15 Astonishing Facts About G-Eazy: The Food He Hates, His Homelessness, and More

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G-Eazy, an American rapper and record producer, is widely known as one of the most successful rappers in the music industry today. Although he got his start through a non-traditional route, G-Eazy has risen to the top of the charts worldwide.

With albums like Must Be Nice and These Things Happen, G-Eazy has earned several Awards, including top spots on charts such as Billboard. Starting from humble beginnings, this American rapper has become more than a household name.

Do you want to learn more interesting facts about G-Eazy? Keep reading below to find out more.

1. How Tall is G-Eazy?

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G-Eazy is known as one of the taller rap artists in the industry, as he stands at about 6 feet 3 inches tall.

2. What is G-Eazy’s Real Name?

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G-Eazy was born Gerald Earl Gillum on May 24, 1989, in Oakland, California. He changed his name when he began pursuing his rap career.

3. G-Eazy Hates Peanut Butter

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While most people love peanut butter as either a snack or a meal, it is reported that G-Eazy actually does not like it. Of all the G-Eazy facts, this one is the hardest one for me to believe.

4. His Parents Divorced When He was Young

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When G-Eazy was in first grade his parents divorced and he and his brother lived with his mother. His mother worked two teaching jobs to try to make ends meet while the three moved into the house with his grandparents.

5. When He Was 12 His Mother Began Dating Another Woman

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While he found it difficult at the beginning of his mother’s relationship with Melissa Mills, G-Eazy eventually accepted the relationship and came to appreciate Mills. It was only a short time later that he ended up being the one to find his mother’s girlfriend, who suffered from depression, in the basement suffering from a drug overdose.

6. G-Eazy Once Sold His Mixtapes Out of His Backpack in High School

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While he attended Berkeley High School, G-Eazy had his sights set on becoming a professional rapper. He created mixtapes of his music using the software Reason and then sold them for $5 each from his backpack.

7. G-Eazy Has a College Degree

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Because he was set on a career in the music industry, he attended college at Loyola University in New Orleans and majored in music studies. He graduated in 2011 with his degree while also having several opportunities to perform with rappers such as Lil Wayne and Drake while in college.

8. He’s Been Technically Homeless 

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After he graduated from Loyola University and had had some experience working with popular rappers, G-Eazy decided to sell the majority of his possessions to fund his rap career.  While he was working on the America’s Most Wanted tour he technically did not even have a home.

9. Most of His Inspiration Came from Johnny Cash

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Growing up with his mother and grandparents, he was always around music such as that of Johnny Cash, who he reported is an inspiration for his music and style.

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10. G-Eazy Self-Published His First Album While Still in College

g eazy on stage with a microphone
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The Endless Summer, which was a mixtape G-Eazy made while still in college, was technically his first album. He self-published the album and it was an instant hit, especially among already-established rappers like Drake. 

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11. G-Eazy is an Instagram Legend

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Social media has always been successful for G-Eazy, as this was the place where he first became famous. He currently has more than one million followers on Instagram and is well-known for his creative content.

12. He Had a Close Relationship With His Mother

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When his career was going strong he had such a close relationship with his mother that he brought her on tour with him.  He even brought her on stage with him from time to time. Tragically, she died in 2021.

13. His Music is Actually a Fusion of Different Genres and Eras

g eazy on the red carpet wearing a black suit jacket
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Although his main genre is rap and R&B, G-Eazy has taken his style from a variety of styles and even eras. His sound has influences that range from old school country to pop and rock. 

14. G-Eazy Has Dated Several Famous Women Throughout his Career

G eazy and halsey on the red carpet
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Over the course of his career, G-Eazy has been linked to several famous women, such as Devon Baldwin, Halsey, Lana Del Rey, Yasmin Wijnaldum, and Ashley Benson. It is rumored that he is currently dating model Jenaye Noah, but we can’t confirm.

15. G-Eazy Owns More Than 300 Pairs of Shoes

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While this fact may apply to many celebrities, G-Eazy is known to be a little more than obsessive about having the best shoes.  In fact, it is rumored that he has more than 300 pairs of shoes that he often changes between songs at performances.

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