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Logic Spreads Peace, Love, and Positivity at the Great Minnesota Get Together

Logic looking out into the crowd at his 2019 Minnesota State Fair performance

Last updated on February 18th, 2022 at 09:57 pm

Throughout time, the Minnesota State Fair has given artists such as Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, Whiz Khalifa, Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy, Weird Al, and so many more a place to perform and share their talents. People from all over the state (and even some of their neighbors in the Midwest) come to the State Fair to experience the energy, food, atmosphere, and talent that the fair has to offer.

On August 29th, Logic performed at the Minnesota State Fair with Minnesota local, Prof. These artists have both paved a way in the rap music scene and helped set a precedent of high energy and spirit at their shows.

Prof performing at the 2019 Minnesota State Fair

Prof has performed in Minnesota many times, but one most notable was at First Avenue for the 2017 X Games. I have personally never seen a crowd so enthusiastic or felt energy as intense as when at a Prof performance. 

He calls out to friends he recognizes in the crowd and, from the look on his face, one can tell he truly enjoys every moment of his performance. This crowd’s energy could be felt well past the doors of First Ave and left me feeling extremely proud of Minnesota artists and fortunate to be able to be a part of that energy.

Prof smiling back at the crowd during his 2019 MN State Fair Performance

Tonight was no different. When King Gampo started pumping through the speakers, the crowd erupted with energy and enthusiasm in anticipation for Prof’s performance. He created a personal foam red carpet and used it to walk through the crowds of people who were eager to hear his words and listen to his music.

An enduring Prof fan, Anika Tol commented on his artistry saying, “I really love Prof because I feel like I can hear his passion and excitement in all of his music. He pours himself into every song he does, whether it’s hype or a vulnerable song. He’s not scared to show his true self to his audience and that’s something I love! Also, his concerts are god tier. The energy he brings to the stage is unparalleled. I have seen so many other artists who don’t give half of what he gives. #profisforthepeople.” Prof kept his energy going from song to song and had the crowd cheering in excitement.

Prof flexing during opening performance at the Minnesota State Fair

This energy could also be seen in the artist Logic. Logic hit the charts and labeled himself as an artist to look out for when he released his song, “1-800-273-8255.” In this song, Logic talks openly and honestly about mental health and resources to help people in need. 

This song gives an insight into the mind of someone struggling with thoughts of suicide and is truly an important piece to be released in the last few years. This song breaks down masculine gender stereotypes by showing the raw, emotional feelings we all experience and proves that it’s okay to talk about them. 

Logic headlining Thursday’s concert at the Minnesota State Fair

Before Logic even stepped foot on the stage, the liveliness, passion, and excitement in the crowd could be felt throughout the stadium. These people all came together to create an atmosphere of acceptance and started to sing the national anthem together before Logic came on. 

The screams and energy from the crowd when Logic stepped onto the stage were exhilarating. Young Sinatra himself guided the crowd through a series of waves and screams before performing “Take it Back” from his 2017 album, Everybody. The crowd cheered and sang with Logic to the inspiring lyrics: “He said peace, love, and positivity /He said equality for all man /Regardless of race, religion, color, creed, and sexual orientation.”

Logic looking out into the crowd at his 2019 Minnesota State Fair performance

Both Prof and Logic represented peace, love, and positivity in their performances and created a safe space for all of their spectators. Listening to Logic perform “Homicide” literally takes your breath away because of the intricacy of his lyrics coupled with the rapid syncopation he uses in this song that he’s coined as his “syllablability.” “Homicide,” featuring Eminem, was released in May of this year and has gotten attention from people all over the world, including comedian Chris D’Elia, who shares his own feature at the end of the song. 

Logic smiling at the crowd during 2019 MN State Fair concert

Following these performances, fireworks sparked through the air and concluded the evening with lights and color that truly tied this show together. There were smiles throughout the stadium and Logic’s message of peace, love and positivity was truly lived out by his fans. 

Written by Lauren Zimitsch

Twin-Cities based photographer focusing on color, experience, and storytelling. Find me on Instagram at @kylo_lau_ren and let me know what you think!


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