Communist Daughter “Roll A Stone” Featured in USA Today’s 10 Best Songs Of The Week

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Johnny Solomon

Saint Paul native, Johnny Solomon was once a fixture in the tightly knit Twin Cities music scene. Forming the angular indie pop band, Friends Like These and touring extensively, he and his band received critical praise from sources that looked like it was the beginning of a promising career. However, rising success masked his struggle with drug addiction and mental health issues, which led to time spent in jail, followed by multiple visits to treatment facilities.

In 2007, After the breakup of his marriage and band, Solomon retreated from Saint Paul to Prescott, Wisconsin, where he assumed his music days were over. Thinking a change of scenery would help battle his deep rooted issues once moved out of the city, his demons rather followed him. Johnny spent nights writing and recording what he thought would be his eulogy; songs of lost love and lost chances. He later asked some of his musical friends to help record these songs to tape.

Communist Daughter Friends Like These
Friends Like These

Soon, this project of personal songs had become something much greater. Naming his new indie rock band Communist Daughter, (derived from a song by the Louisiana band, Neutral Milk Hotel) they released their debut album “Soundtrack to the End” in 2010. As Johnny once again gained national attention, he put touring on hold and checked himself in to rehab one more time before traveling down this familiar road. In 2012, Communist Daughter returned with a clear-eyed John, with support from his now wife Molly Solomon, bassist Adam Switlick, drummer Steven Yasgar, guitarist Al Weirs and Dillon Marchus on keys.

Johnny and the gang have been working hard on their highly anticipated sophomore album and have slowly begun sharing them with the world. So far, the group has revealed songs, “Roll A Stone” and “Hold Back” from their 11-track album titled, The Cracks That Built The Wall. Sitting at number one, USA Today’s Nate Scott recently added “Roll A Stone” to their list, “Ten Best Songs Of The Week”. The entire album is expected to be released November 21, 2016, available on itunes and their online shop.

We are cheering you on, Johnny! Check out the music video for “Roll A Stone” below.

Communist Daughter album

Track List:
Hold Back
Beach Stalker
Roll A Stone
Keep Moving
Bb Gun
The Dealer
Balboa Bridge
All Lit Up
The Killing Time
Sunday Morning Again

Written by Bo Weber

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