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American rapper and singer Rod Wave is known for his distinctive style of blending hip-hop and R&B. In 2019, he released his first single, “Heart on Ice,” which quickly brought stardom to the young artist. 

The hit dominated YouTube and TikTok, and the song made it to #25 on the Billboard 100. Other subsequent projects, Ghetto Gospel and Beautiful Mind, also brought success. This article will discuss Rod Wave’s net worth, kids, career, and more!

Rod Wave’s Real Name & Birthdate

Rod Wave’s real name Rodarius Marcell Green. His birthdate is August 27, 1998. 

Rod Wave’s Height and Weight

How tall is Rod Wave? Well, he stands at five feet six inches, and has a teddy bear exterior with a weight estimated at 220 pounds.

Who are Rod Wave’s Parents?

His mother was a laborer for the local cable company, but sadly, his father was in prison for six years during his youth. His father was known as a street fighter.

Indeed, his father’s rough lifestyle impacted the young child, who was primarily raised by his mother. He does have a half-brother who is older than him, but his name has never been mentioned in the media.

Where Is Rod Wave From?

Wave grew up in the Cromwell Heights area of St. Petersburg, Florida. His parents divorced when he was in elementary school. He proudly graduated from Lakewood High School in 2017 but never went to college.

Where Does Rod Wave Live?

He was born and raised in St. Petersburg and still lives in this area. Though he’s certainly not home much, this is the region where his family still resides. 

How Did Rod Wave Get Famous?

Though his first job was as a clerk at Krispy Kreme, music was his passion. 

He started singing when he was in elementary school. His first official singing gig was during his high school years, and it was at the local strip club.

He snuck out on a school night for this opportunity. He made $500, which isn’t bad for a high school kid. His first big break in the music industry happened in December 2017.

Hunger Games was the mix tape release that made him a household name. His first album, Rookie of the Year, came out in July of the same year.


Does Rod Wave Have Kids?

Yes. Wave is a proud father of two twin girls. Not many pictures are circulating in the media, as he tends to be very private about love and family.

He has occasionally gushed over his new role as a dad, saying his love for his daughters makes him realize there’s no place like being at home. 

Though he loves seeing fans and visiting new sites while on tour, his love for his girls keeps him returning to St. Petersburg.

Is Rod Wave Married?

No, Wave is not married, but he’s not available either. He’s in a long-term committed relationship with his girlfriend, Kelsey Dee Coleman. 

She’s the mother of his children, and he has no plans of going anywhere, as they’re happy together.

Rod Wave’s Net Worth

It’s hard to pinpoint his exact income, but estimates show Rod Wave is worth about $18.11 million

He receives monthly money from his concerts and has revenues as a YouTube streaming star. The estimate may be low.

How Much Does Rod Wave Make Per Show?

You can estimate that Rod Wave makes at least $100,000 per performance. Factors that can increase or decrease that number include the following:

•Number of tickets sold

•Price of each ticket

•Merchandise sold


•Other sources

How Much Does It Cost to Book Rod Wave?

If you would like to book Wave for an event, the price will vary depending on many factors. First, the location is a significant thing because it must fit into his other engagements.

The date is another substantial consideration, as well as the current market activity. His booking agent can give you a better estimate when they know all the essential information for the event.

How Much Does Rod Wave Charge for a Rap Feature?

Rod Wave currently charges around $80,000 for a rap feature on a song.

Rod Wave’s House & Cars

Wave makes big money, and he likes to spend big too. His lifestyle is accustomed to the finer things like luxury cars and homes. 

His car collection is extensive, and it includes the following:

  • Chevrolet Corvette
  • Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat
  • Mercedes-Benz Maybach
  • Rolls-Royce Cullinan
  • AMG GLE 63 S Coupe
  • Infiniti Q60
  • Volvo S90
  • Mercedes-Benz convertible

One can expect someone with such wealth would have a lovely home. He’s had many houses that he’s bought and sold over the years. Rod Wave’s current home is estimated at $1.2 million.

It features four bedrooms, a spiral staircase that leads to all three floors, a climate-controlled wine cellar, and a terrace that opens to the expansive backyard from the main living area. The home is a nice size at over 3,000 square feet.

Why Did People Get into a Fight at Rod Wave’s Show?

During one of Wave’s concerts, a fight broke out in Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

It was June 25 this year, and the argument quickly escalated into a massive fight among many people. 

Witnesses stated that some other ladies jumped a woman, and this caused the boyfriend to get involved.

The boyfriend was throwing punches, and two ladies were hit and knocked unconscious in the attack. 

All the friends of the other parties got involved in the massive brawl. If this incident wasn’t bad enough, the next night, June 26, another fight happened in Greenville, SC.

This argument occurred at the Bon Secours Wellness facility long before the show began. In this instance, it was men, but security intervened to break things up. 

No names have been released in either of the incidents, but the parties were removed and not allowed to return.

Who Is Rod Wave Signed By?

Wave takes a very personal approach to his music, so he likes to work in his private studios rather than using those in public facilities. He employs a music engineer but has a contract with Alamo Records.


Rod Wave’s Most Popular Songs

There are many songs that Wave has written that have hit the Billboard charts. 

However, the first single he had that went viral and ranked was “Heart on Ice.” He made it to #25 on the top 100 charts.

His first album, Ghetto Gospel, became number 10 on Billboard. Some of his most famous songs include:

• “By Your Side”

• “Cold December”

• “Ion Wanna Hear” It

• “Invisible Scars”

• “Already Won”

• “Blame on You”

• “All I Got”


Rod Wave is a superstar that prefers to keep a low profile. He doesn’t want his kids or girlfriend in the tabloids and likes time at home. 

With a massive career that carries him to concerts near and far, he gets very little time with the ones he loves most.

He’s driven and doesn’t seem to have let success change him, as he still puts his values in his family and faith. From humble beginnings as a clerk at a donut shop to a megastar, Wave has undoubtedly found his calling.

Written by Bo Weber

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