BadNrad Captures 80’s Nostalgia In Album “Deep End” [Video Interview]


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Minnesota Future/Retro electronic artist, Jake Sullivan, also known as BadNraD has been hiding inside his Golden Valley home for far too long. Inside, a plethora of sentimental memorabilia carefully hung on the walls and placed on shelves surrounding a work space of which I dare to name “the holy grail of all jam rooms”. A dusty drum set sits quietly across the room from a brass saxophone leaning against an intimidating rack of keyboards. A collection of VHS tapes and cassettes spark glimpses of memories from my youth when reading the titles. The dim glow of his open Macbook catches my attention. In a desktop folder, a gold mine of musical ideas inspired by the very decade of which Jake’s many decorations derive from.

The 80’s; a time when side-ponied women wore animal print, neon accessories and acid-washed jean jackets, while the men grew their best mullet and wore, well, pretty much the same clothes as the women. Yet, we can’t deny the 80’s gave us many gifts that changed the course of american pop culture, forever. Jake dares to revisit the past and recreate the sounds from the wonder years, pairing his work with imagery derived from nostalgic films, music and fashion he so innocently clung onto as the sponge-brained child he was.

However, the BadNrad “cowabunga” attitude and bodacious tunes were no match for the devastatingly dark wrath of the familiar feeling, doubt. Artists of all kinds are notorious for manifesting a considerable amount of debilitating self-doubt within their work, especially when they work alone. It wasn’t until Jake met Jarod, owner of Last Triumph record label, when confidence in his abilities began to rekindle. In our interview with Jake, he says, “You have to meet people who inspire you to keep it going.”. He continues, “Their excitement about your work becomes the secondary muse that drives you to finish it. Because otherwise, it will end up in a folder on your computer titled, Shit that you shouldn’t have made.”, laughs Jake.

BadNraD Cassette Deep End Track list: Atomic Teenage Trash So Bodacious These Woods Thirsty Deep End Tryna Keep Cool Santa Monica

Recharged and ready to shake things up in the twin cities, Jake released his album “Deep End” , August 12 on cassette tape. Deep end is a collection of songs described as “A seven track exploration into the future retro vibes.” Jake is a multi-talented artist in works with media, which is extremely beneficial in the world of DIY artists. He compiled memorable scenes from the movie Class Of Nuke ‘Em High (1986) to create the music video for his undeniably catch song, Atomic Teenage Trash.

Although Jake doesn’t flaunt a wardrobe of leather pants and Zubaz, or wear a sparkling suit jacket with obnoxious shoulder pads, he does have long, iconic, frizzy hair with plenty of radical shades on deck to prove his relationship with the 80’s isn’t just a fling. He’s going all the way.

If you’re interested in seeing BadNraD live, you’re in luck! Check him out at the Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 free event, Cassette 2.1 taking place at the Kitty Cat Klub, along with electro-industrial artist, Zwaremachine. The party starts at 9pm // 21+ // No Cover.

Get familiar! Take a listen to Deep End on Spotify.

Track list:

01. Atomic Teenage Trash
02. So Bodacious
03. These Woods
04. Thirsty
05. Deep End
06. Tryna Keep Cool
07. Santa Monica

Written by Bo Weber

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