Lauv to Bring All 4 Nothing Tour to The Armory

Photo: Sam Fisher

Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 11:50 pm

Thursday night sees Lauv return to the twin cities. The pop singer/producer/songwriter, best known for his multi-platinum hit “I like me better” and How I’m feeling, the gold-selling album it appears on, will bring his “All 4 nothing” tour to the armory in support of his strong new album of the same name, released last Friday (August 5).

The record represents steps taken forward by the hitmaker in multiple senses. In a lyrical sense, the record showcases a more vulnerable side to the performer, giving the songs a resonant quality that serves them well.

Musically, the electronic palettes Lauv draws from are sometimes more subdued than you might expect but are as tasteful as anything he’s put out.

The record also represents steps forward taken personally by Lauv. In recent press, Lauv has discussed this at length, his journey (which includes, among other things, therapy and meditation) and important periods of growth struggle, both of which the album captures. At times, this is dealt with explicitly (“26 and rich, the hell did it come to this?” is a hook on appropriately titled album opener “26”). And other times, it’s more of an implied emotion. It’s a defining characteristic of the album any way you slice it.

Fans attending the Armory concert can expect a dynamic performance that captures both the introspective and celebratory sides of Lauv’s music. On top of that, Twin Cities fans can revel in the fact that this is the kickoff show to his first major tour since the pandemic (Lauv’s previous full-length How I’m feeling was released in March of 2020) and his first appearance since performing at KDWB’s Jingle Ball in December of 2019. If all goes as expected, it’ll be well worth the wait.

Written by Aaron Williams


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