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31 Singers Who Look Younger Than They Actually Are

singers who look young singers who suffer from a disease avril lavigne holding her arms up in concert
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The world is filled with people who look younger than their age, but nowhere is that more apparent than in the celebrity world. Singers, in particular, seem to have access to a magic formula that makes them look youthful. 

Are you ready to be shocked? Get comfortable as we talk about 31 singers who look young but are much older than you might think.

1. Selena Gomez

selena gomez in a red dress on the red carpet
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Selena Gomez is an obvious choice for our list of singers who look young. Though she might look like she’s fresh into her 20s in her role in Only Murders In the Building, the artist is already 31 years old in 2023.

2. Jennifer Lopez

meanest singers jennifer lopez in a dress and fancy necklace on the red carpet
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Jennifer Lopez is one of the very young-looking singers in the celebrity world, shining onstage with her live performances and acting roles in movies like The Mother and Hustlers. Lopez seems like she’s in her early 40s, but she is 54 in 2023. 

3. Jared Leto

jared leto on the red carpet in a white suit
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Jared Leto, leading singer of 30 Seconds to Mars and Venom actor, might be the only vampire on this list. With pale skin, long hair, and bright blue eyes, Leto seems to be in his early 30s. In actuality, he’s 51 – more than half a century old, but he’s still going strong!

4. Beyonce

beyonce on stage in a gold outfit
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No list of young-looking singers would be complete without Beyonce. The way she dances onstage makes her seem much younger, and she always seems to have a youthful glow about her. Despite how young she might seem, she turned 42 years old in 2023.

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5. Dolly Parton

musicians who got plastic surgery oldest musicians still alive today short country singers dolly parton singing on stage
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Dolly Parton looks decades younger than her 77 years of age, balancing her well-kept appearance with a youthful energy. Parton has been very open about the work she’s put into keeping herself young-looking. She reports getting things “nipped and tucked” when they sag.

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6. Christina Aguilera

up close picture of christina aguilera holding a microphone
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One of the most prominent singers of the early 2000s was Christina Aguilera, who used her powerful voice to belt out tunes like “Genie In A Bottle” and “Lady Marmalade.” Aguilera looks like she could be stepping foot onstage for her senior year of college. In reality, the Mickey Mouse Club alum turned 42 years old in 2023. 

7. Rihanna

rihanna in a black jacket outside of a house
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Solo artist Rihanna is next on our list of singers who look young, bursting onto the scene in 2005 after the Barbadian talent signed with Def Jam. She was 17 and today looks no more than a few years older, though she’s added nearly two decades to her life along with dozens of awards, albums, and songs.

8. Avril Lavigne

singers who suffer from a disease avril lavigne holding her arms up in concert
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Avril Lavigne, the punk-pop queen of the early 2000s, was unmistakable with her blonde hair and blue eyes. Today, she doesn’t have the same crazy style as she once did, but Lavigne still looks around the same age even though she’s 39.

9. Nicki Minaj

nicki minaj on stage in a sparkly dress singing
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It might seem like a long career with hits like “Bang, Bang” and “Super Bass” would age the “Queen of Rap,” but there is little indication she’s had any stress in her life. The confident artist is 40 years old and doesn’t look the part at all. 

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10. Lenny Kravitz

lenny kravitz on stage with his arms out singing
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Lenny Kravitz is a must on any list of young-looking singers, sporting a six-pack, fashion sense, and hip tattoos. With his incredible appearance, it might shock some to know that the Hunger Games actor and “Are You Gonna Go My Way” singer is 59 years old.

11. Janet Jackson

most viral moments in music janet jackson performing with backup dancers
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Janet Jackson has had quite the career, from her infamous SuperBowl incident to her incredible live performances of songs like “Rhythm Nation” and “That’s The Way Love Goes.” She had her son at 50, which means this youthful legend is now 57 and sporting the face of a far younger woman.

12. Pharrell Williams

pharell on stage holding a microphone wearing a white shirt
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Pharrell Williams made the song “Happy” immortal, and it seems he swept himself up in that agelessness. The youthful man might look like he’s in his 20s, but really he entered his 50s in 2023. 

13. Gwen Stefani

gwen stefani job
Monté Carlo, Principality of Monaco September, 26, 2019. Gwen Stefani at 3rd Monté-Carlo Gala for the global Ocean. Image from Shutterstock.

Next on our list of singers who look young is Gwen Stefani, the legendary singer of “Spider Webs” and “Just a Girl” with the group No Doubt. Though Stefani could easily be mistaken for a young adult having the time of her life, she’s 54 years old–we want to know the secret of her skincare routine!

14. Lorde

lorde on the red carpet in a light pink dress
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Lorde has always had a youthful glow, gaining the unique pleasure of kicking off her career in her teenage years. Although nearly a decade has passed since the singer released the catchy song  “Royal,” it’s tricky to tell if Lorde has yet progressed into her mid-20s. She could easily fit into a hall full of high school students.

15. John Legend

john legend in a red coat and cap
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Famous singer John Legend seems he could be entering the first years of his 30s, but the “All of Me” singer and La La Land actor is 44. He’s been married to Chrissy Tiegan since 2013 and has had four beautiful children since they first met – something hard to guess with a glance.

16. Jay-Z

facts about jay z. rapper jay z rapping on stage
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Jay-Z must be on our list of young-looking singers because he’s married to Beyonce, which automatically makes him look much younger than he is. The rapper and entrepreneur only has a few indications of age on his 53-year-old face – proof of his stance as the greatest rapper of all time! 

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17. Adam Levine

adam levine singing on stage in a white shirt
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Singer and songwriter Adam Levine found his footing in 2004 after being with the band Maroon 5 for several years, crooning to audiences with songs like “This Love” and “Moves Like Jagger.” It’s been nearly two decades since the talent first tasted success, yet the 44-year-old only looks like he’s aged a few years.

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18. Shakira

shakira on stage singing facts about shakira
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Mom of two, Shakira is a music legend, sparking popular dance movements with her song “Hips Don’t Lie” and ionic onstage presence as the “Queen of Latin Music.” With all her energy and her astounding vocal performance, you would never suspect the Colombian artist to be 46 years old in 2023. 

19. Snoop Dogg

snoop dogg on the red carpet in a kobe bryant jersey
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Snoop Dogg is next on our list of singers who look young, as he’s gone through many turbulent moments in his life and career seemingly without aging a single day. His energy more closely represents that of a 20-year-old, but the rapper is at age 52–meaning his dating Martha Stewart wasn’t that much of a stretch. 

20. Beck

beck on stage performing
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To anyone who doesn’t know him, Beck might seem like a 30-something young man with a dream to be an indie musician. They might be shocked when he introduces himself as a 53-year-old Grammy award-winning artist who has been on the scene since the 1990s.

21. Brandy 

brandy on the red carpet in a white dress
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Recording artist and actress Brandy is 44 and looks like she hasn’t aged a single day since hitting her early 20s. Reportedly, an excellent skincare routine is part of the state of youthfulness her face has retained. 

22. Usher

usher on stage in a collared shirt
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Legendary R&B artist, songwriter, singer, and dancer Usher is next on our list of singers who look young. He released his original debut album in 1994 at 16 years old, which makes him 45 today in 2023. There is no way to tell his age by looking at his timeless facial structure.

23. Will Smith

will smith in a black suit on the red carpet
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Will Smith is next on our list of young-looking singers, boasting 55 years of life in the body of a man two decades younger than himself. Unfortunately, the ageless quality of his face seemed a little less innocent after the infamous Oscar slap incident. 

24. Ricky Martin

ricky martin on stage in a black t shirt singing
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Puerto Rican singer and actor Ricky Martin must have landed on the fountain of youth because his appearance hasn’t changed during his career. The 51-year-old only has one difference between now and his younger self – more facial hair. 

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25. Victoria Beckham

victoria beckham in a black dress arriving for an event
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Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is 47 and has been very open about receiving procedures to keep her face that way. Nowadays, she focuses on keeping her skin hydrated and ready for the day, which helps her maintain her youthful appearance. 

26. Justin Bieber

justin bieber on stage wearing a gray shirt over a white shirt
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Born in 1994, pop singer Justin Bieber is about to turn 30 in 2024, but somehow he still looks like a kid to us. Maybe it’s the fact that he performs shirtless, or all those tattoos hiding any signs of fine lines, but Bieber is definitely one of many singers who look younger than they actually are. 

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27. Taylor Swift

celebrities who had normal jobs before fame taylor swift on stage in a purple dress all the men taylor swift has dated so far
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Most days, singer-songwriter and country music star Taylor Swift looks like she just graduated from high school. But in reality, this star was born in 1989, making her 34. Listeners everywhere don’t seem to care as they spend hundreds of dollars to see her perform her aspiring number-one hits on stage during her Eras tour. 

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28. Lady Gaga

lady gaga in a pink and fluffy dress
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Vocalist Lady Gaga is one of many Grammy Award winners who never seems to age. Born in 1986, she is three years older than Swift, celebrating her 37th birthday this year. But if you ask us, she doesn’t look a day over 25 as she performs her ballads and pop hits on stage in a variety of eye-catching costumes. 

29. Cardi B

cardi b in a rainbow outfit holding a fan
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American singer and hip-hop artist Cardi B turned 31 in 2023, which was a shock because most of us in the music industry thought she was still in her early 20s. We would love to know her anti-aging routine!

30. Bruce Springsteen

bruce springsteen on stage wearing a grey shirt
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American rock singer Bruce Springsteen just turned 74 in 2023, but he still tours as if he were a much younger man. With a music career in several genres that took off in the 70s, he rose to the peak of his songwriting fame in the 80s but doesn’t show any sign of stopping yet! 

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31. Katy Perry

katy perry on stage in a peacock outfit singing
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The final individual on our list of singers who look young is popular singer Katy Perry. Perry provides excellent, light-hearted performances at both music festivals and in her show residency in the city of Las Vegas. Thus, it might seem surprising that the “Dark Horse” singer turned 39 years old in 2023.  

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