Central Cee’s Net Worth & Biography: His Cars, House, Career, and More

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With his upbeat chart-topping bangers and mixtapes, Central Cee is now regarded as one of the most-streamed and hottest British rappers, songwriters, and producers. He rose in popularity as one of the UK’s highest-paid artists with original songs like “Day in the Life” and “Loading” (2020), “Wild West” (2022), and “Doja” (2023).

Central Cee’s net worth has grown immensely since his professional debut in 2020 due to his multiple chart-topping mixtapes, singles, collabs, live performances, and brand endorsements. 

Who is Central Cee? In this article, discover some never-before-heard details about his early life, booming career, net worth, assets, and other interesting facts about this superstar.

Who is Central Cee?

Legally known as Oakley Neil H.T. Caesar-Su, Central Cee is a UK-based rapper, singer, and songwriter who is now one of London’s most in-demand and rising international talents.

When Was Central Cee Born?

Oakley Neil H.T. Caesar-Su was born on June 4, 1998, in West London, United Kingdom. Central Cee’s birthdate was the same day that his biological parents reconnected with their respective families after being disowned by them.

The Guardian revealed that Central Cee’s parents dated when they were both 15 years old and ended up running away together, even though they were still studying in high school.

Central Cee’s zodiac sign is Gemini.

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Central Cee’s Ethnicity

Central Cee’s ethnicity is Irish, with a mixture of South American Guyanese and Ecuadorian. His mother’s ancestors originally lived in Southern Ireland, while his father’s parents grew up in South America, specifically in Guyana and Ecuador.

Where Is Central Cee From?

Central Cee’s birthplace in Ladbroke Grove, London, where he began his dream of being a rapper and producer. 

In 2005, Central Cee moved to Shepherd’s Bush, West London, with his father to attend the Notting Hill Carnival for middle school. After his classes, he went straight to music stores, where he listened to British dancehall, reggae, and funk sounds with a CD player and cassettes.

Before graduating from Chelsea Academy for high school, Cee made a living by joining different music clubs. He also hustled with his day job as a shoe store salesman while part-timing as a sound mixer for a local DJ.

Where Does Central Cee Live? 

Central Cee lives in a two-story house in Ladbroke Grove, an area of West London. He also owns an apartment in downtown London.

How Tall Is Central Cee?

Central Cee’s height stands at 5’10.” This height is a big plus for his fans, especially when he usually grooves and makes large movements while doing his singing and rap verses.

How Much Does Central Cee Weigh?

Central Cee’s weight is currently at approximately 143 pounds.

How Did Central Cee Become Famous?

The “Sprinter” singer began his career by doing features with other artists. Eventually, he made his own mixtapes. He first achieved notoriety when several of his singles, including “Molly” and “Loading,” became viral sensations in 2020. 

He followed these up with several popular singles and albums that propelled him to stardom, including “Doja” and the Split Decision EP, which was a collaboration with rapper Dave.

Recently, he released a track with Drake and signed to Columbia Records.

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Central Cee Siblings

Caesar-Su rarely posts anything publicly about his family online. However, fans already know of Juke Caesar, Central Cee’s brother, who debuted as a featured rapper on his older brother’s 23 mixtape, taking the name Lil Bro.

In an interview after his debut, he talked about how he and his older brother share the same passion for music despite not growing up together in one house.

Who Is Central Cee Dating?

Madeline Argy, Central Cee’s girlfriend, is a 23-year-old trending British TikTok star, brand influencer, and lifestyle podcaster. 

Madie is known for her unfiltered content about LGBTQIA+ rights, women’s empowerment, fashion statements, make-up tutorials, and her funny lip-sync entries.

The rumors about their private relationship made a buzz online back in September 2022, when they were both spotted doing a public display of affection and romantically dancing in a London nightclub. She confirmed their relationship status in the Saving Grace digital interview.

Central Cee’s Parents

As of this writing, no detailed information about Central Cee’s parents has been published in any source, aside from an old interview where he mentioned that his mother’s name is Rachel Caesar.

Central Cee’s Net Worth

Central Cee’s net worth is estimated at $4.68 million.

Currently, his primary sources of income are his projects as a musician, brand endorsement deals, and commissions. His salary includes the earnings from his streams on digital music platforms, royalties from his mixtapes, and talent fees from his special performances.

Hot New Hip-Hop and other news outlets for music are actively talking about Central Cee’s soaring riches. Analysts have pointed out how his total assets and estate could double before the end of 2023.

How Did Central Cee Get Rich?

Central Cee’s album profits, song streams, live performances, and YouTube channel revenue made him one of the wealthiest London-based celebrities. 

Media reports say that he has made more money than any other artist in London since 2020 by raking up wealth from his paid engagements and sold-out shows.

With just the music he produces and releases alone on streaming platforms, Cee earns at least $30,000 monthly. Central Cee’s annual income is at least $4 million.

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Central Cee’s Cars

Central Cee has five impressive cars.

The first luxury car that Cee purchased after earning his millions was his custom-made Mercedes-Maybach S580, currently valued at $200,000.

The German-based carmaker fashioned the car based on the personal preferences of Cee. It features a premium driver and passenger’s seat, the latest dashboard tech, and connectivity software. His car also has a colossal 503 hp peak power and 700 Nm of torque, Merc’s 4MATIC four-wheel technology, and a 250 km/h nine-speed transmission.

Central Cee also owns one of the most common types of European luxury cars, a $50,000 Mercedes-Benz CLA sedan. Its interior is adorned with a premium four-cylinder, 2.0-liter turbo engine with 183 hp peak power and 300 Nm of torque on a mated seven-speed transmission at its front wheels.

Central Cee’s Rolls Royce Cullinan is considered one of the most exotic types of vehicle in London and had a $500,000 selling price in 2023. The car itself has a prominent eight-speed transmission with a massive 571 hp peak power and 850 Nm of torque on its premium-quality wheels.

Another of Central Cee’s impressive vehicles is a Rolls Royce Ghost, which is unique in the United Kingdom because of its mated automatic smooth-shifting engine and is now valued at $450,000. After its major upgrade in 2022, it has a 6.7-liter turbo engine with an immense 563 to 592 hp on all four wheels.

The last of Central Cee’s cars is the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, which perfectly matches his image with its robust off-road engine and large 8th-generation 6.4-liter hemispherical engine chambers. As one of the trademarked luxury vehicles from Jeep, it has a standardized 470 hp peak power and 640 Nm of torque that amazingly works for nature trips and long travels.

Central Cee’s House

The “Day in the Life” singer lives in a two-story house that he bought with cold cash in 2021 from his savings. His private residence is located between the Notting Hill and Kensal Green districts, at the very heart of the cosmopolitan neighborhood in West London.

Aside from his main house, Caesar-Su also owns a downtown apartment in London. He usually films his TikTok posts on its second floor, which also has a professional studio where he can freely record and produce his music.

That’s not all. In @staygrounded’s TikTok post from March 2023, we got a quick glimpse of Central Cee’s house. From the video itself, you can see big storage cabinets that are filled with sneakers, basketball shoes, NBA memorabilia, and hip-hop-style hoodies.

How Much Does Central Cee Make Per Show?

Central Cee’s talent fee ranges from $75,000 up to $149,999, depending on the length of the show and the type of performance that he is required or allowed to do. That’s a hefty price.

Based on the website, Cee is open for corporate or private events, festivals, media campaigns, and tradeshow conferences. Also, he can be invited as a guest speaker for both virtual and in-person seminars, training, and shows.

How Much Are Central Cee’s Tickets?

Central Cee’s ticket price on his 2023 world tour ranges from $73.00 up to $111.00 for general admission, depending on your selected venue. Tickets can go as high as $300 per person, which usually comes with a free signed poster, photo op, or memorabilia, depending on the show’s producers.

How Much Does Central Cee Charge for a Feature?

London-based rappers charge from $5,000 to $300,000 to a record label, producer, or any artist once the management approves a collaboration for a song feature.

Central Cee’s Tattoos

Aside from composing and producing his own songs, Cee’s tats are also one of his ways to express his creativity, but silently. 

On his ring finger, you can see his self-designed Gothic number 23, representing the age when he got the tattoo, which showed his admiration for Lebron James and Michael Jordan, who took the same number for their jerseys.

In July 2023, Central Cee revealed his “Death Before Dishonor” tattoo on his chin in an interview with XXL Magazine’s 2023 Freshman Class. He also added that getting another tattoo on his body feels like getting new kicks from a thrift shop.

The Trapstar tattoo engraved on Central Cee’s belly promotes his brand of the same name. Cee noted how the Trapstar brand originated in his hometown and played a significant role in his music career journey.

Central Cee’s Early Life

Central Cee grew up in Shepherd’s Bush, an area of West London, England. His parents went their separate ways when he was seven, and he lived with his mother and two younger brothers.

Central Cee turned to music at a young age. Early in his life, he was introduced to American rap music, dancehall, and even reggae. He began recording music at the age of 14 and dropped out of school to pursue music at 16.

He often had to scrape to get buy, working odd jobs and even dealing drugs to make ends meet before he hit it big.

Central Cee’s Career

Central Cee was first offered acting projects at 16. In 2014, Charlie Sloth, a British TV presenter, director, and professional DJ, gave Cee his first-ever TV appearance in an episode of the Fire in the Streets series.

While auditioning for acting roles, Central Cee was invited to be on the roster of BL@CKBOX’s young artists.

After being signed as a regular artist, Cee was given two to three hours of time in the spotlight, where he performed his full-length original songs before the guest artist of the night went on stage. Later on, BL@CKBOX decided to officially record Central Cee’s songs in their professional studio and released them on SoundCloud.

Before releasing his first studio-recorded single, “StreetHeat Freestyle,” Central Cee’s career already started to take off with his surprise collaboration on the remixed version of “Ain’t On Nuttin'” together with J Hus, Bonkaz, Reeko, and others in January 2015.

In 2016, he was invited by the recording label through his manager to write his own rap verses as a featured artist for AJ Tracey’s remixed studio version of Central Cee song “Spirit Bomb.” He then released “Pull Up,” his second single as a solo artist, in August of the same year.

However, it was only after Central Cee released “Obsessed with You” that any of his songs landed on one of the top spots in the UK Singles Chart. The single peaked at no. 4 in September 2021 after it was first released in November 2020.

In January 2022, he released two other singles from his mixtape vault, “Cold Shoulder” and “Retail Therapy,” which boosted his streaming numbers on Spotify swiftly. 

How Much Does Central Cee Earn on His YouTube Channel?

Central Cee’s YouTube channel (@CentralCee) has received at least 50,000 thousand views on his video uploads, and a total of 650,000 to one million views every month. Based on YouTube’s published guidelines, Cee earns at least $80,000 monthly.

Central Cee Awards and Nominations

Central Cee has been nominated twelve times and won four major awards throughout his career. 

He was awarded the Best Newcomer Male Artist and Best Drill Act by a Solo Performer at the British MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards 2021 and the Best Solo Male Act and the Video of the Year for his smash hit “Doja” in 2023.

What Are Central Cee’s Most Streamed Songs on Spotify?

Currently, “Doja” remains Central Cee’s most streamed song on Spotify, with a total of 492 million streams and an average of 882,881 daily streams. His other hit songs are “Let Go” (305,232,778), “Loading” (300,011,927), “Obsessed With You” (272,687,341), and “Sprinter” (227,116,452).

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