15 Thriving Jobs in the Music Industry: How to Make Money as a Music Lover

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Last updated on June 3rd, 2023 at 09:28 pm

Most people automatically think of singers and songwriters when the idea of working in the music industry is brought up. However, what you should know is that there are many more jobs, many of which are behind the scenes, that you can do if you have an interest in music.

Working in the music industry can be a highly rewarding career that is also extremely competitive. This means that if you want to break into the music industry, you will need to have a plan, as well as skill, to hold the position you are hoping to land.

Are you wondering what some thriving jobs in the music industry are? Keep reading to find out!

1. Songwriter

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One of the most widely known professions in the music industry is that of the singer. Despite what you may believe, most famous singers hire professional songwriters to write their songs or help with the process. So if you have a knack for words, this could be a job for you. Just know that it is extremely competitive and you might need a backup plan.

2. Music Producer

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Music producer is one of the most thriving jobs in the music industry. This is because the producer is the person who is in charge of getting the music in the best possible condition before getting it out to the world. These people usually need lots of startup capital as well as skills as a sound engineer. 

3. Sound Engineer

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In our opinion, the most rewarding behind-the-scenes jobs in the music industry is that of the sound engineer. This is the person that helps to produce the album by piecing together the music to create the perfect sound.

It may be important to note that sound engineers are where the big bucks are in the music industry. Although they work primarily in the background, their work is crucial to singers and well paid.

4. Music Manager

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Like in other aspects of business, a good manager is an important asset for a musician to have to work with them. This is because the manager is the liaison between the artist and the public at large.

The music manager is the one who is responsible for getting singers in front of their fans by scheduling the right tours and performances that are designed to move the artist forward in their field.

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5. Tour Manager

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In addition to a music manager, some artists also employ a tour manager to take care of everything related to touring. This often involves booking things in cities that will be a part of the tour, places the artists will stay, and coordinating other support staff.

6. Music Attorney

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Another thriving job in the music industry is that of the music attorney who is hired to represent the artist. In many cases, the attorney is responsible for contract negotiations, and any other legal issue that may come up. You’ll need a degree for this position and it’s hard to transition this role into that of an artist. 

7. Music Publicist

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The role of a publicist is to ensure that the artist’s name is out in the mainstream public as much as possible. They are responsible for communicating and marketing the artist through various media outlets concerning concert dates, and any other newsworthy events.

To thrive in this role, you’ll need to have a good understanding of communication and marketing that works in the music industry.

8. Music Writer/Journalist

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Music Writers or Journalists are those who enjoy putting pen to paper and writing about everything that has to do with the music industry. This could mean that they are tasked with providing content for a music-centric website, or maybe they cover specific music-related events around the world for a famous magazine like Rolling Stone (or websites like Music in Minnesota!).

9. Music Teacher

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Behind every great singer/songwriter, there is most likely a music teacher somewhere that helped them get to where they are today. If you are not interested in the glamorous life of the music industry, you may want to consider teaching the next generation which will bring in cash while allowing you to still have a career doing what you love. 

10. Composer

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This is probably the hardest job on our list and it isn’t recommended unless you have a good ear for music. While many composers work with orchestras, many others work in the music and film industries. We recommend studying music theory if you are interested in becoming a composer.

11. Concert Photographer

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Have you ever seen any of those great photographs out there on the internet or on album covers that show artists at a concert? These photos were likely taken by a concert photographer before making their way onto the internet.

While many artists hire concert photographers to do what they do best during various performances, there is a possibility to do this job freelance for a variety of agencies. 

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12. Social Media Manager

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When most people think of a social media manager, they often think of small and larger businesses that need someone to maintain their online presence. However, it is important for musicians to also consider hiring a social media manager to ensure that their fans are seeing them often.

13. DJ

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DJs, or Disc Jockeys, are those who provide entertainment for specialized events such as weddings, parties, and more. To be successful, a great DJ has a working knowledge of the music industry and what music is popular at specific venues and events. You’ll also need to have some money to sink into equipment! 

14. Music Therapist

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If you have both an interest in the music industry and a passion for helping others, you may want to consider a career as a music therapist. These individuals work in either healthcare or educational settings to provide music to those who may benefit from the calming effects of various tunes.

15. Music Arranger

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Another thriving job in the music industry is as a Music Arranger who works with various recording artists and studios. A music arranger is responsible for working with a piece of music to create a different or more improved sound that will make the song more marketable.

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