DJ Khaled Biography: His Height, Weight, Zodiac Sign, and More

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He’s a master of rap and hip-hop and one of the most sought-after curators of the music scene for some of the biggest names in the high-profile music industry.  

With his many catchphrases, motivational traits, booming vocal presence, and more, how can anyone not love DJ Khaled? 

Who is DJ Khaled? Here’s everything there is to know about his life, from his height, weight, family, and more. 

Who is DJ Khaled?

You want to know who DJ Khaled is. Well, we think the famed icon said it best during a March 2016 appearance on the now-canceled The Ellen DeGeneres Show

“I am a music mogul, I am a producer, I am a DJ, I am an executive, I am a CEO, and I am an artist,” the “Dinero” rapper said during the interview. “For the last 10 years, I put some of the biggest anthems out, number one records out like, ‘I’m On One,’ ‘All I Do is Win.’ You know, the list goes on. ‘Hold You Down.’ I have done records with Jay-Z. By the way, Jay-Z is my manager now.” 

“I am like the hip-hop Quincy Jones, you know what I am saying?” he continued. “I am an entrepreneur. I am a young mogul. I am blessed, you know what I am saying?”

When Was DJ Khaled Born?

Khaled Mohammed Khaled, aka DJ Khaled’s birthdate, is November 26, 1975. 

DJ Khaled’s Zodiac sign is Sagittarius, which means he is optimistic, loves freedom, is honest, fair-minded, intellectual, and extremely funny. We’d say that’s a fair assessment. 

Where is DJ Khaled From?

DJ Khaled was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. The family later moved to Orlando, Florida, when Khaled was a young teen, and even to Dallas, Texas, where his sister was born. 

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Where Does DJ Khaled Live?

DJ Khaled splits his time between Los Angeles, California, and Miami, Florida, with two beautiful estates. 

He purchased the former estate of Robbie Williams in the gated community of Mulholland Estates in January 2017. The following year, he bought a vacation waterfront home property in Miami, spending a staggering $25.9 million. 

DJ Khaled’s Ethnicity

There has been a lot of speculation about DJ Khaled’s ethnicity, with many asking: is DJ Khaled Hispanic? The answer to that is no. 

DJ Khaled is actually of Palestinian (or Middle-Eastern) descent, his parents having immigrated from there before he was born. 

How Tall is DJ Khaled?

DJ Khaled’s height is approximately 5 feet, 6 inches tall, meaning he is less than the average height for men, which is 5 feet, 9 inches tall. 

How Much Does DJ Khaled Weigh?

DJ Khaled’s weight is approximately 234 pounds. It proves that he’s only continuing to go after his goal weight. In 2019, People Magazine reported on the famed rapper, disc jockey, and music producer reaching his initial goal of 250 pounds after going back and forth on fluctuating weight. 

“I’ve been celebrating. My definition of celebrating is life. It’s been an amazing journey, and I’m excited,” DJ Khaled said at the time. 

“When I recommitted [in 2019], I was being honest with myself,” he continued, noting how he had to learn to say no to junk foods, especially on the road like chips and fried chicken. 

“I stuck to the point system to a T,” he added. “I was dedicated.” 

That dedication sure did pay off. We’re proud of you, DJ Khaled, for setting an example of living a healthy lifestyle. 

Even Mindy Grossman, then president and chief executive officer of Weight Watchers International, which DJ Khaled primarily used to help in his journey, commented on his progress. 

“DJ Khaled has an incredibly authentic drive and passion to inspire others through his wellness journey and experiences,” Grossman said. “By capturing and sharing his process, he will enliven and inspire his community.” 

How Did DJ Khaled Become Famous?

DJ Khaled’s claim to fame was as host of the 99 Jamz radio station in the 1990s. 

From there, he further enhanced his popularity with the world after working as a DJ for the live performances of the hip-hop collective Terror Squad. 

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DJ Khaled’s Children

DJ Khaled is the father to two sons. The oldest of DJ Khaled’s sons, Asahd Tuck Khaled, was born on October 23, 2016. His second son, Aalam Tuck Khaled, was born on January 20, 2020. 

In an April 2021 interview with People Magazine, DJ Khaled said of his family: “God blessed me with two beautiful boys, an amazing queen, and mother and blessed me to be a great father. This is the best feeling I ever felt in my life because it’s pure,” he gushed. “There’s really no words you can use to describe the feeling unless you’re a mother or father. It’s just the truth. It’s a feeling that they haven’t even made a word for yet, and it’s unbelievable.” 

DJ Khaled’s wife agrees with his sentiment, having been quoted as calling DJ Khaled “one of the most family-devoted men in hip-hop.” 

DJ khaled with his son Asahd Khaled
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DJ Khaled’s Siblings

DJ Khaled’s brother, Alec Ledd (Alaa Khaled), is also in the entertainment business, although, unlike his famous brother, he delved into acting. He is best known for his acting and producing roles in such works as Experiment: Sorry (2018), Can’t Hardly Wait (1998), and Being Bin Laden (2011). 

Ledd, who is the older of the two boys, was born on September 23, 1972, in San Isidro, Lima, Peru, and is also known for being the co-host of the WORST EVER Podcast radio show. 

DJ Khaled also has a younger sister, Lubna Khaled Correa, who was born while the family briefly lived in Dallas, Texas.  

Who is DJ Khaled Married To?

DJ Khaled is married to Nicole Tuck, whom he got engaged to in 2016, although they had known each other for years prior to officially getting together.

“She’s so beautiful! She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life,” DJ Khaled once said of his other half. 

Tuck, whom Khaled lovingly calls “My Queen,” is a wardrobe stylist who eventually started her own apparel company in North Miami Beach in 2011, ABU (Always Be U) Apparel. 

Tuck writes of the company on her LinkedIn profile: “The term ‘Always Be You’ means to never stop believing in the person you see in the mirror. To always have confidence in who you are no matter what shape, color, or size. Always be you no matter what. Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything!” 

This couple is so inspirational that we can’t even stand it. 

DJ Khaled’s Parents

While DJ Khaled has never revealed the names of his parents to the world, he is not shy about highlighting how much they mean to him in his life. 

As previously stated, we do know that his parents were immigrants from Palestine who came to Louisiana in their early 20s. Considering his father came with just $20 to his name, which he carried in his pocket, to make money, his parents would sell clothes out of their van at a local flea market. 

“They worked every day, seven days a week, 24 hours a day,” DJ Khaled said in an interview with Miami New Times. “If I wanted to hang out with my mother and father, I had to hang out with them hustling.’ 

DJ Khaled’s parents became a strong influence on him musically, having played a lot of their native Arabic music in the home. Soon, DJ Khaled began developing an interest in music, particularly soul and rap music, which his parents wholeheartedly supported for their son. 

“I fell in love with making songs and beat, and from then on, I worked very hard to get somewhere with my music,” DJ Khaled once said. 

DJ Khaled’s Tattoos

While the full extent of DJ Khaled’s tattoos is unknown, we are aware of at least two very special permanent inks that he proudly sports. 

After his sons were born, he had their footprints tattooed on his arm. He showed them off after his second son was born in 2020, writing, “I’M INSPIRED! GRATEFUL THANKFUL! GOD IS THE GREATEST.” 

Is DJ Khaled a Billionaire?

DJ Khaled may not be a billionaire, but he’s still doing quite well for himself. DJ Khaled has an estimated net worth of around $75 million. 

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How is DJ Khaled So Rich?

DJ Khaled knows what it takes to make money. The “Greece” rapper was able to build his $75 million fortune through his music career as a producer and rapper, as well as through his booming business career. 

He founded the We The Best Music Group in 2006, and it is an all-encompassing company with a record label, a management company, a production company, a publishing company, and a full-fledged studio all in one. 

In 2018, he launched another business, this time for the home with the “We the Best Home” luxury furniture line

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What Happened with DJ Khaled?

DJ Khaled made headlines earlier this year, but not because the “Popstar” hit-maker had released yet another hit song or was announcing another business venture. Instead, he made headlines because of his freak surfing accident. 

Thanks to his significant presence on social media, fans were able to see the entire thing play out as he failed in an attempt to stand up and properly ride the waves on an electric hydrofoil surfboard, resulting in him falling in the water headfirst. 

“Recap of morning golf soon come, I tried playing today but I had cut the game short I injured myself surfing yesterday. So, I thought I could play through the pain. So, I’m get a massage and call dr to make sure I’m great. But nothing going stop me from playing golf I’ll be back on the course Tomorrow hopefully the pain will go away (sic),” he posted to Instagram after the accident. 

What Language Does DJ Khaled Speak?

While he is of Middle Eastern descent, it is believed that the only language DJ Khaled speaks is English. 


It’s no secret that DJ Khaled has a career that spans multiple outlets. It all started in June 2006 when DJ Khaled’s album Listenn… the Album was released and premiered at number 12 on the Billboard 200 chart. He subsequently followed up with We the Best in 2007, which gave us such DJ Khaled songs as “I’m So Hood” featuring T-Pain, Trick Daddy, Plies, and Rick Ross, as well as “We Takin’ Over” featuring Fat Joe, Akon, T.I., Rick Ross, Birdman, and Lil Wayne.

DJ Khaled didn’t slow down over the next several years as he continually released DJ Khaled albums and numerous DJ Khaled songs that featured even more high-profile features with Kanye West and Lil’ Boosie. The third and fourth of DJ Khaled’s albums, We Global (2008) and Victory (2010), respectively, continued to garner him national attention as Drake, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, and Nelly joined the ranks of features represented. 

In recent years, he’s continued to bring in big names, including Jay-Z, Future, and Beyonce for the lead single off his eleventh studio album, Father of Asahd, for “Top Off,” and Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper of its follow-up single, “No Brainer.” 

While his studio albums have only continued to come, with 10 more released between 2011 and 2023, that has not been his only acclaim to international fame. 

He has also taken after his older brother, taking his shot at acting. Some of the most notable credits of DJ Khaled’s movies are Pitch Perfect 3 (2017) and The After Party (2018), both of which he appeared as himself, and Manny the Butcher in 2020’s Bad Boys for Life

He also lent his voice to the 2019 animated film Spies in Disguise

DJ Khaled’s many successful projects have earned him extensive recognition with multiple American Music Awards, BET (Black Entertainment Television) Hip Hop Awards, BET Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and more to his name. That includes the epitome of all awards, the Grammy Awards, for which he has received numerous nominations with a 2020 win for Best Rap/Sung Performance with “Higher” featuring John Legend and Nipsey Hussle. 

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