20 Facts You May Not Know About Halsey

Halsey Grammy Museum
Halsey performing live at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles on 09/23/2019. Photo by Justin Higuchi

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American singer-songwriter Halsey has become a global sensation with her modern, indie-pop sound. Halsey has never given in to conventional labels and has consistently kept her fans wondering what will happen next.

With songs such as “Ghost,” “Nightmare,” “You Should Be Sad,” and more, the well-known singer and songwriter Halsey has hit the tops of charts such as the Billboard 100 and many others. 

Read on to learn 20 interesting facts about Halsey that you may not know.

Halsey on tour
Halsey on her tour: “The American You(th) Tour” in April 2015. Photo by Yurikobm.

Her Real Name is Not Halsey

Halsey’s parents gave her the name Ashley Nicolette Frangipane. Halsey’s stage name actually came from a guy she dated when she was 17 who lived on Halsey Street in Brooklyn, New York. This is where she felt she really developed her musical skills and style. 

Interestingly enough, Halsey is also an anagram of her first name.

What is Halsey’s birthday?

Halsey was born on September 29, 1994 in Edison, New Jersey, to her parents, Chris and Nicole Frangipane.

Halsey’s Parents

Her mother Nicole, who is Hungarian, Irish, and Italian, worked as an Emergency Medical Technician and Chris, who is African American, was a car dealership manager. When they found out they were pregnant with Halsey, they dropped out of college to raise her.

They moved around quite often along with her younger brothers, Sevian and Dante, during her younger years. Halsey graduated from Warren Hills Regional High School in Washington, New Jersey, where other students reportedly bullied her.

Halsey Was a Musical Sensation From a Young Age

When she was only four years old, her grandmother taught her to play “Memory” on the piano, which she had the sheet music for. She also grew up playing the violin, viola, and cello. She then learned to play the acoustic guitar when she was 14.

Halsey Attempted Suicide at 17

Halsey was bullied in high school, which resulted in a suicide attempt when she was 17 by taking painkillers. This resulted in a 17 day stay in the hospital to assess her situation. This is where she was initially diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which she is very open about.

Halsey cochella
Halsey at a concert in Coachella 2016 photo by Nicole Alexander.

She Was Accepted to the Rhode Island School of Design

Although Halsey was accepted into the school, she did not actually attend due to financial hardship. To her parents disappointment, she instead enrolled in a community college, which she later dropped out of.

Halsey Was Once Homeless

After dropping out of community college, her parents kicked her out of their house, which resulted in her being homeless for some time. She occasionally stayed with her grandmother in basements with drug users or homeless shelters around New York City during this time.

Halsey was Discovered on Social Media

The Indie pop singer got her start by uploading her music to social media outlets such as YouTube and Tumblr, where she used “se7enteenblack” as her username. 

She became well known for her parody of Taylor Swift’s song “I Knew You Were Trouble” in 2012 when Swift’s relationship with Harry Styles inspired her to record her version. She titled the parody “The Haylor Song.”

She was Offered Many Record Deals After Being Featured on Soundcloud

In 2014, Halsey collaborated with a musician she met at a party and released “Ghost” on Soundcloud. This resulted in millions of song streams shortly after it was released. It also created multiple opportunities for her, such as being approached by several record labels who wanted to sign her.

She finally chose to sign with Astralwerks because she felt they would give her the best opportunity for creative freedom.

Halsey’s Tattoos and the Reason Halsey Performs Almost Naked

She has tattoos all over her body, which is why she says she wears the scantily clad outfits she is known to wear for public events. She says the 30 tattoos she has are as an act of self-expression, so covering them up does not seem to be the right thing to do.

Halsey tattoos
Halsey performing at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, her first night of the American You(th) tour in March 2015. You can see some of her prized tattoos in this photo.

Her Second Studio Album Hit the Number One Spot

When she released her second studio album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, in 2017, she scored the record of being the first woman with a number one album in the United States in that year.

She Has Collaborated With Many Well Known Artists

In 2015, Halsey collaborated with Justin Bieber on the song “The Feeling” for his album Purpose.

She also was featured on The Chainsmokers song “Closer,” as the primary singer. This song became the first number one hit for both musicians on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

She has reportedly worked on other collaborations with BTS, Khalid, and G-Eazy.

Halsey is Friends with Many Famous People

Halsey has developed friendships with many well-known people with her openness and friendly demeanor. Her friends list includes Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Bella Hadid, Cara Delevingne, and many more.

She is an Outspoken Advocate and Supporter for Many Causes

Halsey has been very open about being biracial, bisexual, and having bipolar disorder. She has spoken out for causes such as Black Lives Matter, mental illness, sexual assault, abortion, and the LBGTQ+ community.

This has resulted in quite a bit of backlash from people on social media and other platforms to label her as “tri-bi.” Halsey has spoken out about this, stating that she does not desire to be labeled at all.

In 2020, she developed The Black Creators Fund to provide funding and resources to black artists.

Halsey in 2019
LOS ANGELES – MARCH 14: Halsey attends the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards on March 14, 2019, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Glenn Francis/Pacific Pro Digital Photography)

Halsey Has Also Spoken Out About Personal Issues

Although she sometimes wishes that she did not share everything about herself due to cruel fan backlash, Halsey was open about her miscarriage in 2015 due to a diagnosis of endometriosis. The miscarriage happened just before a concert she was giving, and despite the painful experience, she still went on stage.

She is Not Only a Musician

While her love of writing music knows no end, Halsey is also interested in acting and producing in films and television shows. In fact, in 2018 alone, she did the voiceover for Wonder Woman in the animated “Teen Titans Go! To The Movies” and played herself in Lady Gaga’s A Star is Born.

She has recently worked on her first project as an actor and producer in the television show, “The Player’s Table.”

Halsey Purchased Her First Property in Los Angeles

This Indie pop sensation purchased her first home in Beachwood Canyon, Los Angeles, California, in 2017 for $2.23 million.

Is Halsey Pregnant?

Halsey was pregnant for most of 2021, giving birth to her first child, Ender Ridley Aydin, on July 14th, 2021. Halsey’s boyfriend Alev Aydin is the father. They shared photos of the baby on social media on Halsey’s Instagram following the birth.

Halsey Net Worth

Halsey’s net worth as of 2022 is $20 million. 

Halsey and G eazy
G-Eazy & Halsey at the 2018 American Music Awards at the Microsoft Theatre LA Live.

Halsey and G-Eazy

It’s true, Halsey dated G-Eazy for almost a year before he supposedly cheated on her and broke her heart. During their short time together, the couple wrote and premiered their famous song “Him and I.”

Her Debut Album Claimed a Spot on Billboard 200

After releasing her first EP, Room 23 in 2014, the musical sensation Halsey debuted at the number two spot on Billboard 200 chart for her debut album, Badlands, in 2015. This album quickly became certified as double platinum in the USA for more than 600,000 copies sold and claimed gold status in the UK with more than 100,000 copies sold.

Written by Hope Davis

Long-time music lover Hope became a full-time writer in 2020 after being laid off from her regular job due to COVID-19. She now spends her time traveling the world to see her favorite bands while writing about them!


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