The 21 Worst K-Pop Songs of All Time

worst k-pop songs
Worst K-pop songs. Image by Ara Cho on Unsplash.

K-pop is one of the world’s most popular forms of music. However, not every K-pop track has hit home with fans. In no particular order, here are some of the worst K-Pop songs that netizens and listeners alike think are bad.

The Worst K-Pop Songs of All Time


“Ice Cream” – BLACKPINK featuring Selena Gomez

BLACKPINK is one of the biggest girl groups in the world, but “Ice Cream” has received a lot of hate. This is despite the fact that it features Selena Gomez.

Netizens say that the lyrics are not memorable and relevant. “On first listen, I was very hyped by it, but then I lost the hype very fast,” says one netizen. The song also received criticism for its inappropriate lyrics. “Ice Cream” is generally considered one of the worst K-Pop songs.


“Sticker” – NCT 127

SM Entertainment’s NCT 127 is a rising star. Despite the boy group’s amazing hits, one of their tracks is cosidered to be among the worst K-pop songs.

Some listeners were initially hooked on “Sticker,” while others were left questioning how they felt about it. Even the members of NCT 127 were unsure at first. 

A few netizens pointed out that this song’s concept is very difficult to understand.


“Cat & Dog” – TXT

Tomorrow X Together (TXT) is a South Korean boy band formed by BTS’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment. 

The lyrics of “Cat and Dog” are cringe-worthy. It’s essentially a song version of the drama Kimi Wa Petto, though taken to its extreme, with the band even barking like dogs.

No wonder it’s one of the worst K-Pop songs.


“Puma” – TXT 

Another TXT song that received much criticism is “Puma.” 

The song was criticized for claustrophobic and obnoxious production forces combined with jangling, ugly percussion. Plus, the vocals are just mushy.

It’s difficult to believe that it came from the same group that gave us the powerful “Crown” and “Run Away.”

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“Jopping” – SuperM

“Jopping” is the debut single by South Korean pop group SuperM. It was released in October 2019. 

Many listeners pointed out that “Jopping” was a terrible choice to try to break into the West because it was outdated and brought nothing new to the table, but it is still their best title track. 

Still, it is one of the worst K-Pop songs. Many think it is a cringeworthy bop.


“Wolf” – Exo

One of the best and biggest K-Pop boy groups in history is Exo. 

Netizens agree that this song is somewhat embarrassing, though. It is a far cry from “Growl” or “Call Me Baby.” 

According to one user, they amusingly jam to it to this day for the memories, not because it is a good song.


“My Turn” – Cravity

Starship Entertainment’s boy group Cravity has only recently debuted but has been rising in fame. 

“My Turn” is one of the worst K-Pop songs because it comes across as a bad satire. 


“LALISA” – Lisa

BLACKPINK Lisa’s solo debut song was particularly bashed for its bad lyrics. “Gonna catch a case, gun in my hand, bam bam bam/it after hit, rocks on my wrist/so they call me the Flintstones.” 

Lisa’s voice also isn’t made for singing. Plus, her rap was not her best. 



Nmixx is a South Korean girl group formed by SQU4D, a JYP Entertainment sub-label. They debuted in January 2022 and have been talked about for both good and bad reasons. 

Check out some of the cringy lyrics of “O.O”: “whook, whook ayy, look at that moving eye, eye see this?/shoog, shoog, shoog/hook, get into me more, good zoom-zoom, good.” Oi vey.

This song definitely goes into the worst K-Pop songs bin.

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“Dice” – NMIXX

Another NMIXX song makes our list of worst K-Pop songs. 

The screeching sound on “Dice” is just annoying, and the walk-to-the-cemetery tempo is boring. 

It’s also jarring when things change for no apparent reason, especially when it switches between multiple things you don’t want to hear. 


“To The World (Hope Song)” – Sohyang

Sohyang is known for her vocal range and her comforting songs. She was dubbed the “Mariah Carey of Asia.” 

So what has made “To the World” one of Sohyang’s well-disliked songs? K-Pop fans did not receive a Korean ballad with a “saving the world” theme enthusiastically. Many think that it is pretentious and cheesy.


“My Bag” – (G)I-dle

(G)I-dle had some fantastic songs, but “My Bag” was not one of them. Soyeon dominated the screen time and music delivery, leaving nothing for the rest. Not much could have been done to save this song or make it interesting.


“Oh My God” – (G)-idle

What are some dark K-Pop songs? “Oh My God” is definitely on the list. It contains one of the years most annoying choruses. 

The track is (G)-idle’s first attempt at a dark concept. Unfortunately, it falls flat, making it one of the worst K-Pop songs.


“Birthday” – Red Velvet

Fans always anticipate Red Velvet’s comeback. However, this 2022 comeback after the success of “Feel the Rhythm” was a disappointment. 

Though the harmonies are okay, the talk-singing makes “Birthday” one of the worst K-Pop girl group songs and one of the worst K-Pop songs in general. 

Relatedly, their debut album Happiness was named one of the worst K-Pop albums. 


“I’m Gonna Be a Star” – TWICE

Another very popular Third Gen Girl Group is TWICE. 

They have been known for their songs with cute concepts, but what exactly is the problem with this song? You can’t have a song that just repeats the chorus over and over. What about the rest of the lyrics? 

Many internet users thought it was overly repetitive and the lyrics were embarrassing. 


“Nice Body” – Hyomin 

Hyomin became popular as a member of the K-Pop group T-ARA. 

The message of “Nice Body” is problematic to say the least. Not eating to impress a man sends a very negative message to women, especially young girls. 

Don’t ever do that to attract a guy’s attention, it’s not cool. 

Clearly one of the worst K-Pop songs.  


“Tough Cookie” – Zico 

Zico is a rapper, record producer, singer, and songwriter from South Korea. He debuted as the lead singer of the boy band Block B. 

His solo debut single was not well received by international fans because of the slurs used in the song. Zico also said something very hurtful to the LGBTQ+ community. 

After a few hours, his company replaced the official music video with the word “gone.” They also issued a statement about the words he used.


“Nabilera” – HyunA

HyunA is a South Korean singer-songwriter, rapper, and model who rose to prominence as a member of the Wonder Girls girl group. There are online platforms that voted this song as one of the worst K-Pop debut songs of July 2022. According to them, it doesn’t have a good melody or interesting production. Though the chorus is catchy, it was still considered bad.


“War of Hormone” – BTS 

Which K-Pop song has the most dislikes on YouTube? That’d be BTS’s “War of Hormone.” 

The track drew much criticism because of its frank discussion of bullying. K-Pop fans despise BTS’s “War of Hormone” due to its controversial lyrics. BIGHIT was even forced to apologize for the song’s misogynistic and objectifying lyrics.

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“Loser” – BIGBANG

What is the saddest song in K-Pop? It just might be “Loser.”

While the message of feeling like a loser is certainly relatable, “Loser” is one of the worst K-Pop songs because of just how sad it makes you feel when you listen to it. 


“Ring Ding Dong” – SHINee

No list of the worst K-Pop songs would be complete without “Ring Ding Dong.”

 Although many people can’t get enough of this song, it is considered one of the worst K Pop songs to listen to during exam season, as it is addictive and make it difficult to concentrate on studying. 

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