20 Best Adele Songs: Her Biggest Hits

best adele songs
Adele in Nashville in 2016. Image by Kristopher Harris on Wikimedia Commons.

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Adele is by far one of the most notable female singers of our time. From the moment she released her first song at just 19 years old to her most recent release, Adele’s name is synonymous with heartbreak and heartfelt songs.

As one of the most notable singers, she, of course, has a long list of hit songs. But which ones are the best Adele songs? We’ve taken the time to rank them based on popularity so you can get an idea of what 20 songs are the best Adele songs of all time.

Read on to learn about the best Adele songs in order of popularity. Some of the positions and songs may surprise you!

The 20 Best Adele Songs


20. “Woman Like Me”

“Woman Like Me” is definitely a fan favorite, so you may be surprised to see it this low on the list.

While we may have loved this song, the general population didn’t think it was so great. It only managed to make it to the 55th spot on the top charts, where it only stayed for one week.

Still quite impressive, but it’s nothing to write home about.


19. “Strangers By Nature”

“Stanger’s by Nature” was a song inspired by legend Judy Garland and released in Adele’s fourth album.

Even though she worked with an Oscar-winning composer for this song, the fans felt it fell short of her other tunes. It reached 41st place on the charts, where it only stayed for one week.


18. “Cry Your Heart Out”

Next up on the list of best Adele songs, we have “Cry Your Heart Out,” which reached 44th place on Billboard’s top 100, where it stayed for one week.

Among fans, this song is known for being more soulful than the rest of her songs, but it is still a favorite.


17. “All Night Parking (Interlude)”

Adele rarely shares her albums with other artists, but in the case of this tune, she did allow Erroll Garner to join her in fame.

This song is rare for Adele, as it isn’t about heartbreak but rather a new romance she had following her divorce.

It reached #51 on the charts and stayed there for one week.

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16. “Can I Get it”

For one of the best Adele songs, this tune rarely makes other lists.

In fact, on Rolling Stones, they put this song as 44th when really it is one of her top hits according to the broader culture.

This song reached 26th on the charts, a huge jump from the previous song on this list. Not only that, but it stayed on the charts for two weeks.


15. “I Drink Wine”

Releasing a song with this title is a risky move, even for an established singer like Adele. But she nailed it, and her fans agreed.

This song hit 18 on the top charts, where it remained for two weeks.


14. “My Little Love”

This next song on the list of best Adele songs is unique in that it is a bit of a confession for the singer.

The song is artfully interwoven with voicemail messages displaying Adele’s confusion through the course of her divorce.

Anyone who has been through the divorce of their parents can relate to this song which is probably why it reached #23 on the charts and stayed there for 2 weeks.


13. “Turning Tables”

“Turning Tables” originally appeared in the album 21 and is somewhat of an enigma.

While it didn’t hit as hard as other songs in this album (“Rolling in the Deep” or “Rumor Has It”), it is still an impressive work of art. It stayed on the top charts for 3 weeks, paling in comparison to the rest of her album, and only made it to #63


12. “Chasing Pavements”

“Chasing Pavements” is a required addition to any list of the best Adele songs, as it was the tune that led her to fame and, ultimately, her first Grammy award.

The song is actually about an event in Adele’s life where she had to deal with a particularly difficult ex-boyfriend.

The altercation ended with her punching him in the face and running away from the pub, which had her chasing pavements.  

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11. “Oh My God”

Another of the best Adele songs, which isn’t a power ballad, “Oh My God,” showcases that Adele can sing songs to a different tune.

This particular number is a fun groove song that tackles the topic of anxiety.

The world loved it, and it reached #5 on the top charts, where it stayed for 16 weeks.


10. “Skyfall”

Of course, “Skyfall” is one of the best Adele songs ever, and you might be surprised to see it just made it to 10th place.

Well, even though she won a Grammy for this song, the public didn’t love it as much as her other tunes. Its peak position was 8 on the top charts, though it did stay on the charts for 20 weeks.


9. “When We Were Young”

“When We Were Young” is one of the best Adele songs, which everyone can relate to at some point or another in their lives.

A powerful ballad, this song featured in the album 25 is a favorite.

It only managed to make it up to 14th place on the top charts, but fans kept it there for 20 weeks, the same amount of time they enjoyed “Skyfall.”


8. “Water Under The Bridge”

“Water Under The Bridge” is the first of Adele’s really big hits on the list. From here down, most people on the street know all these songs by heart.

Most people can relate to Adele’s message in this particular tune, where she is discussing difficult topics with an indecisive partner.

This song only hit #26 but stayed on the charts for 22 weeks.

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7. “Hello”

“Hello” has quickly become a modern-day classic.

Whether you are actually listening to the song or watching one of the many parody skits, you have to admit this song is hard-hitting and catchy.

After all, who hasn’t wanted to call up an ex from time to time and fix things that happened in the past?

This song was a number-one hit and stayed on the top charts for six months or 26 weeks.

6. “Rumor Has It”

“Rumor Has It” is not only one of the best Adele songs, but we would like to argue, one of her most catchy tunes.

It’s the story of betrayal, which many young adults can relate to.

We also love that it shows that both parties can be nasty when it comes to rumors in a relationship and that when a couple breaks up, both are typically at fault.

This song hit #16 on the charts, staying on it for 27 weeks.

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5. “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”

Another of the best Adele songs meant for an old lover, this tune is a fan favorite.

It starts slow but builds as it goes. As it comes to a conclusion, it displays Adele’s personal growth as she chooses to forgive her ex-lover, something which is unique when you compare her other tunes.

This song made it to 8 on the top charts, where it remained for 27 weeks.

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4. “Easy On Me”

Obviously, any list of the best Adele songs wouldn’t be complete without her top hit, “Easy On Me.”

After a five-year wait, fans were content with this amazing tune which addresses the guilt many adults feel as they age.

Adele reminds her fans in this tune that she is just like them and that her life isn’t perfect either. This song hit #1 on the charts and stayed on them for 31 weeks.


3. “Someone Like You”

“Someone Like You” is a song that everyone on this earth can relate to. It portrays heartbreak, mourning, and dealing with loss all in one catchy tune.

Rated as one of the best breakup songs of all time, Adele’s voice is a perfect match for this song which was co-written with Dan Wilson from Semisonic.

This song was obviously a number 1 hit, and it remained on the top charts for 39 weeks.

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2. “Set Fire to the Rain”

While we like “Someone Like You” better, “Set Fire to the Rain” is arguably Adele’s most recognizable and famous song.

With its unique lyrics that only make sense in her mind, this song is about a breakup and the frustration from it that Adele let leak over into other parts of her life.

Another number-one hit, this song stayed on the top charts for 43 weeks.

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1. “Rolling in the Deep”

You might be surprised to see this song in the number one place. Well, fans have spoken, and “Rolling in the Deep” is Adele’s most popular song of all time.

It was in the #1 spot on the charts for 7 full weeks and remained on the top 100 for 65 weeks—that’s more than an entire year!

This song is based on a relationship that Adele had when she was younger, and we have to thank this guy (for as terrible as he was to Adele) because he inspired her entire 21 album.

This song is arguably what gave Adele her worldwide fame, and it even earned props from another singing legend, Aretha Franklin.

While it might be a while until Adele releases her next hit album, these songs sure make a great playlist in the meantime!

Whether you just went through a breakup or simply need some Adele inspiration, her songs are powerful tunes like no other.

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