10 Journey Facts: Who was Fired, Why They Broke Up, and More.

journey facts
JOURNEY, Live in Minneapolis, MN on September 16, 2008, L-R: Ross Valory, Jonathan Cain, Arnel Pineda, Neal Schon, Deen Castronovo. Photo by Matt Becker, on Wikimedia Commons.

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Journey is one of the most famous bands of all time. With hit songs like “Don’t Stop Believin’” and “Separate Ways,” most individuals worldwide know Journey or at least a few of their songs.

The lineup of Journey has changed over the years, but they’re still performing today, having released an album as recently as 2022. Read on to learn some Journey facts you may not know!

Journey Facts

    how old is the band journey
    Journey live in Madrid in 2007. Image by Kronos on Wikimedia Commons.

    1. It’s Been a Long Journey

    Journey was formed in 1973 and celebrated their 50-year anniversary in 2023, even though they did break up for 8 years during the late 80s and early 90s.

    how did journey get their name
    Jonathan Cain in The Babys. Circa 1980. Image by Perry on Wikimedia Commons.

    2. How Did Journey Get Their Name?

    When Journey was formed in 1973, the carried the name Golden Gate Rhythm Section.

    They experienced little success under this name, and John Villanueva, a roadie for the band, eventually suggested the name Journey. In 1974, they hit it big under this name.

    why did journey break up
    Neal Schon with JOURNEY, Live in Minneapolis, MN on September 16, 2008, taken by Matt Becker, on Wikimedia Commons.

    3. Why Did Journey Break Up?

    Journey broke up in 1987 due to creative differences between the band members. The biggest disagreement was between Neal Schon, Ross Valory, and Steve Smith.

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    when did journey get back together
    Aynsley Dunbar, Journey’s first drummer, now touring with members of Steppenwolf, Toto, and Santana as “World Classic Rockers”. Image by Karoli on Wikimedia Commons.

    4. When Did Journey Get Back Together?

    Journey reunited in 1995 after firing their former manager, Herbie Herbert. Even Russ Valory and Steve Smith rejoined the lineup despite their still unresolved creative differences with Neal Schon.

    why did stever perry stop singing
    Steve Perry on the keynote panel, “Going Up Yonder: How Music Makers and Writers Confront Loss and Grief,” Pop Conference 2019, MoPOP, Seattle Center, Seattle, Washington. Image by Joe Mabel on Wikimedia Commons.

    5. Why Did Steve Perry Stop Singing?

    Steve Perry left Journey in 1996 after hurting his hip while hiking in Hawaii and needing a hip replacement.

    When questioned about the decision, he said the music he once felt had left his heart and that he needed to focus on his health.

    who is journey's lead singer
    Arnel Pineda performs with Journey @ PNC Bank Arts Center, NJ, 8/21/08. Image by Desa’Rae L.Stage on Wikimedia Commons.

    6. Who is Journey’s Lead Singer Now?

    Arnel Pineda is Journey’s new lead singer. He was discovered by the band on YouTube when he was singing a cover of the song “Faithfully” by Zoo.

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    why did steve augeri leave journey
    Steve Augeri performing at the Diplomat in Hollywood, Florida in 2007. Image by Carl Lender on Wikimedia Commons.

    7. Why Did Steve Augeri Leave Journey?

    Steve Augeri left Journey in 2007 due to health issues. He was repeatedly singing until he was hoarse, and he realized this was no way to live, leading him to resign.

    are all journey members still alive
    Ross Valory with Journey. Live in Minneapolis, MN on September 16, 2008. Photo by Matt Becker, on Wikimedia Commons.

    8. Are All Journey Members Still Alive?

    As of March 2023, all current and previous Journey members are still alive, which is unique compared to most rock bands.

    who got fired from journey
    Mike Stern / Didier Lockwood Band featuring Steve Smith. Image by Dean Zobec on Wikimedia Commons.

    9. Who Got Fired from Journey?

    Ross Valerie and Steve Smith were fired from Journey in 2020, alleging that the two former band members were using the Journey trademark to fund their retirement. They later filed a countersuit, but it was dropped in January 2023.

    do all journey members get along
    Arnel Pineda of Journey performing in Macau, 2009. Image by Phey Palma on Wikimedia Commons.

    10. Do the Journey Members Get Along?

    Even though Journey continues to perform and release albums, it seems the band members can’t get along. In recent years, Pineda has turned to Twitter posting cryptic messages about disagreements happening within the band.

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