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20 Ways to Get Into a Concert For Free

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Whether it’s your favorite band or a new artist that you’re just beginning to enjoy, everyone loves going to a concert. Unfortunately, tickets to events like Taylor Swift’s can be wildly expensive. Luckily, there are exciting ways to get into these events for free. 

If you’re interested in learning about a few ways to get into a concert for free, you’re in the right place. Get ready as we discuss a few of the best ways to lay your hands on free concert tickets.

1. Become a Venue Worker

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One of the best ways to get into a concert for free is to physically work at the venue, whether you’re checking tickets or helping people find their seats. While you won’t get reserved seating, you will be in the venue and can see and hear the artist just as well as a ticket-buyer. 

This is also a great way to get your tickets for a music festival without having to shell out hundreds of dollars. Often if you volunteer for just one day, the venue will allow you to enjoy the benefits of an admission ticket either before or after your shift. 

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2. Take Professional Photos

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If you love to take photos and have a talent for action shots, consider starting a job as a professional concert photographer. If you have a good enough portfolio, you might be able to get free tickets and even earn money as you snap excellent shots that will promote the event or the artist. 

Reach out to concert organizers and see if they need someone to take photos, showing your portfolio beforehand. Plus, you’ll often get VIP tickets or a VIP access pass allowing you to see the artist up close. 

3. Become a Writer

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If you love to write, consider becoming a freelance writer to offer your services for free concert tickets. Consider how you can use your services for the venue, artists, and more, whether through unbiased reviews or writing published on a local news site.

You might not get free concert tickets at first, but the more you establish yourself, the more likely you will receive access to the venue or tickets for events in exchange for coveted reviews. 

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4. Try Out a Job as Professional Security

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Every event needs security, whether it’s for a smaller artist or someone as big as The Jonas Brothers. Not only will you get in for free, but you’ll also earn money while you’re there.

Of course, being a security guard means you’ll have to work the event the entire time with very few moments to sit or even see the stage. 

5. Work the Merch Section

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If you’re great at customer service, one of the best ways to get into a concert for free is to consider working in the merch section. You’ll spend a good chunk of the event selling t-shirts and water bottles, but it also offers time to enjoy the music. 

While merch selling doesn’t always offer the best seats, you’ll still get to see your favorite bands without paying a dime! 

6. Enter Online Contests

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Sweepstakes online are a timeless, successful way to earn tickets at no cost. Check out several websites and their offerings to see if there is anything you can enter, such as a random drawing. 

While this is one of the harder ways to get into a concert for free, you never know when you may be the lucky winner!

7. Call Your Local Radio Station

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Calling a radio station is one of the classic ways to get into a concert for free, and it still works today. Keep an ear out for announcements from your local radio station, and call in to get a shot at landing some free concert tickets.

Some offer free tickets for big music festivals, while others offer individual tickets to concerts with big-name performers like Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and Bruce Springsteen.

8. Become a Seat Filler

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Sometimes, it can be distracting for an artist to see excessive empty seats while they’re performing. Event promoters also want the venue to look good, so they’ll pay for people to fill the seats or occupy the stand-in area. 

Use sites like SeatStir to sign yourself up to be a seat filler in your area, paying a small monthly membership to access endless seat-filling opportunities in your city. 

9. Check Social Media Contests

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Often, event organizers will promote the event on social media by providing free concert opportunities every once in a while. Ensure you follow the venue long before the concert and check them often for contest and giveaway options. 

10. Volunteer at the Event

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Although you’ll have to work more than if you just purchased a ticket, volunteering is an excellent way to access the event for free. Many websites for concert venues will post their volunteering options far in advance, along with potential benefits you’ll score for offering your services.

If you don’t see any volunteer options you feel comfortable participating in, contact them and tell them what you can do to see if they’ll accept your talent for free access to the venue.

11. Speak With Your Employer

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Sometimes, employers can provide free event tickets to their employees if they work for a company that supports the concert venue or are a contributor in a smaller town. Consider asking if they have any tickets you can have. 

12. Become a Blogger

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One of the most creative ways to get into a concert for free, and even perhaps form a career along the way, is to become a blogger. Whether you post about music or local entertainment, you might receive free tickets to a concert to promote the venue, town, or the group performing. 

There are many different sites available to start a blog, most at no or a minimal monthly cost. 

13. Use Cashback From Credit Cards

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Most modern credit cards offer a cashback selection, providing essentially “free” money depending on where and what you use your credit card for in the world. Check with various cards to see if any offer cashback opportunities that could be used towards a concert.

Be careful with credit cards – some might require a significant annual fee to access cashback benefits. 

14. Try Cashback Apps

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Of course, you aren’t limited to cashback credit cards to earn free money towards your next concert experience. Cashback applications like Rakuten, Slide, Ibotta, Drop, and more are excellent ways to snatch in-store and online purchases.

One of the best things to know is that you can stack cashback from various apps, and you can stack the cashback earned from credit cards, too.

15. Utilize Free Community Concerts

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Many communities host free concerts throughout the year, some as part of a festival to promote the town and various concert venues. Although you likely aren’t going to see any big names, you might be able to score some free community concerts.

Check with your local website or town social media pages to see if there is any way to nab the tickets beforehand. 

16. Search Facebook Marketplace

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Another of the best ways to get into a concert for free is to check out Facebook Marketplace for free or seriously discounted resale tickets. Some people might find out last minute that they’re unable to go, so you can snag their ticket for below face value. 

Friends, especially, are most likely to provide a free or discounted ticket if they know you love the group performing. This is also a method you can use to purchase tickets for a sold-out performance. 

17. Look at “Absolutely Free Tickets”

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Image by Andre Benz on Unsplash

Ticketmaster and Stubhub both have sections on their sites called “Absolutely Free Tickets.” In this area, they will list free deals from various cities and venues for free tickets. If you’re quick enough, you might score the concert of your dreams in these sections. 

18. Check With Your School

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Your school is another on our list of excellent ways to get into a concert for free, especially with college. Many universities provide free or discounted concert tickets to students for local venues.

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19. Become a Roadie

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Want to see a concert when you don’t want to buy tickets and aren’t afraid of some physical labor? Consider being a roadie. Roadies help artists by setting up and taking down gear. They also might drive vans from one location to another, making things easier for the performers. 

While you won’t get seating, you’ll get to see your favorite performers up close backstage, and you might even get to meet them–making you feel like a true VIP. 

20. Look for Rescheduled Concerts

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Sometimes, an artist has to cancel their show, and often times they don’t offer refunds for purchased tickets. As a result, many ticket holders will be looking to resell their tickets or give them away for free if they aren’t able to attend on the new date of the concert. 

While this option doesn’t always result in free tickets, it does get you cheap concert tickets that you may not have been able to afford otherwise. 


Written by Hope Davis

Long-time music lover Hope became a full-time writer in 2020 after being laid off from her regular job due to COVID-19. She now spends her time traveling the world to see her favorite bands while writing about them!


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