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How Did Bobbi Kristina Brown Die? The Tragic Death of Whitney Houston’s Daughter

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As we grow up, it’s easy to wonder in what ways we’ll take after our parents. Will we inherit their talents or their stubborn attitudes? Will we look like them? One thing we never expect or even think about, however, is whether we’ll die in the same manner as them. 

Such was the tragic circumstances surrounding Bobbi Kristina Brown’s untimely death. 

How did Bobbi Kristina Brown die? Find out that and more about the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown below. 

How Did Bobbi Kristina Brown Die?

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s cause of death was drowning. 

On January 31, 2015, she was found facedown in a bathtub. At first, Brown was able to be resuscitated through the use of CPR and was transported to North Fulton Hospital in Roswell, Georgia. 

If that was the case, why was Bobbi Kristina in a coma? Doctors decided to put Brown in a medically induced coma because it was found that her brain function was “significantly diminished,” leading to her family being told that it would be a miracle if she fully recovered due to the brain damage. 

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death occurred six months later while she was under hospice care. 

While the first autopsy showed “no obvious underlying cause of death and no significant injuries,” it was later found that additional reports revealed more about Bobbi Kristina Brown’s cause of death. 

A statement by the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office listed that “marijuana, alcohol (ethanol), benzoylecgonine (cocaine metabolite), benzodiazepines (medications used for sedation or to treat anxiety), and morphine” were all found in Brown’s system after a toxicology report. This marked the underlying cause of death as “immersion associated with drug intoxication.” 

The summary of the report stated, “Death was clearly not due to natural causes, but the medical examiner was not able to determine whether the death was due to intentional or accidental causes and therefore classified the manner of death as undetermined.” 

Ultimately, the final autopsy report labeled Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death as resulting from lobar pneumonia. 

When Did Bobbi Kristina Brown Die?

Bobbi Kristina Brown passed away on July 26, 2015. 

She was survived by her father, husband, and numerous other family members. Unfortunately, her mother was already deceased by the time of Brown’s death. 

whitney houston and bobbi kristina
LOS ANGELES – FEB 12: Whitney Houston; Bobbi Kristina Brown arrives at the 2011 Pre-GRAMMY Gala And Salute To Industry Icons at Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 12, 2011 in Beverly Hills, CA. Image from Shutterstock.

How Old was Bobbi Kristina Brown When She Died?

Bobbi Kristina Brown was only 22 years old when she passed away. 

Where is Bobbi Kristina Brown Buried?

Bobbi Kristina Brown was buried on August 3, 2015, at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey. She was laid to rest between her deceased mother and maternal grandfather. 

The burial came two days after Bobbi Kristina Brown’s funeral, held on August 1, 2015, at St. James United Methodist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. 

While it’s unknown precisely who attended Bobbi Kristina Brown’s funeral, several celebrities did express their condolences after her death. Some of the most notable included Chris Brown, Oprah Winfrey, and her mother’s protégées, Brandy and Monica. 

Who Inherited Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Money?

While she hadn’t been on her own in show business very long at the time of her death, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s estate was quite sizable, considering she was the sole inheritor of her mother’s estate. 

How much did Whitney Houston leave Bobbi Kristina? Bobbi Kristina Brown’s estate was worth more than $115 million after her mother’s death, answering the question, “How much was Whitney Houston worth when she died?” Whitney Houston’s will stipulated that she was to receive it in installments until her 30th birthday, after which she would receive the remainder of the $115 million. 

The estate included Houston’s clothing, jewelry, personal effects, cars, and furniture. 

So, who got Whitney Houston’s money after Bobbi Kristina died? While Bobbi Kristina Brown’s will was never established, Whitney Houston’s will was extremely thorough. The latter’s will stipulated that if Brown died with no husband, without children, and without Bobbi Kristina Brown’s will to say otherwise, then the remainder of Whitney Houston’s fortune was to be split amongst her mother, Cissy Houston and her two brothers. By then, the estate was worth about $18 million. 

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What Were Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Last Words?

While we don’t know what Bobbi Kristina Brown’s last words were, we did get final words to remember her by in an A & E documentary biography called Bobby Brown. 

The final video of the documentary featured Bobbi Kristina telling her dad, “I love you, Dad, so much. We’re gonna send these all the time. It’s gonna be fun. Oh my gosh. I can’t wait to see you, Dad. I’m so excited. Oh My God. Aah! I love you.” 

Who is Bobbi Kristina Brown?

Bobbi Kristina Brown was the product of music royalty and a famed reality television personality and singer throughout her short life. 

When was Bobbi Kristina Brown Born?

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s birthdate was March 4, 1993. She was born at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in New Jersey. 

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Zodiac sign was Pisces. That means she deeply understood emotions and knew how to display their artistic talents. That was proven by her talent for music, which she obviously inherited from her famous parents. 

Where is Bobbi Kristina Brown From?

Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown was born and raised in Livingston, New Jersey. 

Where Did Bobbi Kristina Brown Live?

Bobbi Kristina Brown was living in her home in Alpharetta, Georgia, at the time of her death. 

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Ethnicity

While Bobbi Kristina Brown’s main ethnic background was African-American, she also had touches of English, Irish, and Scottish in her as well. 

How Tall Was Bobbi Kristina Brown?

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s height was 5 feet, 3 inches. 

How Much Did Bobbi Kristina Brown Weigh?

She was definitely petite. Bobbi Kristina Brown’s weight was 115 pounds. 

Her fluctuating weight over the years was the subject of many articles and comments written about Brown. 

bobbie kristina and nick gordon on the red carpet
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How Did Bobbi Kristina Brown Become Famous?

Bobbi Kristina Brown was famous from the moment she was born as the only child of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. She knew how to create her own path with it, however, following in her mother’s footsteps. 

While Whitney Houston was still alive, as a young girl, Bobbi Kristina Brown was featured on Whitney’s Christmas album, One Wish: The Holiday Album, released in 2003, particularly on “The Little Drummer Boy.” She can also be heard saying, “Sing, mommy,” and “Clap your hands!”

She also performed a few live duets with her mother over the years, particularly on “My Love is Your Love.” She also was part of a studio recording of “Family First” with her mother, grandmother, and Dionne Warwick for Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls film. 

Brown, however, did not fully pursue music as well as acting until after her mother was deceased. One month after Houston’s death, Brown said she intended to carry on her mother’s legacy through the “singing thing.” Not long after, she was cast in her first television series, For Better or Worse, created by Tyler Perry. 

“She did a fantastic job. And that kid has such a future,” Perry said of her performance as Tina, the receptionist. “She’s such an actor. I’m so proud of her. I’m telling you, as far as she wants to go in the business, she can.” 

What was almost one of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s movies was the biopic of her mother, Whitney; however, Angela Bassett did not cast her “for a number of reasons … she’s not an actress, and acting is a craft.” This led to Brown calling Bassett a common curse word for a female dog, for which the former later apologized on then-Twitter, now known as X. 

After Bobby Kristina Brown’s death, two movies were made about her life. The television movie Bobbi Kristina was released by TV One in 2017. “The story is ripe with melodrama as newcomer actress Joy Rovaris channels Bobbi Kristina’s relationship with her mom, her love affair with Nick Gordon, and the aftermath of her mother’s death,” The Atlanta-Journal Constitution said of the movie. 

Later, in 2021, Lifetime released a documentary film entitled Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina: Didn’t We Almost Have It All? The Atlanta-Journal Constitution said of that release that it was “less an exposé and more a loving tribute to these two women.” 

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Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Siblings

While Bobbi Kristina Brown was the only child between her parents, she did have six half-siblings, thanks to her father’s other relationships. 

Her half-siblings include Landon, La’Princia, Robert “Bobby” Jr., Cassius, Bodhi, and Estelle. 

Who Was Bobbi Kristina Brown Married To?

Bobbi Kristina Brown shocked fans when she announced her marriage to Nick Gordon, a close family friend, on January 9, 2014, although it was never declared a legal marriage. 

The pair had known each other for many years, with Gordon coming to live with Bobbi Kristina and her mother when he was only 12. The lovebirds announced their engagement in July 2013, which caused tension in the family because of their previous brother-sister type relationship. They did, however, receive the blessings of her grandmother, Cissy Houston, before the engagement became official. 

whitney houston with her family
LOS ANGELES – OCT 11: Whitney Houston, Bobby Borwn, Daughter Bobbi Kristina arrives at the 4TH ACHIEVEMENT IN THE ARTS GALA at Beverly Hilton Hotel on October 11, 1998 in Beverly Hills, CA. Image from Shutterstock.

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Parents

Bobbi Kristina Brown was the only daughter of famed “I Will Always Love You” singer Whitney Houston and rapper and dancer Bobby Brown, aka “King of Stage.” 

Thanks to her mother, Bobbi Kristina Brown had numerous musical relations, including Cissy Houston of The Drinkard Sisters, her maternal grandmother, as well as her cousins Dee Dee Warwick, Dionne Warwick, and Leontyne Price. Entertainers are not her only famous family members. Her uncle was Gary Garland, a former professional basketball player for the National Basketball Association’s Denver Nuggets. 

Her godparents were quite famous, too, with gospel singer CeCe Winans and music executive Clive Davis named as her godmother and godfather, respectively. 

Although she had a life in the spotlight thanks to her famous parents, it was not all glitz and glamor. According to Caroline Sullivan, a writer with The Guardian, her childhood was “difficult because of her parents’ drug problems.” Further, TheWrap noted, “Brown grew up under the media glare, with her family issues playing out in a very public way,” including her parents’ 2007 divorce. 

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How Long Did Bobbi Kristina Live After Whitney Died?

Bobbi Kristina Brown went on to live three more years after her mother’s death. 

What Age Was Bobbi When Whitney Died?

Bobbi was 18 years old when her mother passed away. She was less than a month away from turning 19. 

Where Was Bobbi Kristina When Whitney Died?

It is unknown where Bobbi Kristina was when her mother, Whitney Houston, tragically passed away. It is expected, however, that she was at home at the time. 

Did Bobbi Kristina Die the Same Way as Whiteny?

While they did not die in the exact same manner, both Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death and that of her mother, Whitney Houston, were eerily similar and involved dying from the effects of prolonged submersion in the bathtub.

Whitney Houston’s death came on February 11, 2012, after she was found unconscious in the bathtub of her Beverly Hilton suite. She was unresponsive when paramedics arrived at 3:30 p.m. and pronounced dead just 25 minutes later, making her death a much quicker event than her daughter’s three years later.

In Houston’s case, heart disease and evidence of cocaine in her system also contributed to her death. Unsurprisingly, Brown was reportedly “inconsolable” following her mother’s death and had to be checked into the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles because she was so “overwhelmed” by it all.

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Who Found Bobbi Kristina in the Tub?

Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina’s husband, whom she was survived by, and a friend were the ones who found Bobbi Kristina Brown facedown in a tub on January 31, 2015. 


It’s clear that there is only one word to describe Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death, and that’s simply “tragic.” What breaks our hearts even more is that she was so committed to carrying on the legacy her mother left behind, and, instead, her life ended in almost exactly the same way. 

Sometimes, life ends in the most unexpected of ways, which is why we see Brown’s death as a sign to take life by the horns and never waste a moment. One thing is clear: we’ll always love you, Bobbi Kristina, and your beloved mother.  

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