as the San Andreas theme song, one of the few rap songs on our list. There are a couple of versions, some with lyrics, some without. The one without lyrics plays while the game loads, but the one with words can be found in the background of many of the scenes of the game.

5. Halo Theme Song

No list of the best video game songs would be complete without mentioning the Halo theme song. This epic tune has everything: chanting, a blockbuster underscore, and inspiring vocalizing. This is the best-selling video game soundtrack of all time and it’s easy to see why.

4. Skyrim Theme Song

The Skyrim soundtrack is one of the best of all time. Makes sense when you consider the creators not only hired an orchestra but also created their own language to make this soundtrack. Skyrim creators weren’t messing around, and it shows.  

3. Main Theme-Super Smash Bros Brawl

One of the few lighthearted tracks on the list, this song will take you back. While we find the looping slightly annoying, this song was pure euphoria when you finally got home from school and could battle your friends in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Brawl. The song has been remade several times, making it a clear fan favorite.

2. Assassins Creed Valhalla Soundtrack

Assassin’s Creed wasn’t known for its music, at least not until the Valhalla release. This soundtrack was a score of epic proportions, and the critics agreed. This is one of the only games on our list of best video game songs to have a Grammy award for Best Video Game Soundtrack.

1. “To Sail Forbidden Seas” from Final Fantasy

While there is only one song title listed, Final Fantasy is the best video game soundtrack of all time, hands down. Composed by Nobuo Uematsu, there are Final Fantasy concerts you can attend, his scores for this game are so popular. “To Sail Forbidden Seas” is our favorite thanks to the upbeat rhythm and inherent feeling of intrigue, but to be honest, we love all the Final Fantasy songs, it just doesn’t get any better than this!

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