Foreigner Invades Treasure Island In Island’s Return To Live Music

Kelly Hansen, foreigner, Treasure Island
Kelly Hansen Singing to the Treasure Island Amphitheater

The long wait is over! After nearly a 19-month hiatus Treasure Island opened back up for live music as Foreigner invaded the Amphitheater last night with a show featuring 12 hit songs and a nearly 10-minute drum/keyboard solo on the greatest hits 2021 tour!

Treasure Island made sure this show was very different, starting with the show being outdoors (the 2018 show was indoors at the Island Event Center.) The other differences were there was no high school choir joining Foreigner on stage to sing “I Want To Know What Love Is” and Foreigner actually had an opening band and a 2nd stage with a 3rd band kicking off the night long before most people showed up.

Foreigner Taleover
Kelly Hansen Takeover

Group “The Only” won the contest to be Foreigner’s opening band. The win was well deserved and this young band sounded great, with that being said the runners-up would have been a better fit to open as ” Them Pesky Kids” played music from the same Genre associated with Foreigner.

Many say this current edition is a better (or at least as good) version compared to the original band as the current edition is more engaging with the crowd. This may be true and this current version is very tight and unbelievably good. This doesn’t change the fact that there isn’t one original band member. Not one! Granted Mick Jones is still with the band, he just doesn’t make many appearances, just like tonight and in 2018 (Review Here).

Luis Maldonado, Bruce Watson, Foreigner
Bruce Watson and Luis Maldonado Playing Off Of Each Other

The crowd was getting loud and ready as the band slowly made its way onto the stage and began to play “Double Vision” with 60-year-old lead singer Kelly Hansen hiding in the background and jumping into the fray like he was a kid for the rest of the show.

You could expect two things throughout the night, A night full of Foreigner’s biggest hits and a lot of banter between Kelly Hansen and the crowd. Mainly post-pandemic mocking, but if you were in the 1st couple of rows and not standing, you probably made it into Kelly’s crosshairs! Talking about when I (he) was young, you had things like the record, cassette and you called a phone number to find the time out. Leading up to him saying the thing I miss the most? Being able to stand up for an entire Concert! Mocking people in the 1st couple of rows, saying maybe it’s just those hefty wallets holding you down! 

As Foreigner makes its way around on the 2021tour circuit, you’ll be pleased to know that you will get every penny worth that you spent on the show unless you’re in the front row, that is.


  1. Double Vision                               
  2. Head Games
  3. Cold as Ice
  4. Waiting for a Girl Like You
  5. Blue Morning, Blue Day
  6. Dirty White Boy
  7. Feels Like the First Time
  8. Urgent
  9. Keyboard and Drum Solo
  10. Juke Box Hero
  11. Long, Long Way From Home
  12. I Want to Know What Love Is
  13. Hot Blooded

Written by Brett


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Foreigner Invades Treasure Island

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